Pillow Sports a Nice Rack and One Arm

I’ve been married long enough that boobs have lost some of the marvel they held for me in my younger days. I recognize the fact that there are many geeks out there who might not feel the same way and some of those geeks probably lack the skills to find a girl actually willing to let them see their boobs.

I have found the perfect pillow for the person wanting to feel like they are sleeping next to a real woman complete with snuggling and boobs. I will say that if you have this pillow on your bed and you happen to score a real woman, she probably won’t let you see her boobs after spotting this thing.

This pillow sells for $9.95 and has a nice C-cup and a single arm for snuggling. I think Al Bundy would heartily approve of this pillow, but he would want a third boob in back for dancing.

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