Elite Dangerous Beta 3 Update Now Available To Play (video)


Today Frontier Developments the developers behind the popular space game that is currently under development and was originally funded via a successful Kickstarter campaign. Has announced that the Elite Dangerous beta 3.0 update has now rolled out and is now available after server downtime at 12:30 pm PDT today.

Hundreds of enhancements, bug fixes and tweaks are listed over on the Frontier Developments forum for the Elite Dangerous beta 3.0. But a few of the more larger ones include the addition of the Imperial Clipper and Federal Dropship, fuel scooping and asteroid mining, and an overhaul of planetary visuals and effects.

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OnePlus One Pre-orders Start Again November 17th

OnePlus One

The OnePlus One smartphone was up for pre-order for one hour the other day, unfortunately things didn’t go as planned, and the company has issues with their pre-orders.

OnePlus have now announced that the OnePlus One will go up for pre-order again at 15:00 GMT on Monday the 17th of November, the company says that there should not be any issues with the next round of pre-orders.

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LG Ships 16.8 Million Smartphones In Q3


LG has announced that it has shipped a total of 16.9 million smartphones in quarter three of 2014, this is the companies highest smartphone quarter to date.

Shipments of LG’s smartphone are up 39 percent on the same time last year, and up 16 percent on quarter two of 2014, and LG Mobile says they have had their best quarter in the last five years.

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Detroit Electric Unveils Final SP:01 EV Design


Detroit Electric has revealed the final design for its new electric sports car called the SP:01. The final design has changed a bit from the original concept car shown off at car shows previously. The car looks much the same as the original, but has tweaks to improve stability and aerodynamics for the car at speed.

Detroit Electric says that the car will go on sale in Asia, Europe, and North America starting in 2015. The car will be the world’s fastest production electric car when it goes on sale according to the maker. Top speed for the SP:01 will be 155mph and the car will be able to reach 60 mph from a standstill in 3.7 seconds.

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3D Printer Hacked To Create Tattooing Machine (video)

Tattooing Machine

We have featured many 3D printers here on Geeky Gadgets over the past few years, but now Paris design studio Appropriate Audiences has modified one and transformed it into an automated tattooing machine.

The new 3D printer hacked tattooing machine named the Tatoué is capable of painting indelible artworks on human skin and is capable of puncturing skin up to 150 times per second. Check it out in the video below to learn more and see it in action.

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This Belt Is Also A Scooter

belt scooter

Designer Adam Torok has created a scooter which can also be worn as a belt, the device was created as part of Adam’s final project at the University of West Hungary’s Institute of Applied Art.

When not being used as a scooter, the device can be wrapped around your waist like a belt, making it extremely portable when not in use, it is also designed to be ultra lightweight weighing in at just 1.7kg.

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Nimble Sense Virtual Reality Depth Sensor Optimised For The Oculus Rift (video)

Nimble Sense Virtual Reality

Developers that are currently working with the awesome Oculus Drift virtual reality headset that was designed by Oculus VR and later purchased by Facebook for a cool $2 billion. Might be interested in a new depth sensing camera called Nimble Sense that has been specifically designed to be used with the Oculus Rift.

Nimble Sense is capable of capturing a 3D point cloud across a 110 degree field of view and has been combined with skeletal hand tracking software to provide low latency accurate and input. Watch the video below to learn more about this new innovative virtual reality sensing system.

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Ditto Wearable Notification Device Launches On Kickstarter (video)


Simple Matters based in Santa Monica California has this week launched a new Kickstarter campaign for its Ditto wearable notification device that supports both iOs and Android devices.

Ditto has been created to provide users with a convenient way of making sure they never miss a call or leave their smartphone behind. Watch the video below to learn more about the tiny Ditto device and its features from its creators.

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Google Hangouts Offers First Minute Of International Calls For Free


Google Hangout user’s that make international calls may be interested in a new feature Google has announced this week that offers the first minute for free, for any international calls made to phone numbers using the Google Hangouts service.

60 seconds may not seem very much time but the new Google Hangouts international phone number call service is now available in 25 different countries and is free with Hangouts.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Gold Edition Appears On Video

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Gold Edition

It looks like Samsung has a new version of their Note 4 on the way, the Galaxy Note 4 Gold Edition, and the handset features a metal frame which is plated with 24k gold.

The Galaxy Note 4 Gold Edition can be seen in the video below, the handset is expected to come with the same specifications as the existing Note 4.

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