Raspberry Pi Computer Case

With the popularity of the new Raspberry Pi computer generating its creators with around 700 orders a second when it was launched last week, bringing their website to a grinding halt. You know there will soon be a lot of Raspberry Pi computers in use around the world.

The Raspberry Pi computer is supplied naked, without a case of any sort. But Marco Alici has wasted no time creating the Raspberry Pi first case, which he has had built using a 3D printer to prototype.

Raspberry Pi computer case

The Raspberry Pi computer case pictured above has been created at Shapeways and shows you what the final solution might look like, and has been designed to be mass produced in large quantities to make sure it doesn’t cost more than the $35 Raspberry Pi computer.

Raspberry Pi computer case

More information about the Raspberry Pi computer case can be found over on the Marco Alici website. But unfortunately no information on pricing or a worldwide launch date has been released as yet, but as soon as information comes to light we will keep you updated as always.

Raspberry Pi computer case

Source: Marco Alici : fanlesstech : Ubergizmo

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  • http://marcoalici.wordpress.com/ MarcoAlici

    Just 2 clarifications:
    1) The images show a renderings of the case made in Blender + Yafaray. I’ve ordered a sample on Shapeways for testing, but I’m still waiting for it (but it has been shipped).
    2) The project is in early stage, that’s why the price hasn’t been communicated yet. I’d like it to be massively produced by injection molding (I had some preliminary contacts about that), because the 3D printing technology isn’t so cheap and the case would cost about as much (or more) as the board. If produced by injection molding it would be cheaper.

  • Syrious84

    About when would this case be available for order? I’m on the waiting list for the unit itself but I’d really like to have this case for it as well.