T-Mobile Simple Starter Plan Announced

US mobile carrier T-Mobile has announced their latest mobile plan, the Simple Starter Plan, which will be available for $40 per month.

So what do you get for your $40 a month, the plan comes with unlimited calls and text and 500MB of 4G LTE Data, there are also no data over usage charges, as you can pay when you want more data.

T-Mobile Simple Starter Plan

We start today with an all-new Simple Starter plan, a $40 monthly price plan specifically designed to deliver a predictable, affordable solution to millions of value-conscious Americans – and to provide a desperately needed alternative to the high-risk, overage-intensive plans that the biggest carriers target directly at Americans looking for entry-level wireless service. With AT&T’s entry-level plans, for example, your costs immediately jump by increments of $20 when you slip over the threshold into massive overages — in what amounts to an obscene 44% price hike on those customers least able to absorb overages and bill shock.

It’s wrong. And I personally want to drive those predatory bait-and-switch schemes out of this industry.

You can find out full details on the new T-Mobile Simple Starter plan over at their website, the plan will be available for the 12th of April.

Source IntoMobile

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