Police Use Social Media To Take Down 250-Member Gang

Social Media has real power. We know this, but it has more power then you think. Police in Bushwick, Brooklyn were able to bust a 250-member gang by using social media to create fake profiles while adding gang members to their “friends” list.
Young gang members, according to New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, often use Facebook and Twitter to brag about their crimes or accomplishments. Which isn’t very smart, but then again, most criminals are not geniuses. They are morons.

“Once again we have young gang members using social media to boast about murder and mayhem, and once again we have New York City Police officers ‘friending’ them to help end the violence. When young men plot to take their battles from tweets to the streets, the NYPD wants to be there to stop the bloodshed. The attention is paying off,” the commissioner said. Hopefully the streets will be a bit safer now.

Source Ubergizmo

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