The Perfect New Sport If You Enjoy Sitting On Stools : Sporthocker (video)

Sporthocker is apparently a new sport sweeping across Germany that uses special sport seats to make tricks and use natural obstacles. Simply do a trick with your Sporthocker stool and finish by sitting on it to complete the move.

Yes I know this could well be a viral marketing campaign by some new up and coming advertising agency, but from the small amount of research I have completed on the new Sporthocker sport it seems to be a growing fad in Germany, or I’ve just been had. Watch the video after the break to see the Hocker’s in action and see for yourself.


On the “Hocker”, you can sit, stand, roll, slide, it can be thrown or twisted – there are no limits and every day new and challenging tricks come up. Creativity, control over the body, coordination and timing are needed but what the community already shows on the streets is breathtaking.

Via Oh Gizmo Via Sporthocker

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  • FulniX


  • Ivan Antochiw

    I have one like that, but is shaped like a toilet seat… you can do plenty of tricks with it too…

  • W0lfix

    Where can we get a Hold of This in America? Can we just purchase it from the website even though they are placed in Germany?