Samsung donates $3 million to help Hurricane Sandy victims

Samsung wants you to know that they aren’t a faceless and uncaring company, so they have done a good deed and are lending a hand to all victims affected by Hurricane Sandy. The company announced that it will be donating $3 million to help the East Coast communities affected by the storm.

The company pledged the money to the American Red Cross through ABC Television’s “Day of Giving” campaign which raised more than $10 million. Samsung hopes that the donation will provide immediate and direct assistance to those in need. And there are many still in need right now.

Samsung also promised to provide support during the recovery period in the weeks and months to come. “New Jersey has been home to Samsung’s U.S. headquarters since we established our business here in 1982 and our region has been the hardest hit by this disaster,” said Y.K. Kim, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America. Whatever their motivations, it can only help. Good move Samsung.

Source Ubergizmo

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