Star Wars Wampa Ice Scraper for Cold Geeky Morns

It rarely gets cold enough to have to scrape ice off the windshield in the part of Texas where I live. We tend to have two seasons. Mega hot and cool pretty much sum them up. If you live in an area where you need a dead Tauntaun to keep warm in the mornings, ThinkGeek has the ice scraper for you.

The product is called the Star Wars Wampa Ice Scraper Mitt. The mitt has white fur on one side, black vinyl talons, and a large ice scraper in the center of the bottom. The mitt will keep your hands warm and is machine washable.

The ice scraper sells for $24.99 and should be in stock in early October. The idea is that skyscraper looks like the hand Luke chopped off the Hoth Wampa in The Empire Strikes Back.