Photojojo iPhone Telephoto 8X Lens

Photojojo have just unveiled a new telephoto lens designed for the iPhone 3G(s), iPhone 4 and the Verizon/AT&T iPhone 4 that can apparently add the same zoom to your phone as having a 500mm Sigma lens fitted to your iPhone camera.

The lens is fitted to your iPhone using a case which clips around your iPhone and to which the lens then locks onto with a twisting motion. To compose your shot simply move the focus ring on the lens until you have your perfect shot, and manually slide the zoom back and fourth.

Photojojo iPhone Telephoto 8X Lens

The lens also comes with a mini tripod equipped with a ball-socket attachment that allows you to shoot from any angle in both the horizontal or vertical direction.

The new Photojojo iPhone Telephoto 8X Lens is now available to buy from the Photojojo website for $35 with the iPhone 4 version shipping next week.

Via Crunch Gear

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