UK Gets £97 Million Supercomputer To Predict The Weather

uk weather

If you live in the UK then you will know what our weather is like, always changing and you never know whether the Met Office predictions are going to be accurate. That could be about to change as they are working on a new supercomputer to predict the weather.

The Government has announced that they Met office are building a new £97 million supercomputer, which is 13 times more powerful than their current computer and around 120,000 more powerful than an iPhone or Galaxy S5.

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Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Controller

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare ControllerThere are plenty of cool controllers that you can get for your consoles, including special additions with cool designs and themes. Hardware manufacturers will often roll out a special version or limited edition of a particular device, and Microsoft has done just that, revealing a nice looking Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare controller.

In fact, Microsoft is known for rolling out some great looking controllers for the Xbox One console. You probably have several of them. This time around, the controller is the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare limited edition version and it matches the game nicely.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition for Verizon Goes on Sale

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Earlier this month, we heard that Samsung is planning to launch a developers edition Galaxy Note 4, which was even listed on the Korean company’s website.

If you’ve been patiently waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition to go on sale, there’s a good news for you. The handset is now available at Samsung’s online store for $699.99, but it’s works only on Verizon.

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Google Fit For Android Launched

google fit

Google announced their new fitness platform for Android, called Google Fit, back in July, and now the company has launched the app on the Google Play Store.

Google Fit is similar to Apple’s HealthKit, it is designed to track your activity and it will work with all of the Android Wear devices available at the moment.

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 rescheduled

guardians movieWe are all eagerly awaiting the many new Marvel movies that are coming our way, but there’s some rescheduling going on right now in the Marvel movie universe. A Marvel special event being held this week revealed that Guardians of the Galaxy will now be released on the 5th of May, 2017.

That is only one of the several changes that have been made to the movie lineup.
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GTA 5 Players That Upgrade To Xbox One, PS4 Or PC To Receive Exclusive Content


Rockstar the developers and publishers of the hugely popular Grand Theft Auto V game have today announced that existing GTA 5 players who have already purchased the game on the older generation PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games consoles.

Will be entitled to exclusive GTA 5 content if they upgrade to the new PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC versions of the open world game that will be launching later this year and early next, and will also be able to continue the game where they left off on the older console.

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Algoriddim Djay 2 App Lands on Android With Spotify Support (video)

Djay 2

Android owners that like to DJ and mix their own tunes, are sure to be interested in the arrival of Algoriddim’s Djay 2 app in the Google Play Store for £1.99.

The Algoriddim Djay 2 app for Android also brings with it support for the Spotify streaming music service as well as allowing you to access your own music library stored on your device. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

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Sony SmartWatch 3 Launches In The UK This Friday

smartwatch 3

The new Sony SmartWatch 3 will officially launch in the UK this Friday the 31st of October, the device will be available for about £180 in the UK including taxes.

This is for the black and lime versions of the device, there will also be a stainless steel version which will retail for £215 including taxes, this model will launch in November.

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B4RM4N Smart Cocktail Shaker Connects To Your Smartphone To Make Mixing Easy (video)


If like me you are not very good at mixing cocktail drinks, a new smart cocktail shaker called the B4RM4N might be the perfect addition to your gadgets and your home bar.

The B4RM4N smart cocktail shaker has been designed by Magnified Self and created to connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0 and use a companion application to help you pour and mix the perfect cocktail every time, from a huge library of cocktails contained in the app.

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Thinker Next Generation Smartphone Universal Remote With IFTTT Support (video)

Universal Remote

Geeklink has this month launched its next-generation universal remote control system called Thinker, which has been designed to provide extra control via your smartphone using the Thinker companion application and allowing you to engage in home automation.

The ThinkerHome automation and universal remote can be used to control a variety of appliances around your home including your HDTV, air conditioner, lights and more directly from your Android or iOS smartphone.

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iPad Air 2 Costs Around $275 To Make

iPad Air 2

The new iPad Air 2 launched recently, and prices of Apple’s latest tablet start at $499 for the entry level 16GB WiFi model. Now we have some details on how much the iPad Air 2 cost to make.

According to research form IHS, the entry level iPad Air 2 costs Apple around $275 to built, this includes parts and manufacturing costs, the top model, which is the 128GB LTE iPad Air 2 costs around $358 to make but retails for $829.

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