Retro Themed Sega Laptops Unveiled

Fans of Sega might be pleased to learn that Sega has licensed out their gaming console designs to a Tokyo-based gaming company who has used the icon designs to theme a range of Sega laptops.

The new Sega laptops themed from retro Sega gaming consoles include a Dreamcast, Saturn, Genesis and Sega Mega Drive, and are the perfect hardware for retro gamers, who enjoy playing Sega games.

Sega Laptops

The four Sega themed laptops are equipped with different specification levels which includes a Light Model, which is ¥99,750 (US$1,069); the Standard Model, which costs ¥131,250 ($1,406); the High Spec Model, which costs ¥162,750 ($1,744), together with a Premium Model, which lists at ¥194,250 ($2,081).

For more information on the new Sega laptops computer specifications jump over to the Tokyo gaming website for details.

Source: Kotaku

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