Silva Custom Bamboo Macbook Pro Case

We have featured a number of different wooden Macbook cases here on Geeky Gadgets such as the Blackbox Wooden Macbook Pro and the simple Wooden MacBook Case. But a new range of wooden Macbook Pro cases from Silva has raised the bar a little higher with the Silva Custom Bamboo Macbook Pro Case.

The Silva Macbook Case is constructed from 100% Solid Carmel Bamboo which is then CNC machined and finally hand assembled with a leather carrying handle, to give you a high quality case, made from natural materials.

Silva Custom Bamboo Macbook Case

Unfortunately though anything hand assembled is going to come with a little added cost and the Silva Custom Bamboo Macbook Case. If you have deep enough pockets the wooden case is now available to purchase for $180 for both the 13″ and 15″ Macbook Pro.

Source : Silva

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