HTC Desire Eye to Sport A 13MP Front-facing Camera (Rumor)


Smartphones with improved front-facing cameras are gaining traction. We’ve seen several OEMs pushing the limits with the front-facing cameras, and it seems HTC is preparing a selfie-focused handset for its users as well.

Recently, @upleaks revealed that HTC’s Desire Eye will come with an impressive 13MP front-facing cameras which will definitely raise the bars for front-facing cameras, if it’s real.

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QiStone+ Wireless Battery Pack Supports All Qi Receivers (video)

wireless battery pack

Anyone looking for a wireless battery pack that is capable of charging your mobile devices and wearables wirelessly, may be interested in a new device called the QiStone+ wireless battery pack.

The QiStone+ is equipped with a 4000mAh and can itself be wirelessly charged using the Qi Wireless standard and is compatible with all Qi receivers. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the QiStone+ wireless battery pack and see it in action.

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iPhone 6 Plus Sales Make Up 60 Percent Of Shipments

iPhone 6 Plus

When the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets launched, the iPhone 6 appeared to be the more popular model, although Apple did not give a breakdown of how many of each device they have sold.

Now according to a recent report from DigiTimes, demand for the iPhone 6 Plus is apparently higher than expected, and iPhone 6 Plus units are making up around 60 percent of current shipments.

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New Google Messaging App In The Works (Rumor)

Google Messaging App

Facebook just got the final part of the approval it needs to purchase popular messaging app WhatsApp, and now according to a recent report,Google is working on a new Google messaging app.

The difference between the new Google messaging app and the company’s current apps and services, is that you will apparently not have to log in with a Google account to use the app.

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Android Framelapse App Adds Hyperlapse Features (video)


There is something very magical about time-lapse photography and if you have an Android smartphone or tablet a new Android application launched last month called Framelapse allows you to enjoy new Hyperlapse features on your Android hardware.

The new Android Framelapse app is available to download for free from the Google Play store and is also available in a professional version which is priced at $2.99.

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Toyota C-HR Concept Debuts in Paris


Toyota has unveiled a new concept car at the 2014 Paris motor show called the C-HR concept. The car is firmly a concept now, but Toyota says that the concept is a hint at a car it would like to bring to market. The vehicle is a crossover that reminds me a bit of the Nissan Juke, which has proven very popular for Nissan.

Toyota says that the concept combines a new dynamic design language with agile and engaging driving characteristics to design a vehicle aimed at the European market. Toyota is designing the vehicle with an eye towards active customers in the urban environment where a car with compact packaging and agility is required.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S Pen Demonstrated (video)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Last month Samsung launched their latest phablet device in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which comes equipped with a new S Pen stylus for sketching, writing and drawing directly on to your smartphone screen.

If you are considering purchasing a new Galaxy Note 4 smartphone but would like to learn more about the features available whilst using the Note 4 S Pen check out the video below.

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PhoneHome NFC Tags Help Automate Your Life (video)

NFC Tags

If like me you live with your smartphone on a daily and hourly basis the PhoneHome project might be able to help you trigger certain actions in situations when your smartphone is close thanks to an innovative range of NFC Tags.

The PhoneHome NFC Tags have been designed to trigger and simplify smartphone actions saving you time and increasing your productivity. Watch the video after the jump to understand how the new NFC Tags can help automate your life.

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New Ikea Furniture Range Requires No Tools To Construct (video)

Ikea Furniture

IKEA has this week unveiled a new range of IKEA furniture called the Regissör, that it’s designed and built that requires no tools to build, using wooden fittings instead to hold the panels of the unit together.

IKEA has always provided innovative flat packing furniture designs and its latest Regissör range includes wooden fittings that are already in place, requiring the panels to be simply pushed together. Check out the video after the jump to learn more and see just how quickly I tear shelving and units can be constructed using the new system.

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iTunes 12 Beta 12 For OS X Yosemite Released

iTunes 12

If you are a developer or one of the beta testers of Apple’s new OS X Yosemite, Apple has now released a new beta version of iTunes, in the form of iTunes 12 beta.

The latest iTunes 12 beta comes with a new design and a range of new features, which include many of the features that will be available when Yosemite launches.

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