TV Controlled Daleks, Under Development By BBC (video)

The BBC has revealed this week that they are currently developing a new technology, which will allow them to control toy Daleks using metadata contained within ‘Doctor Who’ episodes shown on your home TV. Adding even more fear to the already ominous Daleks. Watch the video after the jump to see the new BBC metadata technology in action.


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Awesome Beyond Words: Lego Freddie Mercury Statue

The greatest rock n roll frontman ever finally gets the Lego treatment thanks to a diehard fan. The resulting sculpture captures Freddie’s most iconic stance onstage when he still rocked a fearsome mustache that out-machoed the beardiest macho men anywhere (here’s looking at you Chuck Norris). While the sculpture isn’t big on detail, it perfectly captures the exuberance and sheer power of Freddie Mercury in his prime.

Freddie Mercury

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Finally! The Chuck Norris Plush Toy

Actually the only hints that this particular plush action figure is Walker Texas Ranger are the belt buckle and the tag. It doesn’t resemble Chuck [insert superhuman feat here] Norris; the forehead is too narrow and the prominent jaw lacks the right amount of grizzle. Also, why is he packing Uzis? Chuck always works with his hands. He’s always got a pair of WMDs at the ready remember? Then again, it’s a toy so give it a break.

Chuck Norris

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Instant Cup Noodle Turns To Robot Toy (Video)

Cup noodles are as vital to modern civilization as home-brewed liquor was to agrarian communities in previous centuries. Okay, perhaps that was a lousy comparison, the point was to show what a great revitalizer cup noodles are in our contemporary work environments. For obvious reasons it’s not messy to prepare and the taste is generic enough for everyone. That’s not to say cup noodles are healthy. If healthy instant food is what you want, try a jar of Korean kimchi. It might smell odd, but nothing beats it in the nutrition scale.

Cup Noodle Robot

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O’Reilly Auto Parts Offers Flux Capacitor and Mr. Fusion

If you have a shiny, stainless steel DeLorean sitting in your garage or driveway that could use a freshening up of its Flux Capacity or an upgrade from its old and tired nuclear reactor. O’Reilly Auto Parts has the upgrades you need. Using the parts, you can go back in time if you have the space to hit 88 mph.

flux capacitor

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World Largest Ever Lego Christmas Tree Arrives At London’s St Pancras Railway Station

To help Londoners get in to the Christmas spirit, a fantastic 12.2m-high Christmas tree made entirely from Lego has been erected at London’s St Pancras railway station. The Lego Christmas tree has been constructed using 600,000 bricks and has 1,000 lego baubles handling from its 172 Lego brick branches.

Lego Christmas Tree

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Bean Bag Sled Cushions Your Snowy Escapades

It looks like heaps of fun to use as well. The Bean Bag Sled is exactly what its name implies, a large bean bag wrapped in a double-lining fabric that can be used as a snow sled. The picture illustrates how winter revelers may use this bag when sliding down the frozen outdoors amid good cheer and much fun. It’s doubtful whether the Bean Bag Sled can be applied to extreme winter sports though. Also, if Soap and Roach tried escaping that Russian airbase in a couple of these, they probably wouldn’t have made it to the chopper. Yes, the Bean Bag Sled is that lame.

Bean Bag Sled

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Star Wars Hot Beverages, Drink Them You Will

One of the most revered film franchises in all of geekdom is Star Wars. Anytime something new that is Star Wars branded comes out it catches my eyes. When the stuff is from ThinkGeek, I really get excited. ThinkGeek always has the coolest Star Wars gear. The latest beverage set would look great with that vintage Star Wars lunch box I have from when I was a kid on the shelf in the kitchen.

Star Wars Drinks

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