Virtual Reality Dexmo ExoskeletonGlove Lets You Touch In VR Environments (video)

Virtual Reality

This week Dextra Robotics has unveiled and explained more about their new virtual reality exoskeleton glove called the Dexmo which is currently in a beta development stage, via a Reddit AMA.

The Dexmo virtual reality glove has been specifically designed to enable users to touch objects and interact with them in a virtual reality environment such as that provided by the Oculus Rift or similar.

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White BlackBerry Passport Launching In November

White BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry recently launched their latest BlackBerry OS smartphone, the BlackBerry Passport, the handset is only available in one color at the moment, which is black, but the company will soon launch a white BlackBerry Passport.

According to the guys over at N4BB, the white BlackBerry Passport will go on sale in November, although this has yet to be confirmed by BlackBerry.

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Amazon Kindle First Launches In The UK With Free Books For Prime Members

Kindle First

UK residents and Amazon Kindle owners that have been patiently waiting for Amazon to roll out their new Kindle First daily access service in the UK. Will be pleased to know that from today the service is now live.

Kindle First has been created by Amazon to enable Prime members to choose one featured book for free every month to read on their Kindle devices and apps.

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Launched In India

galaxy grand prime

Samsung has launched another new Android smartphone in India, the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, and the handset will retail for INR 16000, which is around $280 at the current exchange rate.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime comes with a 5 inch LCD display with a qHD resolution of 960 c 540 pixels, and the device comes with Android 4.4 KitKat.

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HP Stream Windows 11.6 Inch Laptop Launches For $199

HP Stream

When HP unveiled there new HP Stream laptop powered by an AMD processor at the beginning of last month priced at $299. It was thought that HP had gone back on their promise to provide a Windows laptop for just $199.

Today however HP has unveiled a new HP Stream laptop which indeed does run the Windows 8.1 operating system and is equipped with a 11.6 inch screen all for $199. Together with a slightly larger 13.3 inch Windows laptop priced at $230.

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Garmin Forerunner 920XT GPS Watch Now Communicates With Your Smartphone (video)

Garmin Forerunner 920XT GPS watch

Garmin has today unveiled a new addition to their GPS watch range with the launch of the new Garmin Forerunner 920XT which builds on the previous 910XT GPS watch and now has the ability to communicate with your smartphone.

Garmin has equipped their multisport watch with Running Dynamics and newly added connected features that enable users to record swim distance, pace, stroke type identification, stroke count, drill logging, rest timers and more.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Program Unveiled (video)


Yesterday in San Francisco Microsoft unveiled their new Windows 10 operating system that will be replacing the current Windows 8.1 that has been received with mixed reviews.

For some reason Microsoft jumped from 8 to 10, however for the latest Windows 10 Windows VP Joe Belfiore announced how you can be part of the Tech Preview and the Windows Insider Program. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Windows 10 operating system and see it in action.

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Sony Xperia Z3 Teardown Reveals Smartphones Inner Workings

Sony Xperia Z3

Following on from the recent underwater unboxing of Sony’s latest smartphone in the form of the Sony Xperia Z3, the team over at Ewisetech have been busy with their toolbox taking a new smartphone apart.

The Sony Xperia Z3 launched last month and is available to purchase priced at £498.98, or if you would prefer something a little smaller the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is available for £398.98 in the UK.

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Assassin’s Creed Identity RPG Game Launches On iOS Devices (video)

Assassins Creed Identity

iPad and iPhone owners that are looking for a new RPG game to while away a few hours might be interested in the new Assassins Creed Identity mobile game that is now available to play on Apple iOS mobile devices.

The Assassins Creed Identity game lets you create, develop and customise your own Assassins to suit your gameplay style and preferences, as you enjoy playing the game which is set during the Italian Renaissance.

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Tiny Chargerito Charger is Perfect for On the Go


Most smartphone chargers that come with devices right out of the box are bulky and have long wires attached. That is all fine and good when you are at home or in the office and need a wire so you can set the device on your desk for charging. When it comes to on the go charging, something more compact is called for.

A new product has surfaced that is raising money via crowd sourced funding to come to market and it is called Chargerito. The tiny little charger has no wire and can be had with a USB charger or Lightning connector on top for Android or iPhone devices. Since it has no cable, the smartphone sits atop the charger while it gets topped off.

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PayPal Excluded From Apple Pay Because Of Samsung Deal

Apple Pay

When Apple announced their new Apple Pay mobile payment system, there was one major payment provider who Apple did not include in the new system, PayPal.

PayPal is one of the largest online payment systems, and it would have made sense for Apple to make PayPal an Apple pay partner, and now details have emerged on why PayPal were excluded from Apple Pay.

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Driveclub PlayStation 4 Supported Racing Wheels Confirmed By Sony

Driveclub PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 owners that are looking forward to playing the new PS4 Driveclub racing game that is currently in the final stage of development and will be launching next week on October 8th 2014.

Will be pleased to know that Sony has today announced the driving wheel peripherals that will be supported by the new PlayStation 4 Driveclub racing game, explaining that the game supports not only on DualShock 4 but also on all of the wheels currently compatible with PS4.

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