Case-mate Launches DIY Cases for iPhone and Blackberry Users

When it comes to getting a custom case from most companies the best you can hope for is getting a couple colors that you can snap together to make your own creation. Case-Mate has a new DIY series of custom cases that you can really make your own by uploading any image you want to be made onto the case. Naturally, you can’t use copyrighted images on your case.

case-mate DIY smartphone case

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DIY Pocket Pin Miniature Pinball Machine

We have featured quite a few different DIY projects here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is a miniature fully working pinball machine which was created by Spanish Moder pocket_lucho.

He used a 10 inch and an 8 inch screen, plus a mini iTX motherboard, with integrated GeForce 9300 graphics, and some other parts to create this awesome mini pinball machine.

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Working Lego Leica M8 Camera

If you don’t want to shell out quite a bit of cash for a real Leica M8 camera, you could always make yourself one out of Lego, like one clever Leica fan did.

The Lego Leica M8 camera started life as one of those $50 digital Lego cameras, and as you can see it has been transformed to look like a Leica M8.

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Sweet Bioshock Casemod is Something Most Geeks can Build

Generally, when I see a sweet casemod it is well beyond my capability to build one for myself. I have no artistic talent and when it comes to making stuff for the case, I just can’t do it. A dude has unveiled a sweet Bioshock casemod that I can build though.

The casemod puts the innards from an Intel Atom-powered HTPC inside a 5-gallon aquarium and then fills that aquarium with 4-gallons of horse laxative (otherwise known as mineral oil). The only hardware component of the HTPC not inside the oily case is the HDD.

Bioshock Casemod

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DIY Hand Crank Smartphone Charger (video)

If your smartphone is always running out of juice while out and about, this great DIY handcrank charging hack can keep your device juiced up when ever you need.

Its a great weekend project that uses an easily available hand crank from a wind up torch. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

DIY Hand Crank Smartphone Charger

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Hand Carved Wooden Control Knob Comes Home on Guys DSLR

I am sure that there are lots of us out there who have loaned out something and had it returned missing parts of just plain broken. I haven’t really heard of someone loaning something out and having it come back arguably cooler than it was when it left. Such is the case with a dude who loaned a friend his DSLR.

The control knob was lost while said pal had the DSLR. Rather than just bring it back and say “sorry dude, I broke it” the borrower replaced the control knob before he returned it. Since a control knob that comes from the factory was hard to get, the borrower turned on his DIY ingenuity.

DSLR Wooden Knob

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Father and Son Build Homemade Spacecraft (video)

A resourceful father and son team, Luke and Max Geisshuhler of Brooklyn, NY. Have built a small spacecraft that reaches space and falls gracefully back to earth recording the journey as it went in HD footage.

Using a polystyrene case a few pocket hand warms and a weather balloon and a GPS transmitter for recovery. Watch the flight after the break.

Father and Son Homemade Spacecraft

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