Proview Attempts To Ban iPad Imports And Exports In China

Proview, the company who owns the trademark for the ‘iPad’ name in China is attempting to ban imports and exports of the device in China, and recently some iPads were seized from a retailer by Chinese authorities regarding the claim.

Proview, who are reported to be in financial trouble, sold Apple the rights for the iPad trademark for a number of countries a few years ago, Apple claims these rights include China, Proview claims that Apple didn’t purchase the rights for the trademark in China.

iPad 2

Now Proview are applying to the Chinese authorities to stop the iPad being imported to China, and also stop the device being exported from China, which could cause problems for Apple as this is where the iPad is made.

“We are applying to customs to stop any trademark- infringing products from imports to China and also for exports,” said Xie, who is based in Shenzhen. “Apple wants to postpone and continue infringement of the iPad in China.”

Apple has responded saying that they purchased the right to the trademark in 10 countries which include China, and there is a court case ongoing between Apple and Proview.

Source Business Week


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