Wicked Lasers Flashtorch is Bright Enough to Start Fires

Wicked Lasers has been producing a line of laser pointers for years that are powerful enough to melt plastic and pop balloons. The company has announced its new Flashtorch flashlight that is designed to be used as a normal flashlight that can do some interesting things. Flashtorch has up to 4100 lumens of light and is bright enough to start a fire.


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Sony SmartWatch 2 Update Enables Customisable Watch Faces And Widgets

Sony has this week announced a new update for their Sony SmartWatch 2 wrist worn device, that brings with it a number of new features for users to enjoy, including the ability to now customise the watch face to suit your personal preferences.

Sony has also this week launched two new versions of its SmartWatch 2, to coincide with the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup in the form of the “Business” and “Brazil” devices, which are both now available to purchase from retailers and Sony direct.

Sony SmartWatch 2

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Wireless KOR-FX Gaming Vest With Haptic Feedback System Unveiled

Gamers looking for a little more immersion in their first person shooter style games might be interested in a new wireless KOR-FX gaming vest which is equipped with a 4DFX haptic feedback system, that allows you to feel the on-screen action and environment for the first time.

The KOR-FX gaming vest is fully compatible across a range of media and devices and can be used with anything that produces audio and is fully plug and play, enabling you to use it with a PC or your favourite games console.

KOR-FX Gaming Vest

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Rip Curl SearchGPS Surf Watch Measures Your Speed In The Waves

Rip Curl has this week unveiled a new watch they have created called the Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch that has been created to provide a number of features specific to those of you who enjoy playing in the surf.

The Rip Curl Search GPS watch allows surfers to track their surfing session, record a top speed and distance and even tally up your wave count in each session. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the SearchGPS watch and see it in action.


SearchGPS Rip Curl

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Qlipter Versatile Clip Complete With Rotating Hook launches On Kickstarter (video)

If you are looking for a handy way to keep items together or within reach whilst out and about, camping, rock climbing or just during everyday life. You might find the innovative Qlipter Clip a useful addition to your gadgets.

The Qlipter Clip has been designed by Mina Yoo based in Seatle and is the first-ever clip fitted with a rotating hook so that it can can hold your stuff anywhere, any time. Check out the video after the jump to learn more.


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Withings Pulse O2 Monitors Your Blood Oxygen Level

There are currently plenty of fitness trackers available to monitor your daily activity, however if you are looking for something a little bit more refined and capable of monitoring your blood oxygen levels then you need look no further than the new Withings Pulse O2.

The Withings Pulse O2 builds on the technology used in the previous version and offers all the standard features you would expect from a fitness Tracker, together with a few extras.

Withings Pulse O2

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iMac Elevation Stand Launches On Kickstarter And Blasts Through Pledge Goal (video)

The makers of the Elevation iPhone dock that proved very popular over on the Kickstarter website in 2012 and raised over $1.4 million, have this week launched a new product called the iMac Elevation Stand.

As the name suggests the new aluminium iMac Elevation Stand has been created to raise your iMac computer to provide users with improved posture and comfort. Watch the promotional Kickstarter view after the jump to learn more.

iMac Elevation Stand

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Lensbaby Creative Focus Lens Android Application Under Development (video)

With ten days ago their Kickstarter campaign which has already received double the required pledge goal, Lensbaby has this week announced that they are now developing Android application for their unique creative focus smartphone lens.

Previously the Lensbaby creative focus lens was only available for Apple’s iPhone device that now after plenty of interest the company has now announced its creating an Android application. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about how this creative focus lens can help you add extra creativity to photographs.


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LKPR Canadian Maple Headphones Launch On Kickstarter (video)

If you are in the market for a new set of headphones you might be interested in a new Kickstarter project which has launched this month for the LKPR Canadian Maple headphones created by Lukapier.

The  LKPR (Low-Key Product Rejuvenation) headphones shave been inspired by and are committed to underground music, arts, skateboarding and sustainability. Check out the video after the jump to learn more.

LKPR Headphones

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Chui Intelligent Doorbell Uses Facial Recognition

If you are in the market for a new doorbell and would like it to include a little more up-to-date technology. You might be interested in the Chui, which is being marketed as the world’s most intelligent doorbell and uses facial recognition.

Chui is equipped with a smart camera that makes your home socially intelligent and Chui can be used as a doorbell as well as a security and monitoring device inside your house if required.

Chui Intelligent Doorbell

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Nike Fires 80 Percent Of Nike Fuelband Development Team

It has been rumoured for some time that Nike may be considering closing down production and development of its wrist worn Nike Fuelband fitness tracker.

Adding to this speculation, it has now been reported that Nike has now fired 80 percent of the team responsible for the development of the hardware and updating the companion applications which are available both on iOS and Android devices.

Nike Fuelband development closing

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AeroPress Coffee Maker Lets You Make A Perfect Single Cup (video)

If you enjoy a good cup of coffee and are looking to be able to create your perfect cup whilst away from your kitchen or coffee machine or even juste a single cup, you might be interested in a device called the AeroPress Coffee Maker.

The AeroPress Coffee Maker offers a convenient way for you to be able to make a single cup of coffee and has been designed by toy designer Alan Adler.

AeroPress Coffee Maker

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