Hyundai Helps Girl Send a Message to Her Father in Space


Hyundai helped a girl named Stephanie send a message to her father. Sending this message wasn’t as easy as simply hopping in the car and driving to his work for delivery. The girl’s father is an astronaut aboard the ISS. For the astronaut to be able to see the message, it had to be gigantic.

In fact, Hyundai had to send out expedition teams to look for locations where the message could be made large enough to be seen from space and where weather wouldn’t keep the message from being visible, a dry lake in Nevada was eventually chosen. The plan started with a hand written message from Stephanie.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Experience Created (video)

Grand Theft Auto 5 Oculus Rift Virtual

Earlier this week Rockstar launched their highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 onto PC systems around the world, and it hasn’t taken long for developers, to start using the Oculus Rift to start experimenting with the new GTA 5 game.

One such developer named Falandorn has already ported the Grand Theft Auto 5 to work with the awesome Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Providing some excellent footage that immerses you in the GTA 5 game even more than the included first person view created by Rockstar.

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Arduino Prototyping Set And Bootloader Shield (video)

Arduino Prototyping Set And Bootloader Shield

Anyone who enjoys building electronic projects using the Arduino prototyping and would like to program their own Atmega328-PU chips. May be interested in a new Arduino prototyping kit and bootloader shield that has been created by serial Kickstarter entrepreneur Patrick Thomas Mitchell, who we have featured before here on Geeky Gadgets.

The new Arduino prototyping kit allows you to build and program your own circuits using the fully functional and production-ready Arduino prototyping board.

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BlackBerry Oslo Smartphone Leaked


A photo and some specifications have been leaked of a new BlackBerry smartphone, the BlackBerry Oslo which is apparently going to launch later this year.

The BlackBerry Oslo appears to have a similar design to the BlackBerry Passport with a touchscreen display and a three row QWERTY keyboard.

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Google Cardboard VR Certification Program Launches

Google Cardboard VR

Starting today, manufacturers and designers that are creating Google Cardboard devices and app can now apply for a program Google Cardboard VR certification badge, enabling potential users to know, at a glance, that a VR viewer works great with Cardboard apps and games.

Since its launch 100’s of Google Cardboard applications have been created and are now available to download via the Google Play store, as well as a variety of different Google Cardboard visors that have been created in a wide variety of different materials and can even be 3D printing at home.

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