Sony Slashes Music Unlimited 12-month Subscriptions

Sony has announced a new offers this week for its both PlayStation Plus Members and non-members, which has slashed the prices of it’s streaming music service, Music Unlimited, to just $12 or £11.99 within the UK for PlayStation Plus Members.

A subscription to Sony’s Music Unlimited would have normally cost users $9.99 a month, so the new one-off payment of $12 and provides users of the music streaming service a healthy saving.

Sony Music Unlimited

Prices have also been slashed for potential customers that are not PlayStation Plus members, down to $59.99 or £59.99 for non-subscribers a reduction of 50 percent.

Also from today PlayStation Plus members can benefit from their PlayStation Vita subscriptions, which enables them access to six titles on their handhelds, adding to the 12 titles available for the PlayStation 3. Sony is rolling out the new prices in the US, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand.

Source: TNW : Sony Music Unlimited

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