Elder Scrolls Online Loyalty Program Launches For Subscribers (video)

Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda has announced the launch of a new subscriber loyalty program for their Elder Scrolls Online game which provides gamers with a High Hrothgar Wraith pet and other rewards as a thank you for subscribing.

Starting next month subscribers of the Elder Scrolls Online game that are eligible for the new rewards will be emailed by Bethesda with news about the first of the new loyalty rewards.

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Sony Xperia C3 Launched In India

Sony Xperia C3

Sony has launched their new selfie smartphone in India, the Sony Xperia C3, the handset will retail for Rs. 23,990 which is about $395 at the current exchange rate.

The Sony Xperia C3 recently went on sale in Europe, the handset is equipped with a 4.4 inch IPS HD display that features a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

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ChainDuino Daisy-Chainable Arduino Board (video)

Arduino Board

Developers, makers and designers that enjoyed using the Arduino platform to make their creations, might be interested in a new Arduino board called the ChainDuino.

The ChainDuino has been specifically designed to provide users with a daisy-chainable Arduino board which can be connected using just Cat5 connections.

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Microsoft Surface 2 Tablets Get $100 Price Cut

Surface 2

Microsoft recently launched their latest Windows tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, the company previously reduced the price of their Surface Pro 2 tablet and now they have reduced the price of their Microsoft Surface 2 tablet.

Microsoft has reduced the price of the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet by $100 accross all models, the 32GB Surface 2 is now available for $349 it was previously $449.

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Feedly Launches New Content Slider Feature For Users

Feedly Slider

Popular RSS reader service Feedly has this week released a new update to its online user interface which is added a new slider viewing pane that allows users to read content in a card that slides open from the right edge of your screen.

The new feature has been added to help users read content easier and Feedly has made it even easier to jump back to your main list of unread articles and the content from your favourite sites.

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Intel NUC 2.0 Mini PC Specifications Leaked Together With Intel Roadmap

Intel NUC 2

Over the weekend new slides have been leaked which have revealed specifications for the next generation of Intel NUC 2.0 mini PCs that will be powered by Core i3 and i5 Broadwell and Braswell chips.

The Intel documents leaking the new Intel NUC 2.0 systems, have also revealed Intel’s hardware rollout roadmap for the coming years have been obtained and published by the Fanless Tech website.

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DrinkMate Pocket Breathalyzer Helps You Track Your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Levels (video)

pocket breathalyzer

Anyone loping for a way to keep track on how much alcohol they have drunk and their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels, might be interested in a new pocket breathalyzer called the DrinkMate, which has been created by Edge Tech Labs based in Washington, DC.

The DrinkMate pocket breathalyzer plugs into the bottom of your Android smartphone and is capable of displaying results about your intoxication immediately. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the DrinkMate pocket breathalyzer project and see it in action.

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Nokia Lumia 830 Turns Up In Brazil

nokia lumia 830

The Nokia Lumia 830 is a device we have been hearing more about over the last few weeks, and now the device has turned up in Brazil with some ‘Microsoft Mobile’ branding.

The Lumia 830 recently showed up at Brazil’s Anatel, which is the same as the FCC in the U.S., unfortunately the filing did not reveal any more specifications about the handset.

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LG 4K OLED TV’s Launched


LG has announced the launch of their new LG 4K OLED TVs, the company will launch two models, the LG 77EG9700 which comes with a 77 inch display, and the LG 65EC9700 which comes with a 65 inch display.

Both of these new LG 4K OLED TVs come with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and both models come with a curved display, the company has started taking pre-orders on both models in South Korea.

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PlayStation And Xbox Networks Go Offline After DDoS Attacks

playstation attack

Over the weekend both the PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live game Network have experienced a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that occurred in the early hours of Sunday, August 24th 2014.

Sony has been quick to announced that no personal information has been accessed in the attacks and the PSN networks will not undergo the regularly scheduled maintenance, which was planned to take place today.

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WhatsApp Hits 600 Million Active Monthly Users


WhatsApp is currently the most popular mobile messaging app, the app was purchased by Facebook in a deal with was worth $16 billion, and now the company’s founder, Han Koum has announced their latest milestone.

Back in April, WhatApp had around 500 million active monthly users, and now the company has announced on Twitter, that they now have 600 million monthly active users.

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