Instagram’s Bolt app gets official

boltIn 2013, the news was all about how Snapchat had apparently turned down an offer from Facebook worth $3 billion. After that we heard reports that Facebook was attempting to create their own version of Snapchat. And more recently we heard rumors about an app via Instagram called Bolt.

The app apparently is like Snapchat in terms of features and if you were wondering if it is real, we have some good news. It is real and Instagram has officially already launched Bolt. Sadly, the app is not available in all markets just yet since it has been limited to a release in New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa.
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Swiftkey for Android Updated With Several Performance Improvements, New Languages and More


Swiftkey is one of the best keyboard apps for Android devices, which is now available as a free app in the Google Play Store — used to cost $3.99. Since it went free, the app saw a sharp increase in its user base by almost 54 percent.

Recently, the developers pushed another update for Swiftkey, which mainly focuses on performance improvements and bug fixes. In addition, the update also introduces support for more languages, as well as a few new themes.

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BlackBerry Passport Gets Demoed On Video

BlackBerry Passport

The BlackBerry Passport has already appeared in a number of videos, and now we have another one, which gives us a quick look at some of the features on this new BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

The handset comes with some interesting specifications, which include a square 4.5 inch display that has a resolution of 1440 x 1440 pixels.

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Microwave turned into a weapon, blows stuff up

microwaveI wouldn’t try this at home since dismantling a microwave to make a stick-mounted weapon is pretty dangerous. This guy has already done it, so you can just watch and be safe, while still seeing stuff blow up. Kreosan is the YouTube handle of the Russian man in the video below. He obviously likes to live life on the edge.

He basically tore apart a microwave’s innards and transplanted them onto the end of a stick to create a weapon. He then proceeds to blow up his stereo to demonstrate this weapon.
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Xiaomi Mi3 Sells Out In India In Five Seconds

Xiaomi Mi3

Not too long ago, the Xiaomi Mi3 was announced in India with an extremely affordable price tag. The handset was being sold at FlipKart, India’s top retailer.

According to the company, Xiaomi Mi3 was sold out in India less almost five seconds. The company didn’t reveal the number of units sold, but it shouldn’t be too big.

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Microsoft Rumored to Launch Two New Windows Phone Handsets Soon


Microsoft is working on a number of new handsets, we’ve seen a number of codenames of the upcoming Windows Phone devices which are expected to see the daylight in the coming days.

According to a new rumor, Microsoft will launch two new Windows Phone devices very soon, including a selfie phone dubbed Superman as well as the another device codenamed Tesla.

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Apple TV Gets More Channels

Apple TV

Apple has been adding a number of new channels to its Apple TV device over the last few months, and now the company has just added two more in the U.S.

The Apple TV now comes with a CNBC channel with live TV and the Fox Now channel, which is an on demand app, although in order to use these new channels, you will need a cable TV subscription.

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BlackBerry Guardian Will Scan Android Apps For Malware

BlackBerry Guardian

BlackBerry will be making Android apps available on their BlackBerry platform later this year with the launch of BlackBerry 10.3, and now the company has announced BlackBerry Guardian.

The Android apps that will be available on the platform will come from the Amazon Appstore, and now the company is looking to protect BlackBerry devices from any potential Malware with their BlackBerry Guardian app.

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