T-Mobile To Sell Nexus 4 Off Contract For $499

Yesterday Google launched their latest Android smartphone, the Google Nexus 4, and the 16GB version of the device retails for $349.99 direct from Google, it is also headed to various mobile carriers in the US.

One of those is T-Mobile who will offer the Google Nexus 4 both on contract and off contract, if you purchase the device with a two year contract, the handset will set you back $199.

Nexus 4

If you want to buy the Google Nexus 4 direct from T-Mobile off contract, then they are going to charge you $499 for the handset, which is $150 more than you can buy the device direct from Google through their Play Store.

This is more evidence that Google are selling the Nexus 4 smartphone close to their cost price, which leaves retailers having to charge more for the device than you can buy it direct from Google.

Source The Verge


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