Portable XBMC Lunch Box Project Powered By A Raspberry Pi

If you enjoy using the awesome XBMC media centre system and need a portable solution to help you watch media and entertain yourself while you are away from home. You might be interested in this fantastic portable XBMC lunch box project created by Instructables user “tomhung”.

Using a Star Wars lunchbox together with a variety of other hardware parts including a Raspberry Pi Model B, Edimax USB wifi dongle and 7 port USB powered hub, he has created self-contained portable XBMC entertainment system.

Portable XBMC Lunch Box

Using the mini lunchbox for the XBMC system has provided the extra space to be able to carry all the additional cables and accessories needed to make the XBMC system truly portable.

Its creator explains a little more about his inspiration behind the awesome Portable XBMC Lunch Box project.

“I wanted a portable XBMC system. I want to take this in my trailer camping, to hotels, friends house etc. Basically this is a Raspberry Pi running XMBC, powered USB hub, 2.5″ USB SATA enclosure with a 250GB laptop drive. This case needed to be all self enclosed. I can carry all the cables and accessories.”

For full details on how the Portable XBMC Lunch Box was created, together with a full list of all the components that you will require and instructions to make your very own, jump over to the Instructables website.

Portable XBMC Lunch Box

Source: Instructables

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