NASA Unveils Plans To Build Worlds Largest Rocket (video)

NASA has this week unveiled plans to build the worlds largest rocket costing an estimated costing $18 billion and a successor to the Space Shuttle. The new rocket will be a 320-foot-tall Space Launch System (SLS) and will be the most powerful NASA has built since the Saturn V rockets.

Its hoped that the new rocket will take NASA missions behind the moon and maybe even to Mars. Watch a video NASA has created to unveil its new rocket project to the world after the jump.

NASA Worlds Largest Rocket

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Samsung Files New Smartphone And Tablet Trademarks

Samsung has filed a new range of trademarks related to smartphones and tablets, which could give us a clue to some of the names of future Samsung devices, which include the Samsung Lens, Samsung Shortcut, Samsung Centura, Samsung Montage and Samsung Array.

The new trademark applications from Samsung were filed with the United States Patent and Trademark office on the 9th of September 2011, and it looks like the Samsung Array trademark had been filed previously.

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Mophie Juice Pack Plus Outdoor Edition Unveiled (video)

Mophie has unveiled a new battery pack they have just added to their range in the form of the Mophie Juice Pack Plus Outdoor Edition. In Mophie tradition its a new battery case designed for the iPhone, but brings with it some new features specifically useful outdoors as well as shipping with Mophie’s Outdoor Navigation application. Watch a demo of the system in action after the jump.

Mophie Juice Pack Plus Outdoor Edition

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Sony S Tablet Hits The UK Tomorrow

The Sony S Tablet recently went up for pre-order here in the UK, and it will go on sale in the UK tomorrow and will be available from a couple of retailers in the UK from 7am tomorrow.

The Sony S Tablet will be available from PC World and Currys from tomorrow, from the Tottenham Court Road PC World store in London and the Black Store in Birmingham, and the first 100 customers will also receive a free Sony Bravia TV worth £400, will this be enough to get people interested in Sony’s new Android Tablet?

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HTC Rhyme (Bliss) Photos Leaked

We have been hearing rumors about another new Android device from HTC, the HTC Bliss, which we are expecting HTC to announce at their press event next week on the 20th of September.

Now it would appear that the HTC Bliss will be called the HTC Rhyme, and it will come with the latest version of HTC’s custom user interface, HTC Sense 3.5.

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Super Thin Jaguar3 Android Tablet Prototype Created By ZiiLabs-Creative Partnership

ZiiLabs has joined forces with Creative and designed a new range of Android tablets, one of which is the super slim Jaguar3 Android tablet pictured below. The tablets are currently prototypes which can be purchased by companies with custom specifications to then be sold on to consumers.

The Jaguar3 will be priced at around $100 to companies and will probably end up under $200 once they hit stores. Its powered by a a dual-core ZMS-20 1.5GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor and 48 of Zii’s StemCell Processors and sports a 10 inch 1280×800 touchscreen with dual cameras.

Jaguar3 Tablet

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Orange CEO Says iPhone 5 Coming To France 15th Of October

According to the CEO of mobile operator Orange, Stéphane Richard, the iPhone 5 will launch in France on the 15th of October, and a recent interview with a TV channel in France, the Orange CEO let slip the 15th of October for the launch date of the iPhone 5 on the Orange network in France.

This isn’t the first time that the Orange CEO has let things slip about new Apple products, as he gave out some information about the original iPad before it launched, although some of the specifications he mentioned back then were incorrect.

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Altec Lansing iMT630 iPhone/iPod Dock With Audio Alignment Technology

If you are looking for a iPhone, iPod speaker dock the new Altec Lansing iMT630 just launched this week might be worth a look. The new inMotion Classic IMT630 allows you to dock your iOS device and will even pause your music if a call is received by your iPhone whilst in the cradle.

The iMT630 is also equipped with audio alignment technology which has been designed to provide you with perfectly balanced sound. Which when used with the free MusicMood application enables you to customise your sound using a 7 band equaliser.

Altec Lansing iMT630

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Windows 8 Running On NVIDIA Kal-El Tablet (Video)

Yesterday we got to see a video of Windows 8 running on the new Windows 8 Developer tablet, the tablet which is produced by Samsung runs an Intel Core i5 processor.

The video below shows Windows 8 running on an NVIDIA Kal-El tablet, which features NVIDIA’s new quad core Kal-El processor, and as you can see from the video below, Windows 8 looks pretty good on the NVIDIA tablet.

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Taito InvaderCade Transforms iPads Into Classic Space Invaders Arcade Cabinets (video)

If you are a fan of the original Space Invaders game, first launched back in 1978, you can now relive the experience using this great Taito InvaderCade, transforming your iPad into a Space Invaders authentic arcade cabinet.

The Taito InvaderCade is an official Space Invaders cabinet for the iPad the the original Space Invaders creators. Following in the footsteps of other iPad arcade cabinets such as Thinkgeeks iCade and recently Atari’s Acrade Duo. Watch a video after the jump to see the Taito InvaderCade in action.

Taito InvaderCade

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Windows 8 Developer Preview Reaches 500,000 Downloads

Microsoft released the developer preview of their new operating system late on Tuesday, Windows 8, and Yesterday Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Windows 8 had already been download over 500,000 times.

We have already seen a video of Windows 8 running on a netbook and have also had a look at Windows 8 running on a tablet, and Microsoft are looking to unify Windows 8 across a number of devices which includes, notebooks, PCs and tablets.

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YouTube Launches New Video Editor (video)

YouTube has today launched a new video editor to provide you with a quick and easy way to edit existing and already published videos without the need to re-upload them. The new editor has been added in addition to the the existing editor that is currently within the TestTube labs area.

The new YouTube video editor includes 14 new effects which you can use to enhance your video. Together with other basic editing functions such as trim, rotate, brightness/contrast, colour temperature, and saturation. Watch the video after the jump for a walk through.

YouTube Video Editor

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