RFID Tagging Used To Create Music (video)

RFID Tags have many uses, and are normally used to transfer data from an electronic RFID tag, to a reader for the purpose of identifying and tracking objects. However innovative modders have found a more rewarding use, using RFID for the creation of music using their RFID Beat Box.

The RFID Beat Box instrument created by Danne Woo, allows users to create and play music by placing RFID tags into wooden bowls. Each tag has been designed to look like a vinyl record and are colour coded, with each one triggering a unique sound. See how they are used to create music after the jump.

RFID Music

On top of the RFID Beat Box four bowls are located each labelled by a different colour, to indicate a certain instrument or musical style, into which the RFID tags are placed. Each bowl uses a RFID reader connected to an Arduino to then turn the tags into music.

Source: EngadgetDanne Woo

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  • Cwainc

    no strings needed on this great looking wooden box!