Layar Vision Extension Combines Augmented Reality With Real World Objects

Layar the largest of the mobile augmented reality platforms has today announced the launch of its new Layar Vision Extension, that allows its applications to now recognise real world objects and place augmented reality information on top of them.

The new Layar Vision extension uses detection, tracking and computer vision techniques to augment objects in the physical world. Recognising which objects in the real world are augmented via the visual fingerprints of the objects, which are preloaded into the application based on the user’s layer selection. Watch the video after the jump to see the new Layar Vision extension in action to get a better idea on how the new system works.

Layar Vision Extension

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Infographic Breaks Down the $33 Billion Mobile Gaming Market (Infographic)

The mobile gaming market was worth $33 billion dollars and this informative infographic provides an easy to understand breakdown of the main areas within the mobile gaming market, together with a few interesting facts.

The inforgraphic has been created by Geekaphone and shows how the gaming market has moved from the likes of Gameboy and PSP devices, to tablets and smartphones. Check out the full version after the jump.

mobile gaming infographic

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Lion DiskMaker Creates A Bootable OS X Lion Disk With One Click

If you need to create a bootable OS X Lion disk there are a few ways to do this, but most methods need a little computer knowledge to complete. Lion DiskMaker has been developed to take the pain and hassle out of creating a bootable OS X Lion disk and will create you your very own with one click of a button.

Lion DiskMaker is a small application programmed with AppleScript, supporting Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 to burn a DVD or build a bootable USB key from Mac OS X Lion’s Installation program.

Lion DiskMaker

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Iomega Mac Companion, Combined 3TB Storage And iPad Charger

Today Iomega has unveiled its latest external Mac storage device in the form of the Iomega Mac Companion which is available in either 2TB or 3TB storage capacities. The new Mac Companion drive has been designed to sit snuggly underneath your iMac and is equipped with a powerful 2.1 Amp USB capable of charging your iPad.

The Iomega Mac Companion drives are fitted with a fast 7200 RPM 3.5-inch hard drive, that is formatted with HFS+ for compatibility with Macs system straight from the box. They are equipped with

Iomega Mac Companion

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Skype iPad App Returns To Apple’s App Store

After being launched yesterday for a brief time and then being unceremoniously pulled from the Apple App Store this morning Skype’s iPad application has now returned and is once again available  to download. If you didn’t move fast enough the first time it appeared and missed the download. Skype hasn’t yet released any information on why it pulled the Skype iPad app shortly after its launch but may that information will shortly come to light.

iPad Skype

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Insurgents Take Note: Fire Breathing Pony Is Super Dangerous (Video)

It will more than light your cigarrette, that’s for sure. That’s right, a pony breathing napalm. Actually it’s just fire, plain and simple. Perfect for roadside ambushes to take on the occupiers! It’s a pony after all–who’d shoot a pony? Besides, IEDS are just so 2005! Okay wait, it’s not like we’re encouraging nefarious guerilla tactics in your neighborhood, but what else is a fire-breathing pony good for?
Firebreathing Pony

WIMM Labs Unveils Its New Wearable Computer Platform (video)

WIMM Labs have today unveiled details of their new wearable computer platform together with the launch of a limited number of WIMM One Developer Preview Kits.

The new WIMM computer platform has been designed to help create new innovative wearable technology using a range of devices that can easily be used to run applications allowing developers to innovate new concepts.

Wimm Labs

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Strapless Nintendo Game Boy Tube Dress Is Nice To Look At

It’s tight and doesn’t go larger than medium. How’s that for a tube dress, guys? Oh wait, it should’ve been addressed to girls. Let it be writ that Geeky Gadgets doesn’t endorse men wearing tube tops. But hey, to each his own.


Moving on, seen below is an alluring jersey knit tube dress perfect for a hot lady on a rather game-themed evening outing. Pair it up with equally fashionable shorts and slippers, thereby creating a passable summer look even if the days of summer are on the wane.

Nintendo Gameoy Tube Top

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Kingston HyperX Sandforce, Premium SSD Launched (video)

Kingston has this week added a new SSD to their premium range of solid state drives in the form of the Kingston HyperX Sandforce SSD. The new SSD drive is now available to purchase standalone in 120GB or 240GB storage options for $270 and $240 respectively, with HyperX Bundle Kits available for the 120GB and 240GB priced at $284.99 and $539.99 that includes a 2.5″ to 3.5″ adapter, external USB enclosure, Acronis imaging software, SATA cable and a screwdriver.

Kingston HyperX Sandforce SSD

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Bedphones Designed For Sleep

If you listen to or watch your smartphone or tablet in bed you will already know the uncomfortable situation you can find your self in using standard headphones while lying on your pillow. Bedphones have been designed to combat this uncomfortable problem and are headphones especially designed to be worn in bed.

Bedphones have been designed by Eric Dubs who has a degree in mechanical engineering, a passion for music and a desire for a great night’s sleep. After creating and testing over a hundred unique prototypes, Bedphones now have their final design which is available to now buy.


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Photojojo’s Tilt-Shift Camera For Budget Conscious Photographers

You might have already played around withTilt-Shift filters on camera apps and after effect software, but if you want to buy your own precision built Tilt-Shift camera you would normally need very deep pockets, with some lenses designed for physical tilt or shift costing as much as $8 million.

If your budget is a little bit more down to earth Photojojo have launched a new Tilt-Shift Camera for around $149 allowing you to create your very own Tilt-Shift photos for a fraction of the price.


Photojojo’s Tilt-Shift Camera

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