Microsoft Band Water Test Pushes The IP 54 Certification To Its Limits (video)


Last month Microsoft launch their new Microsoft Band wearable smart bracelet which has been designed to provide users with both a fitness tracker and smartwatch in one device.

The Microsoft Band is equipped with a 1.4 inch display offering a resolution of 320 x 106 and is equipped with ten different sensors to monitor heart rate monitor, UV index, GPS, sleep tracking and more.

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Nexus 6 Now Available From T-Mobile In The U.S.

Nexus 6

The Google nexus 6 smartphone was due to launch on T-Mobile in the U.S. last week, the launch was delayed slightly, although the company is now offering the device.

The T-Mobile Nexus 6 is available from the company’s online store and also their retail stores, the 32GB model will set you back $649.92 and the 64GB model $699.84.

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Coin Digital Wallet Starts Finally Shipping To Backers

Coin Digital Wallet

Some of our readers might remember the physical digital wallet called Coin that we featured here on Geeky Gadgets a year ago this week. Coin has been created to replace all your credit cards and bank cards with a single universal card but

During its development the company has experienced some issues hitting its launch deadlines throughout the year. Although this week it has been revealed that Coin seems to have now finally started shipping out its digital wallets to backers.

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Rubbee 2.0 Electric Bike Drive Launches For $1,190 (video)

Electric Bike

Cyclists that sometimes could use a little extra help navigating those larger hills or distances might be interested in a new electric bike drive called the Rubbee 2.0, which builds on the original design and now provides more power.

The original Rubbee electric bike drive launched over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website and has now been developed into a second version , providing an electric power boosting one-piece system that can be attached to a bicycle in less than a minute.

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Florida to get World’s Tallest Rollercoaster in 2016


A massive rollercoaster will be coming to Orlando, Florida in 2016 with construction set to being in 2015. The gigantic rollercoaster is called the Skyscraper and will be part of a complex called Skyplex. Skyplex and the tall rollercoaster will sit on a 12-acre plot of land on International Drive in Orlando. Total floor space will be 495,000 square feet.

In addition to having, the rollercoaster attraction there will also be restaurants, retail spaces, and roller coasters inside the Skyplex building. The roller coaster will be situated on a 55-story tall tower and will wrap and loop around the building as well. Once complete it will be the tallest building in Florida. Atop that 55-story, 570-foot tall tower will be a restaurant and observation point.

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Lume Cube Video Light For GoPro Action Cameras, iOS And Android (video)

Lume Cube Video Light

Anyone who enjoys recording video footage or taking photographs using action cameras, smart phones or tablets but fines low light conditions troublesome, might be interested in a new video flashlight called the Lume Cube.

The Lume Cube has been designed to provide 1,500 Lumens from just a small 1.5″cube device and supports both Android and iOS devices as well as action cameras such as the GoPro.

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Jolla Tablet Reaches $380,000 Crowd Funding Goal In A Few Hours

Jolla Tablet

Earlier this morning we told you about the new Jolla Tablet with Sailfish OS 2.0, the team from Jolla are funding their device using crowd funding website IndieGogo.

The project only launched on IndieGogo a few hours ago, and the Jolla Tablet needed to raise $380,000 to put the device into production, the goal has now been met, and the company has already raised more than $400,00 for their project, at the time of writing.

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Raspberry Pi BerryIMU Orientation Sensor (video)

Raspberry Pi BerryIMU

Raspberry Pi single board mini PC users might be interested in a new sensor developed especially for the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC called the BerryIMU.

The Raspberry Pi BerryIMU sensor is equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer that is tailored for the Raspberry Pi. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the BerryIMU project and see it in action.

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Mercedes AMG GT3 Launching In 2016

Mercedes AMG GTS

Mercedes recently launched their new high end sports coupe, the Mercedes AMG GT, there are two models in the range, the GT and the GTS, and now the company has announced a third, the Mercedes AMG GT3.

The Mercedes AMG GT3 will launch in 2016, the company has yet to reveal any information about the new GT3, although to conform to the GT3 regulations it will need to come with between 500 and 600 HP and will have to weight between 2645 and 2866 lbs.

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Upp Hydrogen-Fuelled USB Charger Launches In The UK For £149

Upp Hydrogen-Fuelled USB Charger

If you are looking for a little extra charge for your gadgets whilst away from the grid you might be interested in a new USB charger called Upp which launched earlier this year in the US and is now available within the UK.

The Upp USB charger is very unique in that it is powered by a Hydrogen fuel cartridges rather than a battery and provides enough power to keep your gadgets powered for a week, charging devices as quickly as if they were plugged into the wall.

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HTC One M8 Google Play Edition Android Lollipop Coming Friday

HTC One M8

We recently heard that HTC were working on the Android Lollipop update for the HTC One M8 and HTC One M7, and now we have some more details about the update.

According to HTC’s Mo Versi, the Google Play Edition of the HTC One M8 and HTC One M7 will get the Android lollipop update by this Friday the 21st of November, you can see a Tweet from Mo on the update below.

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