Raspberry Pi App Store Launches

Raspberry Pi owners and developers will be interested to learn that the Raspberry Pi Foundation, responsible for developing and creating the awesome $35 Raspberry Pi Model B  mini computer and the latest $25 Model A version, have today launched a new App Store for the mini PC.

The new Raspberry Pi App Store runs as an X application under Raspbian,and has been designed to enable users to download content, and to upload their own content for moderation and release.

Raspberry Pi App Store

“We’ve been amazed by the variety of software that people have written for, or ported to, the Raspberry Pi. Today, together with our friends at IndieCityand Velocix, we’re launching the Pi Store to make it easier for developers of all ages to share their games, applications, tools and tutorials with the rest of the community. The Pi Store will, we hope, become a one-stop shop for all your Raspberry Pi needs; it’s also an easier way into the Raspberry Pi experience for total beginners, who will find everything they need to get going in one place, for free.?”

For more information jump over to the Raspberry Pi Foundation website or visit the new Raspberry Pi App store now to stock up on apps and games.


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