Raspberry Pi Used To Create A Local Google Cloud Print Server

Raspberry Pi

Owners of Google Chromebooks that would like to be able to natively connect their home printer to their Chrome OS system, can now create a Google Cloud Print server using the low cost Raspberry Pi mini PC.

If your printer does’t support Google Cloud Print this awesome Raspberry Pi Google Cloud Print Server will save you the cost of buying a new printer and provide local printing functionality for a fraction of the cost.

As well as a Raspberry Pi you will also need NOOBS installed on a SD card that can be bought for around $8, for easily Rasbian OS installation on the Pi computer.

“Unlike a typical Windows machine, the little Raspberry Pi running Rasbian doesn’t exactly come with plug-’n-play printer support. We show you how to add full-fledged print capabilities to your Pi unit.”

For full instruction on how to create your very own Google Cloud Print server jump over to the How To Geek website for comprehensive instructions and all the commands you will need to input into your Raspberry Pi.

Once you have setup your Raspberry Pi mini PC you will then need to run a Python script the Google  has created on your Pi and run it to enable the Google Print Server on the Linux operating system. More details can be found over on the Google website.

Source: GigaOm

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