iOS 4.3, The Daily iPad Magazine And iTunes Subscriptions Delayed Until Next Year?

We have head previously that Rupert Murdoch and News Corp intend to launch a new iPad only magazine called The Daily, we also heard that Apple may be launching a new in app subscription service for these types of apps, and that the update would come in iOS 4.3.

We were previously told that Apple would announce these new subscription publications, along with iOS 4.3 in December, but now it turns out, according to the guys over at Cult of Mac that this may be delayed until next year.

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Splinter Cell 6 Confirmed By Ubisoft

Ubisoft has confirmed that they are indeed creating a new Splinter Cell 6 game. The confirmation came from Jade Raymond herself in a new promotional video released yesterday.

Jade explained that the complete development of the game will be carried out entirely in Toronto. Where Ubisoft currently have 83 people working on the project including concept artists, animators and audio directors.

Splinter Cell 6

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The World’s Fastest Skateboard, Powered By A V8 Engine

We have featured a few different motorized skateboards here at Geeky Gadgets, but this might just be the worlds fastest one, it certainly is the worlds most powerful skateboard and it is built by V8 Supercars in Australia.

The V8 Skateboard is being built for Tony Hawk, and as the name suggests it is actually powered by a V8 engine, and comes with a total of 630 horsepower, you can see it in action in the video below.

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Apple Bans Android Magazine App

Apple is well know for taking measures to ban certain applications from its App Store to keep the spam apps at bay. But a the recent banning of an Android Magazine App from the App Store is a little more curious. Especially after Apple has stated that its application policies its relaxed a little more of late on App’s.

Apple Bans Android

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BendDesk Multi-Touch Concept Desktop (video)

One of the big problems with regards using touch screens in everyday life is the position. They dont allow you to work on a horizontal plain rather than a vertical. The BendDesk concept is hoping to remove that problem and allow people to work with a multi-touch screen in any orientation they like.

Easily  moving images and windows of work from one plain to another. Check out the video after the jump to see the concept in action.

BendDesk Multi-Touch Concept Desktop

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Apple TV Hacked To Play HTML5 Video

Since Apple started selling the new Apple TV back in October, we have seen a number of different hacks that have added extra functions to the Apple TV, one of those was a fully featured web browser called aTV Flash.

Now another one has appeared, and as you will see in the video below, this latest hack for the new Apple TV uses the previous browser we mentioned above, but it now adds support for HTML5 Video.

Apple TV Hacked To Play HTML5 Video
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Blackbox Wooden Macbook Pro Cases

Are you looking for something a little different to carry your beloved MacBook Pro around in, and protect it from any bumps and knocks? Well Blackbox have designed a slide in case made completely from wood for both the new 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro.

The Blackbox wooden cases are handcrafted in Golden Colorado solid Oak and lined with felt for protection and unexpectedly they only weigh as much as a full beer in a glass bottle (1.5 lbs), say Blackbox.


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Apple Offers Cyber Monday Deals On Accessories

Black Friday was a good day for Apple fans, as Apple reduced the price of many of its products including the MacBook, iMac and some of their iPods, now they have listed a range of deals for Cyber Monday for accessories.

Whilst the savings aren’t quite as good as they were on Black Friday, there are a number of offers available on a range of different accessories from headphones, to cases, and Apple has decided to call today “Merry Monday” on their website.

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Face Me To Bring Video Chat To Facebook With Skype Integration?

We have heard previously that Facebook and Skype could be working together to bring Skype integration and video chat to the world’s largest social network, and now more details have been revealed which point to a new service called Face Me.

Details of the Face Me video chat service were spotted by the guys over at Green Any Site, who found a new object in the Facebook source code, and the object was simply called VideoChat.

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Sharp Galapagos Tablets Launching December 10th

The latest company to launch a range of tablets is Sharp, who will launch two different tablets in Japan, and they will be called the Sharp Galapagos tablets.

Unfortunately there are no details on the tablet OS they will be running, although Sharp has released details on the hardware specifications, and there will be a 5.5 inch model and a 10.8 inch model.

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