Sharp Unveils 85 inch Ultra HD Resolution Prototype TV (video)

Sharp has this week unveiled a new TV prototype with 16 times the resolutions of a HDTV, roughly the same as IMAX with 7,680×4,320 pixels or 103 pixels per inch.

The new format is now known as Ultra HDTV or Super Hi-Vision  and was showcased by Sharp Sharp in cooperation with Japanese national TV broadcaster NHK. Watch a video of the new Ultra HDTV after the jump.

Sharp Unveils 85 inch Super High resolution Prototype TV

NHK has been working on the new Ultra HD resolution for some time, but its still not expected to arrive in a commercial form until 2020 when NHK plans to start trial broadcasts. Although there maybe a possibility of some demonstrations happening during the 2012 Olympics.

This LCD will be shown to the public at NHK’s Science & Technology Research Laboratories in Tokyo from May 26th to 29th, 2011.

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