Microsoft Office 365 Users Receive Unlimited Cloud Storage

Office 365

Microsoft has this week announced it will be offering users of its Office 365 online office suite unlimited cloud storage space for their documents, media and photographs via Microsoft’s One Drive service.

Microsoft explained that they will start rolling out the new unlimited cloud storage to its Office 365 Home, Personal, and University customers over the coming weeks and months, at no additional cost.

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Apple Watch Will Need To Be Charged Daily

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was announced back in September at Apple’s press event, the device will go on sale some time in early 2015, although the company has yet to reveal the full specifications for the device.

We previously heard a rumor that the Apple Watch would last for around one full day, and that the device would need charged on a daily basis, and now Apple CEO, Tim Cook has shared some information about the battery life.

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Apple Pay Had 1 Million Card Activation In First 72 Hours

Apple Pay

Apple recently launched their new mobile payments system, Apple Pay, the service is currently available on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and now we have some details about how popular the service has been since launch.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, recently announced at the WSJD Live Conference, that the company  had activated over one million credit cards and debit cards on Apple Pay in the first 72 hours.

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The Vatican will digitize its manuscripts

vaticanWhen you think of the Vatican, you don’t normally think high tech, but more old world. Well, maybe they are catching up with the times. The Vatican will perform a digital scan of all of its manuscripts.

After all, it’s collection is among the oldest, most comprehensive, and most well preserved collections of ancient texts worldwide. Soon they will be digitizing the tens of thousands of the rarest and most impactful books throughout human history. This is a momentous occasion.
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LG G Watch R Heading To AT&T Soon

LG G Watch R

AT&T has confirmed it will soon offer one of the best looking Android Wear smartwatches, the LG G Watch R, in the coming months.

It comes with a round design similar to the Moto 360, and runs Android Wear as its operating system out of the box. The exact availability date and pricing are not known at the moment, but it’s likely that we’ll see the smartwatch by the end of this year.

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LG introduces a new Isai device with 3GB of RAM and VoLTE on board

lgisaYou might remember the LG Isai FL. At the time, it seen as the dead giveaway of LG G3’s design and was made exclusively for Japanese carrier KDDI. The LG Isai FL was the first smartphone from a well-known large manufacturer to sport a Quad HD display and break the 500ppi pixel density barrier, which is probably why you remember it.

It arrived in Japan several months ago, so it isn’t very old, yet LG and KDDI have just announced a refreshed version of the device, called LG Isai VL. I guess they feel they should strike while the iron is hot.
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Sony Xperia T3 and M2 LTE Now Available in The US

Xperia T3

Sony is set to launch two more mid-range devices in the US: Xperia T3 and Xperia M2. Both devices are available in unlocked flavors and LTE support for T-Mobile and AT&T.

The devices are available for sale in the online Sony Store. Xperia T3 LTE carries a $399.99 price tag, while the Xperia M2 LTE features a $279.99.

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Espruino Pico Offers JavaScript On A USB Stick (video)


Makers, developers and hobbyists that enjoy building electronic projects might be interested in a new JavaScript development board called the Espruino Pico which takes the form of a USB key and can be integrated into projects quickly and easily.

The Espruino Pico is a tiny micro controller board that has been specifically designed to run JavaScript and comes with everything you need preinstalled, allowing it to be used from virtually any device with a USB port.

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Flappy Paddle Lotus Exige S Automatic Coming to a Racetrack near You


The Lotus Exige S is one of the coolest sports cars out there and focuses more on handling that power. Since the Exige S was introduced, it has only been offered with a single transmission, a proper 6-speed manual. Things are changing over at Lotus and the automaker realizes that some folks who want an Exige S also want to drive it in traffic and prefer an automatic.

For these folks Lotus has announced that it will be offering an Exige S Automatic in countries where the car is available. Sadly, that means not in the US since the car is no longer available to purchase here. Manual transmission purists may feel a bit different when they hear that the paddle shift Exige S Automatic was no slower on the test track in Hethel than the manual version of the car.

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Sony Launches G Series XQD version 2 Memory Cards


Sony has launched some new memory cards called the G Series XQD version 2 memory cards that are designed for people who are using high-end DSLR cameras that are capable of 4K video recording such as the Nikon D4/D4S. These new memory cards are very fast with up to 400MB/S read and 350MB/s write speeds. Storage capacity for the memory cards is up to 128GB.

The cards support both PCI Express Gen.2 and USB 3.0 interfaces and all capacities ship with a USB 3.0 card reader. The USB 3.0 card reader and fast read and write speed mean that photographers will be able to move large RAW file formats and 4k video to and from the camera much faster than they were able to in the past.

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Nest Buys Smart Home Hub Maker Revolv


Nest, who are now owned by Google has announced that they have purchased Smart Home Hub maker Revolv, no details on how much Nest paid for Revolv have been revealed.

Nest is well known for their Smart Thermostat and Smart Smoke Detector, and now they have acquired Revolv who make a smart home hub designed to control a number of devices.

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