Awesome Lego Astromech Droid (video)

Vimal Patel has created an awesome looking fully motorised Lego Astromech Droid which has been inspired by the Star Wars universe.

The Lego Astromech Droid includes a rotating head as well as a foldout robotic arm with pinch grip fingers and even a third wheel leg to provide extra stability. Check out the video after the jump to see all the motorised parts of the Lego Astromech Droid in action.

Lego Astromech Droid

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Ozobot Intelligent Game Piece Offers Both Physical And Digital Gameplay (video)

Some of our readers might remember the very unique and innovative Ozobot which was unveiled at the CES 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year.

The Ozobot has been designed for both physical and digital play and as expected, the team behind the new Ozobot intelligent game piece, have now launched their Kickstarter crowd funding project to raise funds to make the jump from concept to production.


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StrawBees Enable Children To Build And Create Using Just Cardboard And Straws (video)

If your children enjoy building things you might be interested in a new gadget that has been created called StrawBees. StrawBees has been designed to help your child extend their creativity and imagination using just simple straws or unwanted cardboard boxes together with a handful of StrawBees connectors.

StrawBees are simple connectors that allow children to easily fix boxes together or connect straws to build weird and wonderful creations. Watch the video after the jump to see how easily StrawBees can help a child’s imagination come to life.


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Palantir iOS App Coming Soon

You’ve probably used Shazam at least once in the couple of years it’s been out if for no other reason than to see if the audio recognition software works as well as it claims to. It’s a neat little too that hasn’t been explored much beyond the song and television realm, although that’s about to change. The Palantir iOS app uses audio recognition to ease your gaming experience like never before.

palantir app

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EverQuest Next Using the Oculus Rift?

3D is finally going away (YAY!) and game developers are moving on to the next big technological breakthrough that has the possibility to change gaming as we know: virtual reality. This breakthrough comes primarily from the very impressive Oculus Rift, which has already taken modern AAA titles like Hawken and allowed players to experience it in a never-before-seen experience.

Oculus Rift Next

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Google Maps Music

If I told you Google tracked uploaded music you probably wouldn’t be surprised. The search engine giant has its hands in virtually everything nowadays, especially things that are virtual. However, it’s what Google’s done with this information that’s truly impressive. Google has created a musical timeline that shows the popularity over time of musical genres and even sub genres inside those genres.

Google Music Timeline

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Rubber Band Machine Gun Nears $100,000 In Funding On Kickstarter (Video)

Some of out reader might remember the awesome Rubber Band Machine Gun launched on Kickstarter by Alex Shpetniy and Brian Dinh just before the holiday break.

After a fantastic response from over 760 backers the Rubber Band Machine Gun is close to securing $100,000 in funding and has blasted past its original $5,000 target.


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Ozobot Gaming Smart Bot Unveiled For $60 (video)

At this years CES 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a new robot has been launched called the Ozobot which has been designed to be used with tablets and smartphones and works both on your tablets screen or physical surfaces.

The Ozobot has been designed to be a fun robotic gain peace that automatically moves whilst being used with companion and supported applications and games. Check out the video after the jump to see the new neat little Ozobot smart bot in action.


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Parrot MiniDrone And Parrot Jumping Sumo Unveiled At CES 2014

Parrot has unveiled a new addition to their range of flying drones this week in the form of the new Parrot MiniDrone which is being showcased at the CES 2014 consumer electronics show this week.

The Parrot MiniDrone is different to others in the range as it is capable of climbs walls, rolling across ceiling and has been created with a much smaller form factor than previous models. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Parrot MiniDrone project and see it in action.

Parrot MiniDrone

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The first LEGO Simpsons set looks great

Simpsons fans have been waiting for an official LEGO set forever now. I mean the show has been on for over 20 years now and nothing. Zero. But fans endured. They waited and waited. And waited. Waited some more. And finally we now have our first glimpse at the very first Simpsons LEGO set. And it looks like it was well worth the wait too.
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Introducing the Tao WellShell

Tao Wellness, a fitness tech company , has announced their new innovation today called the Tao WellShell. It’s an exercise device that tracks your progress via an Android or iOS app that you can download to your phone, much like many other fitness devices that have been released in the last year or so. The difference is that the Tao WellShell solely revolves around squeezing the device in a myriad of different ways.


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