Project Novena Open Source Laptop Unveiled

Ever fancied building your very own open source laptop? Well Bunnie Huang over on the MAKE website has done just that and published images of the creation for the Project Novena together with details on the development and build process for all to see.

The Project Novena open source laptop is fitted with a 13-inch 2560×1700 (239 ppi) resolution LED-backlit panel display, and the laptops case is made from an endoskeleton constructed from 5052 and 7075 aluminium alloys.

Open Source Laptop

The main goal of the Project Novena open source laptop was to build something that could be used everyday explains Bunnie Huang.

“I try to allocate my discretionary funds towards things based on how often I use them. Hence, I have a nice bed, as I spend a third of my life in it. The other two thirds of my life is spent tapping at a laptop (I refuse to downgrade to a phone or tablet as my primary platform), and so when picking a thing to build that I can use every day, a laptop is a good candidate.

The project was also motivated by my desire to learn all things hardware. Before this project, I had never designed with Gigabit Ethernet (RGMII), SATA, PCI-express, DDR3, gas gauges, eDP, or even a power converter capable of handling 35 watts – my typical power envelope is under 10 watts, so I was always able to get away with converters that had integrated switches. Building my own laptop would be a great way for me to stretch my legs a bit without the cost and schedule constraints normally associated with commercial projects.”

For more information on the Project Novena open source project jump over to the MAKE website for full details and specifications including instructions on how to build your own.

Open Source Laptop

Source: MAKE

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