Nintendo 3DS Getting 3DSWare Download Platform

Two of Nintendo’s tightly kept secrets took wing when Nintendo Greece outed their planned downloadable game platform with the untimely reveal of a 3DSWare logo. The second one is that there’s a Nintendo Greece. Who knew? Nintendo’s fondness for ouzo aside, why even keep any of this a secret?

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Warhammer 40k: Space Marine Release Window Announced

How does a million-Ork brawl sound to you? Because that’s exactly what you’re getting in the newest Warhammer 40k outing, so if you’re any kind of Space Marine August can’t come soon enough. Or if you’d just like a helping of  third person shooter action, that would probably work too.

If you’re new to Warhammer though, despite the *ahem* similarities between the game’s universe, art direction and whatever else and that of other games, just keep in mind that whatever it is, Warhammer probably did it first. Before you were born.

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PS3 Jailbreaker George Hotz Flies The Coop To South America

Updated 24th March

It looks like Geohot is on holiday and hasn’t fled the US, full details at the link below.

George Hotz Denies Fleeing The US To Avoid Sony Lawsuit

Well that moral crusade didn’t last long. Gorge Hotz, iPhone and most recently and litigiously, PS3 hacker supreme has reportedly left the US for altogether more South American pastures while frustrating Sony’s attempts to seize his hard drives, PS3s, toothbrush and Playboy collection.

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Digifit Updates App and Launches New iPhone Accessories

Digifit is a company that has a lot of different accessories for the iPhone. The company also has a cool app that will interface with the iPhone and other fitness gear to let you see things like heart rate, speed, and lots more while you workout. The company has announced an update to its app today and the addition of two new accessories for the iPhone.

Digifit Accessories

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Valve Updates Steam Voice Communication Quality Using Skype SILK

Valve has announced that it has now released a new update to its Steam voice communication service that improves the quality of the voice technology within Steam.

Steam’s voice chat system now uses the SILK audio codec, developed and used by Skype. The SILK technology provides a greatly improved voice quality compared to Steam’s previous voice technology, but does add a little more to the bandwidth. The old system used around 15kbps of bandwidth and now the SILK voice system uses anything between 8 and 30 kbps.

Steam SILK

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Chumby8 Widget Display Now Available To Pre-Order

The chumby8 desktop widget display which is an 8 inch 800 x 600 display that has been created by Chumby to be used to display a variety of widgets from its 1,500 strong library of available widgets.

Together with its touchscreen the Chumby8 is powered by a 800MHz Marvell ARMADA 166 processor with 128MB of RAM. With connectivity being provided via Wi-Fi b/g



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Casio Unveils Bluetooth G-Shock Watch

Casio has unveiled its latest G-Shock watch creation, which now includes Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and has been designed to be used with the new Bluetooth profile 4.0 mobile phones that will be arriving shortly.

Once connected to your new Bluetooth 4.0 mobile the G-Shock watch will then be able to notify you of incoming calls, email messages and SMS messages. Together with a new finder function that allows you to start the vibration action on your mobile phone by pressing a button on your G-Shock watch. As long as the phone is within the 2-5m range of Bluetooth 4.0.

The new G-Shock weighs in at 65g and is water resistant to 20 Bar. Its communications include 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and a 1mbps data transfer rate.


Casio Bluetooth G-Shock Watch

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Chromium Task Force Assembled To Reduce Chrome Distribution Size

Since its first release back in May 2009 Google’s Chrome has steadily grown from a 9MB distribution up to a 26.2MB release for the Google Chrome release on March 3 2011. Due to numerous additions to Chrome such as the internal Flash player, PDF reader and sync engine.

Now Google is assembling a task force to look at reducing the the size of Chrome distribution binaries, and posted a article on the Chromium-dev forum.

google chrome beta

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