B Flying Car, Remote Controlled Vehicle Hits Kickstarter (video)

If you are looking for a very unique and innovative remote-controlled vehicle you might be interested in a new Kickstarter project called the B Flying Car which is currently in its final stages of funding.

The B Flying Car has been designed to be both fast on the road and agile in the air, allowing you to benefit from being able to take to the skies when the ground terrain gets a little difficult to cope with. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the innovative B Flying Car and see it in action.

B Flying Car

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Withings Pulse Finally Taking Pre-Orders – $99.95

The recent fitness craze that’s sweeping the U.S. has led to the development of a lot of nifty gadgets and apps – the most obvious example being fitness trackers. The Withings Pulse is the latest to appear on the scene.

It was put on display back during CES as the Withings Smart Activity Tracker. Back then the company said it would ship in March, but they’re just now starting to take pre-orders. The only noticeable difference is the name. Otherwise it’s the same device showcased during CES.

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Electric Plane Motors?

The Paris Air Show was conducted during the last week, putting the latest and greatest aviation technology on show for all to see. Among many of the surprising announcements and demonstrations were experimental electric motors for planes.

We all know about the auto industry’s attempt at mainstreaming electric motors in order to save energy, but do we really want electric motors in our planes? The ones on display had nothing to do with actually flying the plane. They consisted of two 50 kVA motors between the plane’s wheels that allow it to land and take off without using its main engines.

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Tesla’s 90 Second Battery Swap (video)

Tesla Motors showed off their battery pack-swapping process earlier this week to show how recharging an electric vehicle could take less time than filling a gas tank. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors, put the process to the test against what he claimed was the fastest pump in LA. Battery-swapping took only 90 seconds, while refueling took more than 150 seconds.

Tesla Model S owners will be able to switch batteries without ever leaving their cars for what Musk said would cost the same as a tank of gas. Tesla won’t require you to pay for the swap right away either. You can choose to take the old battery with you or not, and then Tesla will charge you the difference later.

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AMD’s Console Revival

Computer chipmaking company AMD has been hurting recently, but it’s about to dig itself out of poverty and well into riches. Regardless of who ends up on top during this next generation of console gaming, AMD is going to make out like a bandit. All three systems, Xbox One, PS4, and even Wii U, make use of AMD’s hardware. The revival could bring about a new age of PC gaming in addition to the new age of console gaming.

Consoles are becoming more and more like computers. With the switch from PowerPC to AMD and x86 architecture, consoles are more like computers than ever before. This means that creating games for consoles and PCs is easier than ever before too. Remember how PC iterations of games took a bit longer to come out during this generation? That’s likely going to become a thing of the past now that both make use of similar systems.

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Nissan ZEOD RC 300KM/h Electric Hybrid racer Unveiled For Le Mans 24-hour Race

Nissan has this week unveiled its new Nissan ZEOD RC electric racing car that will compete in next years Le Mans 24-hour race next year.

The Nissan ZEOD-RC is a prototype is mainly electric and has been designed by Ben Bowlby Nissan’s Director of Motorsport Innovation and its name stands for Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Nissan ZEOD-RC project and see it in action.

Nissan ZEOD RC

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HackEDA Electronics Projects Hit Kickstarter (video)

If you enjoy building small projects using electronics you are sure to be interested in a new project which started its journey over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website called HackEDA.

The HackEDA project consists of a number of reusable-sized pieces of electronic designs, that allows you to create your own custom electronic boards using a set of standard modules.Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the HackEDA project and see it in action.


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Adafruit City Smart Bike Helmet Project Unveiled (video)

Adafruit the guys team that brought you the Onion Pi Tor Proxy earlier this week and again been busy creating amazing new gadgets to make your everyday life even easier and more fun filled.

Their latest creation is the City Smart Bike Helmet which has been fitted with a LED strips and a FLORA GPS allowing you to find Citi Bike station with ease. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


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Pocket Tripod Credit Card Sized iPhone Stand Offers A Total Mobile Solution (video)

An innovative iPhone stand has been created in the form of the Pocket Tripod which is the size of a credit card you provide you with both a stand for portrait and landscape viewing of your iPhone.

Not only that but the Pocket Tripod also provides you the ability to adjust the angle of your iPhone to suit your viewing needs. Check out the video after the jump to see how this tiny iPhone stand could help you take the perfect photo and video movies while out and about.

Pocket Tripod

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A Smartwatch?!

Let’s face it, if you didn’t know what a smartphone was, you probably wouldn’t be on this site right now. We all know what a smartphone is, but have you ever heard of a smartwatch? I’m not talking about a GPS watch. I’m talking about a watch that can do pretty much everything your smartphone can do, and possibly more.

GEAK, a subsidiary of Shanda, has developed what they call a GEAK Watch, and it could possibly be the first true smart watch to ever exist.


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Robo Kitties! Created By Swiss Scientists (video)

I’ll be honest – I’m not a cat person, but this bit of kitty news is pretty cool. A lab at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne has created a robotic cat – or at least the frame of one – that can run dynamically just like a house cat, even on uneven terrain.

This may not seem like big news, but the field of robotics doesn’t exactly progressive via leaps and bounds. Mimicking animal movement through machinery is an incredibly complex task. Even getting as far as the team has is a major accomplishment. The video below shows a great comparison between the robot and a real cat while one of the developers talks about their new design.


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PIP Biosensor Helps You Relax Through Play On iOS And Android Devices (video)

If you suffer from a hectic life that causes unwanted stress levels in your body, you might be interested in a new device called the PIP Biosensor which has been designed to help you control your stress levels via play.

The PIP Biosensor is an innovative biosensor with a companion app that detects whether you are stressing or relaxing in real time. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the PIP Biosensor project and see it in action.

PIP Biosensor

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