Spotify Launches 12 New Apps Created By Record Labels And Distributors

Spotify has added 12 new applications to its library today, that have been created and developed by record labels and distributors including Universal, Sony, Warner, EMI, Def Jam, Domino, Matador, [PIAS] and X5.

The new record label applications offer addition features to fans, with Def Jam, Domino, Matador, [PIAS], and Warner Music Group offering apps designed to provide artist playlists, lyrics, and extra information about their artists.

Spotify Apps

Another useful application in the new applications is called TweetVine which allows premium users to take all songs posted on Twitter with a hashtag #NowPlaying an create a playlist for your enjoyment.

While the new Digister application provides a full screen music player, and the Filtr application enables you to link to Facebook and lets you build playlists based on your friends’ preferences and favourite songs. For more information and to download the 12 new Spotify applications if you are a Premium member power up your Spotify app.

Source: Spotify : Chip Chick

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