Pictures of the new BlackBerry X10 with QWERTY appear

A few days back, some pictures of what is widely believed to be the BlackBerry Z10 made the rounds. It was an all-touch device that will rely on a virtual QWERTY keyboard. But many users would never give up the feeling of typing on a BlackBerry physical QWERTY. That’s what the BlackBerry N-Series is all about.
It is no longer called the N series however. The BlackBerry 10 models with a physical QWERTY will be known as the BlackBerry X10. The lock screen on the phone has a link to the camera, and shows you the number of received messages as well as the number of upcoming events. The screen can show up to 8 applications at a time with the bottom of the panel becoming a launcher for the phone, search and camera.

The BlackBerry X10 should launch after the BlackBerry Z10 arrives in the first quarter of 2013. The BlackBerry X10 is rumored to be 720 x 720 with an OLED display.

Source Phone Arena

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