Stasis, Indie Sci-Fi Horror Game Teaser Trailer (video)

Stasis, an indie sci-fi horror game currently underdevelopment has released a new teaser trailer of its upcoming game which which reveals a little more about the gameplay, and from the brief look seems very impressive.

Stasis is an indie space adventure game which will be launched on the PC once its complete. The game is played in an isometric perspective and provides players with dark and for boding richly detailed rooms and fluid animations to enjoy.


The games developers explain on the Stasis website that their game at its core, “is a story about an ordinary man in an extraordinary situation. Trapped in a place where humanity’s horrors come out to play, how far would you go to protect your family?”

No official release date has been announced as yet but Stasis is expected to launch sometime next year.

“Stasis is an adventure game that puts you in control of John Maracheck, a man searching for his family in a seemingly abandoned research facility. Going back to classic adventure game mechanics, you are required to solve puzzles and use objects around you to progress and to find Maracheck’s family.”

The stasis-plug suit gives you direct access to an Emergency Medical Kit. This is a piece of equipment that has the ability to break down any object of a certain weight and size into its base elements and store it for future use. While normally used to store small medical supplies, Maracheck uses it as an easy way to keep and transport object he has found. Objects can be stored, accessed, combined and brought back into the ‘real’ world at any moment.”

Source: Kotaku

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