Event Countdown Clock Keeps You Mindful of Important Dates

Sometimes, jotting down stuff on your calendar simply doesn’t work. Sometimes, you have short term memory loss. Thus, at the worst possible moment you forget an important date in your life, like your next dentist’s appointment.

To keep your brain refreshed and mindful, the Countdown Clock literally counts down the days and hours until your important goings on, be they any occasion. All this effort just takes 3 AAA batteries.

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Andy Lark Says The iPad is Gonna Lose The Tablet Wars, Eventually

Andy who? He’s the top marketing guy at Dell and during a recent interview with CIO Australia he totally predicted doom for the iPad, claiming the device was too expensive for its own good. But wait, there’s more!

The picture below depicts Londoners eagerly waiting for the iPad 2. According to Dell’s Andy Lark, Apple’s explosive success won’t matter in the long run.

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Back To The Future Episode 1 From Telltale Games Free To Download

Putting some effort into a well thought-out prank on this special day shows you’re clever. Giving out a genuine honest to goodness free lunch, or at least convincingly disguising a demo as one might just be a stroke of genius. Back to the Future might not have set any timelines alight critically on release, but Telltale games have this endearing habit of coming into their own an episode or two in.

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Has Dragons Flying Around

I don’t usually do screenshots. Writing about games is not and never will be the same as writing about pictures of games. Not even dragons usually constitute an exception to that rule. Dragons in an Elder Scrolls game, though? Not statues of dragons in the town square, but actual moving, flying dragons that you can maybe fight and, dare I even say it, slay? That’s worth breaking a cardinal principle or three.

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Star Wars The Old Republic Getting Wookie Localization

Surely this is isn’t your first time at the rodeo, you know how these things work by now. If you want to avoid everything from gag news to gag news you might actually believe and forward to your entire mailing list, this is the day you go catch that fresh air and sunshine and leave the Internet to its own devices. Otherwise you get stories like this one, from down Bioware way.

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How Sony Ericsson’s Xperia PLAY Launch Party Went Down

Most major hardware launches are ushered in with a righteous bash, and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play’s was no exception. Sony Ericsson and their slightly mad decorators had taken over The Old Sorting Rooms last night and while the overall effect was a bit unsettling and disjointed, they could hardly have hoped for a more enthusiastic crowd.

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DIY Machete Sling Shot Is A Gruesome Accident Waiting To Happen

All it takes is a snap of the rubber string, the machete dislodged from its place, and a casualty. After that it’s “Look ma, no hand!”

Seriously now, pictured below is a sling shot rifle the length of a musket that launches a machete. Yeah, we know—what the heck, right?

If the pictorial evidence is  a bit too grainy, forgive us, because twas lifted from an instructional vid where the jacketed man killed an innocent piece of cardboard to prove how deadly his creation is. He also cuts himself in the arm loading it, so kids, don’t try this at home.

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Google Launches Gmail Motion (Video)

Google has added a new feature to Gmail, called Gmail motion, and according to Google the keyboard and mouse are now outdated technology, so you can now control Gmail with a web camera and some funny hand motions.

Have a look at the video below, to see the new Gmail motion in action, you can also see some of the Gmail hand gestures below which will let you perform a range of functions within Gmail.

Google Gmail Motion
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T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Coming April 20th

T-Mobile announced the Sidekick 4G last month, and now it looks like it will be available in the US later this month, from April the 20th according to a recent Tweet from @radioshack.

We  already knew how much the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G would cost, as the pricing was announced but we didn’t have an exact launch date. The Sidekick 4G will retail for $99.99, and this price includes a $50 mail in rebate and is subject to customers signing up to a new two year contract with T-Mobile.

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