Sprint iPad Shows Up In Best Buy Listings

Sprint may be finally getting an iPad if a discovery on Friday pans out. 14 entries for a “Sprint iPad new” were found in the inventory database and revealed by an Engadget tipster. We don’t have much info to go on and there is no hint of any release dates.

These entries go against what the carrier has publicly stated before, that they have no immediate iPad plans, however the terms they have used leave some wiggle room. These entries are by no means proof that Sprint will be getting the iPad. They could even be placeholders in the system.

Another factor is that Sprint’s upcoming LTE network doesn’t use the same frequencies as either AT&T or Verizon and this makes it doubtful that Apple would choose to launch a third 4G iPad model just for one network. Then again, Apple might be waiting for Sprint’s new 4G data before bringing the iPad. There’s no hard proof here either way, but it’s fun to speculate.

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