PS4 Game Sharing Details

I know this is going back a bit, but it’s too good not to share! A couple of days before E3, Sony released a cheeky instructional video on its Youtube channel showing how players can share PS4 games between one another.

Amid all the controversy surrounding the Xbox One’s used game charge system, some people apparently got the impression that all systems were going to start charging players to play used games. This is not at all the case. Sony has said from the start that it’s not going to change its business model for standard gaming. In the video below, it reminds players that this hasn’t changed while taking a cheeky shot at Microsoft for its new used gaming business practices.

PlayStation 4


To be fair, Microsoft has come out and said that it’ll leave the option open to publishers. I’m fairly certain most publishers will have the good sense not to charge players to play used games, but there will certainly be a few who will jump at the opportunity. *cough* EA *cough*

With titles being cross platform, it begs to question how this used game cost will work for games that are offered on both systems. Will a publisher charge Xbox One players when it can’t also charge PS4 players? Won’t publishers who decide to charge players to play used games end up pushing them more towards PS4 instead of the Xbox One in order to save money?

What do you think?

Source – Youtube

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