PiMSO Raspberry Pi Oscilloscope Created (video)

During the Open Hardware Summit the annual conference organised by the Open Source Hardware Association for a place to showcase open hardware. Adafruit spotted a useful use for the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC to create the PiMSO 200 Msa/S mixed signal oscilloscope.

The PiMSO Raspberry Pi oscilloscope is an experimental project which has been started to understand the necessary components required to deploy the MSO-28 mixed signal oscilloscope on mobile devices. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Raspberry Pi PiMSO project and see it in action.

PiMSO Raspberry Pi Oscilloscope

The PiMSO Raspberry Pi oscilloscope consists of eight parts: Web Server, Wifi Access Point, Name Server, DHCP server, FCGI server, LCD driver, MSO server side driver and MSO client side Javascripts. However not all parts are required to make the Raspberry Pi oscilloscope to function.

“With the ever growing list of mobile platforms, it became very difficult for PC based instruments developer such as Link to keep up with the demands to supply driver applications for various platforms.

Upon examining the complexities required with different solutions, we arrived on a client/server solution. The client part would be web browser based, because of the near universal availability on most devices. Browser based also meant driver free deployment on the mobile devices.

The challenge would be to create an affordable gateway server to the MSO-28. After experimenting with various embedded solutions, we realized that we cannot manufacture an affordable solution at our sales volume. With the availability of existing low cost ARM based devices on the market, it would be more economical for our MSO users to leverage these and roll their own solution while we provide server side hardware driver support.”

To make your very own PiMSO Raspberry Pi oscilloscope jump over to the Link Instruments website for more details and full instructions as well as the Instructables website. Enjoy!

Source: Adafruit

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