T-Mobile UK Changes Internet Usage Policy

Mobile phone operators have been changing their data usage limits on mobile Internet data over the last couple of months, with most companies moving from unlimited data plans to ones with limits.

UK Mobile operator T-Mobile has reduced the monthly data amount on their fair use policy from 3GB per month to 500MB per month from the 1st of February 2011.

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Rotor Concept’s ID1-SWAT Remote Control Helicopter (video)

Rotor Concept has unveiled their latest creation the fantastic looking ID1-SWAT Remote Control Helicopter. The ID1-SWAT has a RC range of up to 1 mile radius and 2,000ft high and is fitted with professional high performance Heading Hold + 3 Axis Gyro.

Its also equipped with a 13 LED navigation lighting system allowing you to do a little after dark flying, if your skills are up to it. Watch the video of the ID1-SWAT in flight after the jump.


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Free Angry Birds iOS Game Includes 12 New Levels

If you are a fan of the Angry Birds game you will be pleased to know that Rovio has released a new free version of its Angry Birds game on to Apple’s iOS app store.

The new free version of the game includes 12 brand new levels that are strangely not included in the paid versions of the Angry Birds game.

Angry Birds

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Skype Sets A New Personal Best Record With 27 Million Simultaneously Users

Skype logged a record day yesterday with over 27 million users logged in to at the same time, which equates to an average of 124 million users logging in to Skype’s services every month.The recent growth in Skype’s user base has been fuelled by a number of great business moves for Skype over the last few months.

Over 1 million users downloaded Skype’s application on its first day in the iTunes app store and together with the launch of Skype’s FaceTime alterative ,allowing users to video chat with group video calling for consumers and enterprises in Skype’s new Premium Package service, users have been increasing daily.


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Microsoft Surface 2 Coming This Year

Some of our readers will remember the original Microsoft Surface, well it seems that Microsoft has a new version planned that will be available later this year, the Microsoft Surface 2.

The Microsoft Surface 2 features a 40 inch LCD touchscreen display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which means it will be capable of displaying Full HD video in 1080p.

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Motorola Xoom Tablet Available To Pre-order For £719.99

Motorola have yet to release any official pricing on their new Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet, it has now appeared up for pre-order on one online retailer for a rather price £719.99 including taxes, which works out at about $1,120.15.

We are hoping this is just an enthusiastic retailer putting the tablet up for pre-order with a yet to be confirmed price, rather than the official price of the Motorola Xoom as it would end up being one of the most expensive tablets on the market.

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Android 2.4 Ice Cream Coming This Summer?

It looks like Google has another version of Android planned for mobile devices, Android 2.4 Ice Cream, and it will apparently be released some time in June of July of 2011.

Google has recently released Android 2.3 Gingerbread which is not fullly rolled out yet, and we have also heard about Android 3.0 Honeycomb which we were expecting to be the next release after 2.3.

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Motorola Intends To Sell 800,000 Xoom Tablets

It seems that Motorola has big plans for its new Xoom tablet, as the company has reportedly ordered a total of 800,000 units from its suppliers, and the company is hoping to sell around 1 million tablets in the first half of 2011.

Motorola are expected to start selling the Xoom tablet in March, and we suspect they will do quite well with it as it has already received a lot of interest and is bound to be a hit amongst Android fans.

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McIntosh Wall clock Looks Like an Amp and Costs a Fortune

You might now know the McIntosh name unless you are an audiophile. McIntosh makes some really high-end amps for music lovers that have the funds to afford the best. The power amps sell for thousands of dollars. All you need to know to get an idea of how expensive this gear is would be a glimpse at the price of a wall clock from the company.

McIntosh MCLK12 Wall clock

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