Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab 10.1 USB Port Adapter

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet unfortunately doesn’t come with its own USB port but following in the same vein as Apple. Samsung have now unveiled new USB adapters that can be plugged into the Galaxy Tab’s 30 pin port to allow USB devices to be connected.

Once connected the new USB port will then allow you to attach USB keyboards, mice, thumb drives, external hard drive storage and anything else with USB connectivity to your Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Samsung Galaxy Tab USB adapter

Also available separately is the Samsung 30-Pin to USB Charging Data Cable, which has been designed to enable users to connect their SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab’s to compatible PCs, allowing the Tab to become an external modem while also charging and syncing your data.

The new USB Galaxy Tab adapters are now available to purchase from the Samsung Marketplace for $19.99

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  • Dustan Sept

    will this work with the p-1000 version?

  • Gigi

    Can I connect my Magic Jack to the tablet?

  • Mitchpingol

    Can i connect my external hard drive to the GALAXY TAB 10.1 P7500?

  • Art Jolin

    Nice in theory. However…. my several thumb drives (a.k.a. USB flash drive or a dozen other nicknames) work fine, BUT external HDD (hard disk drive) does not, an old multiple format memory media reader (MS, CF, SD/xD and SM cards/sticks) also does not work with the SanDisk 8GB card I tried. Common denominator seems to be if the device is powered by the USB it doesn’t work. Error msg on the HDD said “high-power USB device attached, cannot read” or something like that.  Samsung, please say it ain’t so (or won’t be for long)

  • Kjean1199

    the only stupid this is that this item does not recognize USB Hard drive and the link below is proof of that :