3D Printed Radioactive Tritium Flashlight Glows For 20 years

Tritium Flashlight

InnovoDesign an Etsy shop is selling a 3D printed metal keyring that is equipped with radioactive Tritium and will provide a useful glow for up to 20 years. Allowing you to easily see where you have left your keychain or similar belongings in the dark.

The small pocket sized Tritium Flashlight is also equipped with a handy bottle opener and a small pry tool allowing it to provide you with multifunctional features all for just $64.

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Useless Machine In A Can Offers A Fun DIY Kit That Does Absolutely Nothing (video)

Useless Machine In A Can

If you are looking to build something that is constructed using high quality parts but once built does absolutely nothing of use at all. You are sure to be interested in this new creation by InnoTechnix called the Useless Machine In A Can.

The Useless Machine In A Can contains 45 pieces that you assemble without soldering to create a fun mechanism. Watch the video below to learn more about this interesting yet completely useless device, that is already blasted past its Kickstarter pledge goal of $9,000 with still 26 days left of its campaign to run.

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BBC Taster Site Launches To Help User Develop New Features

BBC taster

To help develop new ideas the BBC is currently working on to add to their range of services, the BBC has launched a new service in the form of Taster.

Taster is a portal that provides access to all the new ideas and experiments the BBC is considering implementing across states range of channels and allows users to vote and comment on the ideas before they are released into the world.

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Far Cry 4 Keys Sold Via Third Parties Being Cancelled By Ubisoft


Ubisoft and Devolver Digital has this week announced via a Tweet that it is actively cancelling Far Cry 4 game keys that have been purchased from third-party sellers.

The news comes following multiple Reddit users and gamers have taken to the Ubisoft support forums to report cases where their digital copies of their Far Cry 4 game have been deleted and removed from their Uplay accounts by Ubisoft after purchasing Key codes from third party sellers.

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Tesco Closes e-Book Service Blinkbox Books

Blinkbox Books

Following on from the sale of Tesco’s failing streaming music service Blinkbox Movies and its broadband services to TalkTalk earlier this month.

Tesco’s has today confirmed that it will now be closing its e-book service Blinkbox Books after discussions with Waterstones failed to reach a final agreement for the service.

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