Samsung SyncMaster U70 – Another tiny LCD display

It looks like another manufacturer has decided to release a tiny USB display, this time it’s Samsung with the SyncMaster U70.

Samsung SyncMaster U70

The SyncMaster U70 features a 7 inch LCD screen with a resolution of 800 x 480, and connects to your PC via USB, an ideal accessory for your laptop if you need an extra display or a useful addition to your PC for things like email and twitter.

Samsung SyncMaster U70

It certainly looks like the best one we have seen so far of these mini USB monitors and it has more of a digital photo fram look than that of a monitor, with a photo frame style stand.

I can see myself getting one of these, I am currently using 3 Samsung SyncMaster monitors and this would be an ideal addition to my setup, as I have no desk space left for a large monitor but one of these would be handy.

There is no word on pricing or availability as yet.

Akihabara News via TFTS

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