Sales Of HTC One Mini Banned In The UK After Nokia Court Ruling

Nokia and HTC have been fighting it out in court over Nokia patents which have apparently been used by HTC in some of their smartphones, which include the HTC One and HTC One Mini.

Now a court in the UK has banned sales of the HTC One Mini from the 6th of December, and HTC can now appeal the decision, although they will not be allowed to sell the handset in the UK until the next case takes place.

HTC One Mini

The HTC One is also part of the lawsuit between Nokia and HTC, although the judge in the UK decided not to ban sales of the HTC One in the UK for the moment.

The judge dealing with the case acknowledged that banning sales of the HTC One, which is the company’s flagship smartphone, could cause ‘considerable’ damage to the company.

HTC can now appeal the ruling, although should they lose, then the HTC One could also end up being banned from being sold in the UK.

Nokia also also claiming financial compensation from HTC, which could also spell more trouble for HTC, who have had declining sales and revenue of their smartphones.

Hopefully the two companies will be able to come to some sort of agreement that will allow sales of the HTC smartphones to continue in the UK in the future.

Source Bloomberg, Engadget

Image Credit ITPro