Zcan Portable Wireless Scanner Mouse (video)

Wireless Scanner

Anyone needing to use a wireless scanner to collect inspiration, receipts or anything else quick and conveniently from hard copy into digital, might be interested in this handy new wireless scanning mouse called the Zcan Wireless, that will allow you to drop that oversized desktop scanner and own something much more portable.

The Zcan Wireless scanning mouse is being marketed as the worlds very first 2-in-1 wireless scanner mouse that allows you to scan anywhere with ease. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the scanner mouse project and see it in action.

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Windows Phone Store now has over 300,000 Apps

300000Having great hardware on a phone is a good thing, but think about what your phone would be without the apps. Apps are a major factor in how well a phone or platform does. Without good apps, you really don’t have much.

Even though Windows Phone has been trailing both iOS and Android in when it comes to apps and is probably not even nearing half of what the iTunes App Store or Google Play offer yet, they have been making good progress. And we have some good news for Windows Phone fans. According to Microsoft, the Windows Phone Store has surpassed the 300,000 mark. This is a big milestone for them.
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Former Apple employee named Sam Sung auctions off his business card

sam sungYou may have already heard the funny but true story about an Apple employee who is ironically named Sam Sung. As in Samsung. Sam worked at an Apple Store in Canada as a “specialist”. That means that he was entitled to carry an official Apple Store business card.

I can only imagine the strange looks that must have accompanied the acquisition of those business cards. Your name is what? Is this a joke? No way!
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Fleksy For Android Updated, Brings Support For Arabic And More Premium Themes


Fleksy is one of the best Android keyboards available in the Google Play Store. Not too long ago, the developers released a big update for the app which introduced support for more languages and much more.

Recently, Fleksy received another decent update, which brings a handful of improvements and bug fixes to the app, as well as the support for Arabic language.

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Water Balloon Filler Passes $840,000 In Pledges On Kickstarter (video)

Water Balloon Filler

An ingenious water balloon filler that is capable of filling 100 water balloons in less than one minute has been designed and created by Tinnus Enterprises based in Texas within the US.

The new system called Bunch O Balloons was launched over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website roughly two weeks ago and has already successfully raised over $840,000 in pledges from over 20,000 backers with still 14 days left to run on the project.

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Microsoft Unveils Xbox One Digital TV Tuner For €29.99

xbox one digital tv tuner

Microsoft has today unveiled details of a new Xbox One digital TV tuner adapter they have created, that will be made available throughout Europe for their next-generation Xbox One enabling owners to transform the Xbox One into a set-top box.

The new Xbox One digital TV tuner will be launching in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK for €29.99 or around $40 and has been designed to plug directly into the USB port of the Xbox One.

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First Sony Curved TV With 4K Ultra HD Screen Launches As Bravia S90

Sony Curved TV

Sony has today announced the launch of its new Sony curved TV range which provides users with a 4K Ultra HD resolution to enjoy, available in either 65 or 75 inch Sony Bravia S90 TV models.

When compared to the already available LG and Samsung TV offerings the Sony curved TV is fitted with a slightly flatter curved display, which apparently provides users with a more immersive experience and improved viewing angles says Sony.

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Apple Patent Reveals Siri For Mac Desktop Virtual Assistant

Siri For Mac

A new patent application that has been filed by Apple revealing details on a desktop virtual assistant which could take the form of Siri for Mac.

Siri on iOS devices was first launched back in 2011 and has since been developed to add more and more functionality to Apple’s range of iPhone and iPad devices enabling users to carry out a range of features using voice commands.

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