Awesome Jurassic Park Lego Set May Become An Official Lego Kit

Lego and Jurassic Park fans might be interested to learn that a newly created Jurassic Park Lego Set might one-day become an official Lego kit.

The Jurassic Park Lego Set kit created by Cuusoo user Senteosan has already clocked up over 2,500 points to becoming an official Lego set with a target of 10,000 supporters require to make the jump to production.

Jurassic Park Lego Set

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Nook Simple Touch Drops $20

Bookstores are hurting, and trying to find ways to break into the digital market in order to stay afloat. That’s where Barnes and Nobles’ Nook comes in, but it’s been struggling to compete with Amazon’s Kindle since it was released. The bookstore is dropping the price of the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight by $20 in order to undercut its competition.\

Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight

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Every year’s a new console year for computer gamers. Technology advances so fast that computer gamers looking to stay up on the latest and greatest technology has to offer shell out thousands each year upgrading their system every few months. While most tend to build their computers from scratch and upgrade each part as needed, some less technologically inclined, or lazy, individuals tend to just buy a new computer every few years like a console. That’s were ASUS’s ROG TYTAN G70 comes into play.

ASUS Rog tytan g70

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Samsung Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are becoming the new “it” thing in the tech community. Everyone seems to be working on one because the industry seems to think they’re the next big device everyone’s going to want to have. New photos of Korean patents that were registered between March and May might point to a smartwatch design Samsung’s cooking up.


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Cinema Camera Price Drop

BlackMagic’s Cinema Camera is one of the premier cameras on the market. It shoots 2.5k video, allowing for professional quality production by anyone who can wield the camera with some sort of precision, however the price tag has kept a lot of people away. BlagicMagic is seeking to rectify the problem by dropping the price from $2,995 to $1,995.

cinema camera

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World’s First Natural Talking Supertoy Teddy Bear Hits Kickstarter (video)

Supertoy Robotics have this month launched a new project on Kickstarter which offers backers the ability to pledge for the world’s first natural talking teddy bear, called Supertoy Teddy.

The Supertoy Teddy has been designed to have a mind of its own and the ability to hold real conversations with those who speak to it. Check out the videos after the jump to see the Supertoy Teddy in action.

Supertoy Teddy

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Video Game Sales Drop 15%

It’s not really much of a surprise. Every gamer knows that summer is when gaming usually falls off for a bit, but a 15% drop in retail sales in one month is still huge when hundreds of millions are involved. Total spending on video games in the U.S. last month was $1.2 billion, only about 50% of which was made up of physical sales.

Where’d gamers take their business? Mobile games have seen sharp increases in revenue over the last few months, causing many gaming journalists to wonder if mobile gaming is slowly taking over the market. Although the main reason they’re so speculative is because the real answer is much less interesting.

saving money comic

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WaterColorBot Provides A More Natural Approach To Printing (video)

A new innovative and very original style of printer  based on a pen plotter has been created  by the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories called the WaterColorBot and has been designed to provide a friendly and educational art robot that paints with watercolors.

The WaterColorBot uses vector artwork on your PC to create its master pieces and can even follow you movements in real time as you sketch. Watch as the WaterColorBot wets its bruch, selects the right colour of paint, and paints before your eyes.


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ColorBand iPad App Lets Children Paint Pictures With Sound (video)

A new iPad app has been created by LND Games called ColorBand, that has been designed to use the tablets front facing camera with great effect, enabling children to draw their own interactive musical instruments transforming pictures into sound.

The new ColorBand application not only allows you to play sounds in mid air using the iPads camera, but also provides complete sound sandbox and art creation tool. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the ColorBand app and see it in action.

Color Band

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Awesome Lego Microscope Actually Works

We’ve featured many weird and wonderful Lego creations here on Geek Gadgets over the years but now Lego master builder Carl Merriman has created a fully functional Lego microscope.

Carl has been building with Lego for over 27 years and his latest creation was inspired by the Lego X-Pod sets, which have now unfortunately been discontinued.

Lego Microscope

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Awesome Nerf Sentry Gun Will Keep Intruders Away (video)

If you enjoy a good Nerf gun battle then you are sure to want to get your hands on one of these awesome Nerf Sentry Guns which has been created by Instructables user BrittLiv.

The Nerf Sentry Gun consists of a Nerf Vulcan gun, a stand, a motor and a laptop, and is reminiscent of the laptop controlled auto sentry guns which we used by the Marines in the Aliens movie. check out the BDO after the jump to see the awesome Nerf sentry gun in action.

Nerf Sentry Gun

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New Gaming Giant

Right now the gaming community is dominated by three companies – Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. It’s been that way since Microsoft came out with the Xbox more than a decade ago; however, a new player may come onto the scene to challenge the three for gaming’s top spot. Google is apparently working on a gaming system of its own.

The system will operate via an Android operating system while supporting all of the newest cross title games too. Reportedly, this is in response to rumors that Apple is trying to develop a gaming console of their own.


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