Google Bans Adult Content on Blogger Starting in late March


Google has made an announcement that will have some implications for some blogs and readers of sites that use Blogger. As of March 23 of this year, Google will no longer allow Blogger users to share images or video that are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity. That means all the porn blogs that currently use Blogger will have to go somewhere else.

Rather than simply deleting the blogs using Blogger that have explicit material, Google will make those blogs private so the images and video won’t be found in public searches. Private content is only viewable by the owner of the site, admins, and users the blog shares pages with.

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G-Technology G-RAID Enclosures Unveiled By HGST

G-RAID Enclosures

HGST has added a couple of new G-Technology storage solutions to its range during the BVE Expo in the UK this week. In the form of the new G-RAID systems that are removable RAID enclosures with dual 7200 rpm enterprise-class hard drives enclosed in aluminium cases.

But don’t expect the new storage solutions to be cheap the G-RAID is available with 16 TB of storage for $1,295, 12 TB for $999.95 and 8 TB for $599.95 offering RAID 0 for performance, RAID 1 for redundancy, or JBOD to address the drives individually.

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Pi Tank 3D Printed Open Source Smartphone Controlled Raspberry Pi Robot (video)

3D Printed

Those luckily enough to own a 3D printer and enjoying building a Raspberry Pi robot, or would like to start, may gain more inspiration from this awesome Pi Tank robot.

The Pi Tank takes that form of a 3D Printed open source Raspberry Pi powered vehicle/robot that can be controlled using a smartphone, thanks to Madis Kaasik and his team of developers and makers.

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Samsung Buys Rumored Apple Car Partner

samsung car battery

Over the last few week we have been hearing rumors about Apple’s plans for an Apple Car, the company was rumored to be working with a company called Magna International.

Magna International supplies batteries for electric vehicles including Tesla, and Apple were rumored to have been in talks with the company, although Samsung has just announced that they have bought the company.

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LimeFuel Epic GoPro Extended Battery Pack (video)

GoPro Extended Battery Pack

Limefuel the creators of awesomely powerful backup batteries has this week unveiled two new additions to its range in the form of two new Limefuel GoPro extended battery packs.

The new additions take the form of the Limefuel Epic L52G3 designed for the GoPro 3 and 3+ and the Limefuel Epic L38G4 that as you might have already guessed has been created for the GoPro Hero 4 action camera.

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60m Minutes Of PS4 Yakuza Zero Gameplay Released (video)

Yakuza Zero

PlayStation gamers interested in learning a little more about and seeing gameplay from the new Yakuza Zero game. Will be pleased that YouTuber Japanese Entertainment has published 60 minutes worth of gameplay footage providing a good glimpse at what you can expect from the game when it is launched.

The PlayStation Yakuza Zero game will be available to play both on the next-generation PS4 and the older PS3 when it launches in Japan next month on March 12th, 2015.

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Second Generation Moto E Expected to Launch on Verizon

Moto E

Motorola has some excellent budget-friendly handsets in its product portfolio with Moto E being one of the cheapest one. Not too long ago, the alleged handset was spotted on Best Buy for a short span of time, and now, the handset has made yet another unofficial appearance.

Recently, the alleged Moto E made another appearance, and is expected to hit retail on Verizon. And best of all, the handset will come with support for LTE as it can be seen from the image above.

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