Sony PS4 Console Concept

Sony has just released the PS3 Slim, so I think the PS4 is quite a way off just yet, but designer Tai Chem has created a stunning design of what he thinks the PS4 should look like, and we tend to agree as we think it looks amazing.

sony ps4 console concept

sony ps4 console concept

sony ps4 console concept

sony ps4 console concept

I love the design, and it features a glass touchscreen panel on the front, although I doubt the PS4 will look this good, you never know by the time Sony release it, it just might.

PS3 Maven via Walyou

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  • Gm From My Cheap tech

    Wow!!!! I don’t even play console games & I want one :)

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  • Ellis


  • ChazZeromus

    Such a simple render and yet a thousand words, or so. PS4 has GOT to have quantum CPU in order to achieve realistic gameplay that conforms it’s futuristic design.

  • Joesmoke

    I’d snap the controller in a matter of minutes!

  • SPL1TT3R

    It looks orgasmic… and i agree with Joesmoke lmao…

  • danny

    f##kin sick that looks sick il get one anyday brrrrrrrrap cnt wait šŸ˜‰

  • http://ww josh

    it int gunna luk like that cus is luks cheep and it would snap in 2

  • LUKR


  • miguel

    this shit looks bad ass

  • bob

    it looks sik but i’d break the controller in about 2mins coz i get annoyed wen i play games n throw it on the ground in fustration

  •Ʊon/100002742379225 Jose CastaƱon

    whe does it come out

  • antisane

    It doesn’t look sic, and it doesn’t look amazing, when you think about it, the design for the monitor is tooĀ  small, and not mention circular, i mean what the hell is this Hal 2000?