15.6 Inch Monitor Powered By A Single USB Port

Green House has unveiled its new 15.6 inch monitor GH-USD16K that looks pretty much like any other LCD monitor however the difference between this one an others is that it can be powered by just one USB 2.0 port.

The Green House GH-USD16K USB monitor has a 1,366 x 768 resolution, 400:1 contrast ratio, and 220cd/m2 brightness and boasts a power consumption of just 5W and up to six monitors can be connected to your computer at once if desired.


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$75,000 Lego Ohio Stadium

I have made a few Lego structures in my life and I sure sure you have if you are a Lego fan but physiology professor Paul has taken his obsession about the Ohio Stadium to new Lego heights.

Creating a 1:100 scale model of the Ohio Stadium completely out of Lego bricks, taking him two years to completed and thought to be around $75,000 worth of new Lego bricks.

Lego Ohio Stadium

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AirView Turns Your iOS Device Into An AirPlay Receiver

A new free app has appeared in the iPhone App Store today, called AirView, and we suspect it wont be long before Apple pulls AirView from the app store.

What AirView does is turn any iOS device into an AirPlay receiver, meaning that you can stream video content from one iOS device to another, for example you could stream a video from your iPhone to your iPad.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Camera In Action (Video)

Sony Ericsson announced their latest Android Smartphone, the Xperia Arc earlier this month, and it comes with some impressive specifications, most notable is the camera, which is an 8.1 megapixel camera.

The camera on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc features a Sony Exmor R sensor, that is capable of recording HD video in 720p, and they have now released a video showing some of the features on the camera on the Xperia Arc which you can see below.

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Rupert Murdoch’s iPad Daily Newspaper To Cost $0.99 Per Day? (Updated)

Updated 18th January 2011.

It looks like we made a mistake in our article, and it seems that the pricing mentioned by Adage is actually $0.99 per week, and not $0.99 per day, which would seem a lot more sensible and something people may actually be willing to pay.

Whilst we are waiting for Rupert Murdoch and News Corp to launch their daily iPad newspaper, which is called ‘The Daily‘ we have been hearing quite a bit of speculation about how much the media tycoon intends to charge users for this new daily iPad only newspaper.

Now Adage is reporting that Ruper Murdoch intends to charge readers of the daily $0.99 per day, which works out at around $365 a year, this is slightly expensive to say the least.

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NoteSlate $99 Electronic Ink Tablet Concept

The NoteSlate is a $99 one colour (at a time) low tech electronic ink tablet concept, with a smart design and real paper feel. Its fitted with a battery which is capable of providing up to 180 hours of use from a single charge and weighs in at just 240g.

The simple design allows you to take notes quickly and easily and either save them for later or delete on demand and has been deigned for anyone who needs to record ideas on paper and are still doing it with pen.

NoteSlate concept

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LG Ally About To Get Android 2.2 Froyo Update

It looks like the Android 2.2 Froyo update may finally be coming to the LG Ally on Verizon Wireless, and whilst we dont have an exact date on when the update will be rolled out, it looks like it should be coming sooner rather than later.

The information comes from leaked screesnhot from Verizon Wireless, and it looks like Android 2.2 Froyo will bring a number of new features to the LG Ally.

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Trek Support BackPack With Built In Charger Starts Its Life On Quirky

An interesting new backpack concept called the Trek Support has started its life on the community Quirky website. The idea of the backpack is to allow you to easily charger all your gadgets and devices at the same time from one power outlet.

The Trek Support backpack can hold a 15 inch laptop and has a range of pockets to hold all shapes and sizes of gadgets, but the interesting concept with the Trek is that is also has a removable battery-powered USB gadget dock, which can charge up to three electronic items at a time.

Trek Support backpack

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Google Nexus S Headed To South Korea In February

Google recently launched their second generation Android smartphone in the US and UK, and whilst you would expect them to launch it in the test of Europe and Canada next, it seems that Google will launch the Nexus S in South Korea next month.

The Google Nexus S will be available in South Korea some time in February on mobile network SK Telecom, and it will probably do well in South Korea as it is made by Samsung who have had great success with the Galaxy S in their home country.

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Facebook Generated $1.86 Billion In Ad Revenue During 2010

Not only is Facebook beating Google on visitor traffic its also looking more like Google in its advertising business as well, with figures from 2010 showing that a majority of Facebook’s ad sales now come from small- and medium-size companies that make use of its self-serve ad system. A similar advertising model that turned Google into the $200 billion generating giant it is today.

During 2010 Facebooks advertising revenue increased 86% over the company’s estimated 2009 advertising revenue of $740 million worldwide, with $1.21 billion being earned within the US, according to estimates from eMarketer.


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