Penguin Publishing Apple iPad Books

Since Apple [AAPL] announced the iPad, publishers have been getting their content ready to go on Apple’s new device and also their new iBooks platform. One of these companies is UK publisher Penguin, who have shown off some sample books that they will be launching on the iPad.

As you can see from the video below, the books do a lot more than standard hardback books, most of them are interactive and have a number of features.

Penguin Publishing Apple iPad Books

It certainly will be interesting to see what types of different books are developed on the iPad, and I think the platform will be especially useful for children who will be able to use the interactive books for learning, as well as older students.

via Mobile Whack

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  • Tom

    Is this a joke? I just woke from a comma and people are selling books… a real life thing on a iPod?!

    I expect backing up your 16£ purchased novel will be a thorny issue for Apple Co