Samsung Grabs Former Siri Boss For Connected Devices

Luc Julia is a former Apple engineer that oversaw Apple’s Siri, he is now working for Samsung at Samsung;s innovation lab in Melo Park, California.

Julia’s new role at Samsung is working on a project called SAMI or the Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions, and it is basically a platform that can connect data from any device.


SAMI is designed to be used by companies that make wearble devices, home automation, and other devices, and the data that is collected is designed to be shared amongst a number of devices.

To demonstrate the service, Julia showed how SAMI might be used to build a personal health service. He donned a Fitbit and a wearable heart monitor, weighed himself on an Internet-connected scale, then ran around the stage a few times by way of putting himself through an exercise routine.

He showed how data from the devices, which is normally viewed in standalone apps, can be collected by SAMI, processed, and then presented to the user in the form of a single app.

SAMI will collect data from a number of devices and then deliver the data through an API, which means that one API can be used for a wide range of devices, instead of having a different API for each device.

Samsung is working with fifty different partners to develop SAMI, this includes Pebble, Fitbit, Withings and more companies.

Source MacWorld

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