Vodafone Taking iPhone 6 Pre-orders

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 are now available to pre-order direct from Apple, and now UK mobile carrier Vodafone has announced that n they are taking pre-orders of the handset.

Vodafone are taking pre-orders of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on their range of contracts, you can see more details on what contracts are available below.

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iPhone 6 Pre-Orders Now Available From Apple Online Store

Apple iPhone pre-orders

If you have been hoping to be one of the first to own the new Apple iPhone 6 devices you will be pleased to know that Apple has this morning opened its Apple iPhone 6 pre-orders ahead of it being made officially available in Apple retail stores from 8am on September 19th.

The new Apple iPhone 6 smartphone is available in two different versions in the form of the iPhone 6 which is equipped with a 4.7 inch screen and the iPhone 6 Plus which is fitted with a larger 5.5 inch screen.

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The Walking Dead for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One confirmed

walkingdeadgameTelltale Games’ popular episodic series The Walking Dead may have wrapped up it’s storyline, but its not over yet. It still needs to land on next-generation consoles. We have some goods on that front that fans will like. The Walking Dead release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has now been confirmed through Twitter.

This is the first time that the series will be launched for these new consoles. Now that The Walking Dead is all wrapped up, Telltale Games has shifted its focus to Tales from the Borderlands and the Game of Thrones series, so these may be straight up ports with nothing special. We don’t know.
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HomeTube for Android creates kid-safe YouTube playlists

HomeTubeYou generally don’t want your kids to have access to your phone or tablet when they are unsupervised. Not unless you have some software on board that is going to keep your kids safe and away from dangerous content. You wouldn’t leave your kids with your YouTube app for instance. Just think of all the terrifying things that can be found there. Much of it even chills my bones and I’m an adult.

One answer is HomeTube. The app “transforms your Android device into a safe, child-friendly haven where kids have instant access to watch whatever YouTube content they want from a list of content you deem suitable.” Sounds like heaven to parents right? Basically, you can curate an endless list of cartoons and educational footage that will keep your child safe and entertained. Your peace of mind is worth it. Just knowing what they won’t find will be very comforting.
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Deezer Elite Streaming Launching On Sonos September 15th 2014

Deezer Elite

Sonos has today announced that the Deezer Elite streaming service will be launching in a beta version throughout the US from September 15th enabling those equipped with Sonos speakers to be bale to test and enjoy the Deezer Elite service.

The new Sonos Deezer Elite service will provide access to millions of music tracks available to enjoy in high definition audio 16-bit, 44.1kHz, FLAC lossless streaming.

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Viber Video Calls Now Available Via iOA And Android Chat Apps

Viber Video calls

Viber has today rolled out the ability for users to be able to make Viber video calls from the companion chat applications that are available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

The new update enables Android users to make video calls from most devices running Android 4.0 and above. Allowing users to call other Viber contacts, and transfer video calls between mobile and desktop systems.

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Alien Isolation PC Minimum Specifications Announced (video)

Alien Isolation PC

Alien fans patiently waiting for the release of the new and highly anticipated Alien Isolation PC survival horror game early next month on October 7th and hoping to run the game on their PC system.

Will be pleased to know that Creative Assembly has today released the minimum and recommended PC specifications for their new Alien Isolation PC game, that will also be available to play on the Xbox One and PS4.

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Spider-Man Unlimited Brings all the Spideys


Android gamers who are fans of Spider-Man will want to check out a new game that has launched called Spider-Man Unlimited. The game is sort of like Temple Run with some notable exceptions. Rather than being an endless runner, this game lets players fight the Sinister Six, run up walls, and sling webs.

One of the coolest parts about this game is that it looks like a hand-drawn comic graphically and will come in issues with different enemies to fight. The premise of the game is that Spidey heads to NYC to fight the Sinister Six and the bad guys have opened some sort of dimensional portal allowing them to bring in unlimited versions of themselves.

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