Ericsson Suing Apple Over Smartphone Patents


Ericsson AB is suing Apple over patents relating to mobile phones and smartphones and the company is alleging that Apple ,may have infringed on as many as 41 of their mobile patents.

Ericsson has said that they have offered Apple a license for the patents in question although Apple apparently decided not to license the patents.

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iRBeacon Smart Remote Support Both iOS And Android (video)

iRBeacon Smart Remote

If you are forever looking for your remote controls and would prefer to just have one simple to use application on your smartphone then the iRBeacon smart remote might be worth more investigation.

The iRBeacon smart remote has been designed to provide a small device that combines infrared technology together with the latest Bluetooth low energy connectivity while supporting both iOS and Android mobile devices.

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Apple Watch Event To Be Live Streamed March 9th

Apple Watch

Earlier we heard that Apple is holding a press event on Monday the 9th of March for their new Apple Watch and now the company has added the Apple Watch event to their live streaming website.

The Apple Watch event will be live streamed on Monday the 9th of March 2015 at 10AM PDT, the company is expected to announce the Apple Watch release date at the event.

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Google Buys .app Top Level Domain Rights For $25 Million


It has been revealed today that Google has paid a massive $25 million to purchase the exclusive rights for the top level web domain .app making it the most expensive TLD ever purchased.

Back in 2012 ICANN the organisation that controls the world domain names, decided to expand the number of generic TLD’s adding a variety for domain ending to choose from and which would be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

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Apple Watch Event Announced For March 9th


It looks like we will be hearing more about the Apple Watch next month as Apple has announced that they are holding a press event on the 9th of March.

Apple has sent out invites to a new ‘Spring Forward’ press event which will take place at 10AM Pacific Time on Monday the 9th of March 2015.

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Sledgehammer may recreate classic Call Of Duty Maps in Advanced Warfare

awThe developer of the latest Call of Duty game, Sledgehammer Games, is thinking about recreating some of the most classic Call of Duty maps in Advanced Warfare. In case you missed it, this latest game was released late last year. It is set in the future, where a private military contractor goes rogue and fights against the state.

Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey told VG247 that players of the latest Havoc DLC have been asking them how Exo abilities and verticality can be brought over to some of the franchise’s classic maps. I guess the question has them intrigued.
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Apple Grabs 88 Percent Of Smartphone Profits In Q4 2014

iphone 6

The other day we heard that Android was way ahead of Apple in terms of global smartphones sales in 2014, although it would appear that Apple is making more money than Android makers.

According to a recent report by Strategy Analytics, in the fourth quarter of 2014 Apple took 88.7 percent of the global smartphone operating profit and Android took just 11.3 percent.

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Tesla Model S Has A James Bond Mode Easter Egg (Video)

Tesla Model S

A new Easter egg has been discovered in the Tesla Model S, the newly discovered features will let you turn your Model S into James Bond’s car from The Spy Who Loved Me.

The car featured in the Spy Who Loved Me was a Lotus Esprit that turned into a submarine, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk actually bought the original car for $866,000 back in 2013.

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Get ready for another Netflix content library reshuffle next month

netflix logo

Netflix users probably noticed the big content changes that happened in December, when many shows and movies disappeared, while some new ones arrived. Well, now another big content library reshuffle will happen on March 1. It happens. Here are some things you need to know.

Some popular shows and movies will arrive, as well as new episodes of TV shows that they already offer. Some of these include shows like Mad Men and Archer, and movies like How to Train Your Dragon 2. Season 5 of Archer and Glee will arrive on March 7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will arrive a day before that.
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Oculus VR Offers $1 Million In Prizes To Gear VR Developers

Oculus VR

Oculus VR the creators of the awesome virtual reality headset that was originally launched as a Kickstarter campaign and was then was snapped up by Facebook at a bargain price of $2 billion.

Has this month announced a new competition for developers that offers a prize pool of $1 million that will be split between virtual reality game development and virtual reality experiences and applications.

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BBC iPlayer Receives New UK Local Live TV Feature

BBC iPlayer

The BBC has today rolled out a new version of its BBC iPlayer application for both iOS and Android devices that now allows users to watch live TV for their home nation.

To start watching local TV within the UK simply choose from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in Settings. The BBC has also rolled out a variety of bug fixes that now enable you to unplug your headphones without the iPlayer application crashing.
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