Sony Patents Multiplayer Stereoscopic System

With 3D finally starting to break through in mainstream devices, Sony is looking to protect one of their developments that sends two images from one video screen to two different people.

Patents recently published show that Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. the PlayStation division of Sony, is looking to systems that will allow to players to share separate images from one screen, rather than playing in a split screen mode.

Multiplayer Stereoscopic System

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Adobe Brings FlashTime Video Calls To Android

With Apple still not allowing Adobe’s Air and Flash platforms to run on their iOS4 devices, Adobe has sent a sucker punch to Apple by releasing FlashTime a video calling feature for Android mobile devices.

FlashTime is designed for the Android mobile operating system and built around Adobe Air 2.5. It offers similar features to Apple’s FaceTime application and allows you to make video calls using front facing Android devices with cameras.


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Apple’s Profits Rise 77 Percent In Last Quarter

Apple [AAPL] has reported their quarterly earnings and profits for the last quarter, and the figures are higher than everyone expected with a 77 percent rise in profits.

Apple’s earnings in the last quarter were up from $9.73 billion to $15.7 billion, and their profits have risen a massive 77% to $3.25 billion up from 1.83 billion in the previous financial quarter.

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iPhone 4 Gyroscope Creates Silky Smooth Augmented Reality

Since the release of the iPhone 4 no application developer has used the bulit in iPhone 4 Gyroscope to create additional functionality in their software, that is, until now.

Acrossair, makers of a popular iPhone AR browser, are the first app developer to add gyroscopic functionality to their iPhone 4 software that provides an incredibly smooth mobile augmented reality experience. Check out the video after the jump, compared to the older 3GS iPhone.

iPhone 4 Gyroscope

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Dragon Dictation iPhone App Headed To The UK

Some of our readers will remember the Dragon Dictation iPhone app that we featured on the site back last year, it has been available in the US app store for quite some time, unfortunately it hasn’t been available in the UK app store, that is about to change.

Nuance who make the Dragon Dictation iPhone App have announced that it will be available for the iPhone and the iPad in the UK app store within the next couple of weeks, they will also be launching another application called Dragon Search.

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Lenovo LePad Android Tablet To Be Released By The End Of The Year

It looks like Lenovo is set to release their Android tablet, the LePad, which we have heard about previously before the end of the year, although we still don’t know any details about what sort of specifications the LePad tablet will have.

Lenovo showed off another device earlier in the year, the ideaPad U1 hybrid which was basically a laptop with a removable display that could be used as a tablet.

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Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 The Ultimate (Must See) Physics Engine

If you think modern games have good physics effect then be prepared to be blown away. The Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 is a fantastic physics engine designed and written to replicate the laws of real life physics in a digital environment in an ultra realistic way.

View the video after the jump to see some amazing effects.

Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 Physics Engine

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Custom NES Mouse Pads

Here is a cool accessory for your geeky office, the custom NES Moue Pads. each of the custom NES mouse pads have been created by 8BitMemory who has brought us some cool creations in the past like the cool NES Cartridge Hard Drives.

There are quite a few NES game themed mouse pads available including Super Mario Bros, as well as some cool NES games like Zelda, and if you dont fancy one of the ones listed, you can even choose to have a custom one made with your favourite NES of SNES games.

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Nokia Seeking New CEO

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Nokia are now on the search for a new CEO to replace Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo who joined Nokia in 2006 and says that the replacement maybe in position before the months end.

WSJ reports that Nokia has already started interviewing at least two US based executives for the position even though Nokia have not released an official statement as yet.

Nokia CEO

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