Portable NXT Panel Speakers

Check out these speaker deigned by Targus that foldup like a book and provide top notch sound quality utilising NXTs award-winning Balanced Radiator (BR) technology.

Targus NXT Speakers

˜The Targus Portable Speaker Book is a uniquely-designed folding stereo speaker system incorporating NXTs award-winning Balanced Radiator (BR) technology. The rich audio performance of the Portable Speaker Book is characteristic of BR technology, with the stereo panels delivering even sound dispersion and a smooth frequency response. Compatible with all audio sources, the Speaker Book is connected via a supplied 3.5mm audio cable and powered by either USB from a laptop or desktop computer, or four AAA batteries for use anywhere. The robust, lightweight design enables travelers to open up the Portable Speaker Book wherever they are and enjoy high quality music reproduction from a compact, stylish form factor.

A full spec sheet is yet to be forthcoming from Targus, so we cannot offer details concerning output, etc but Targus has confirmed that their Portable Speaker Book can be powered either by four AAA batteries or via a USB port and will offer broad compatibility thanks to is 3.5mm audio input.

Available in early Summer08 in either black or red.


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