Drunken Russians Find Alien Corpse In The Snow

Of course, like all amateurish videos taken of alien “evidence” this one’s a stinking fake. How come? The awfully bad Russian accents of the uhm, “witnesses.” This was probably shot in Canada, harhar. The less than two minute video clip has gone viral since it was uploaded on Youtube last Sunday, having garnered 4 million views to date. In it, a couple of mumbling Russians inspect a corpse they found in the snow. For an alien find, the corpse is pitifully shrunken and hardly decomposed–considering it was allegedly left out in the frigid weather for a couple of days or more.

Dead ALien

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Google Adding Charging Stations For Electric Car Owners To Google Maps

Everyone’s known about Google’s environmental bent for some time and it’s almost every other day that we hear about them buying up more wind farms and whatnot. It’s actually a surprise that they hadn’t thought of this sooner, seeing how search and databases are sort of their thing, but they’re now also  adding a charging station database to Google Maps in order to benefit electric car drivers. In addition, it will also cover natural gas and hydrogen fueling stations.

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PicoHD5.1 Is A Ridiculously Small Media Streamer

Why yes, you are looking at a media player that’s half the size of its own remote control. That in itself would be an achievement for the ages, but this thing actually runs mkv files and has component and HDMI outputs. You could tape it to the back of your TV and people would think your TV just magically gets video files from thin air.  Or that you have one of those TVs with built-in media players. Or they just wouldn’t care where the image comes from. We hate those people.

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iPhone 4 Design Patent Bestowed On Apple

We seem to recall there’s at least one Samsung handset that looks quite a bit like the iPhone 4. Which may mean another reason for Samsung to worry about the outcome of its current trial with Apple, despite its 5.7 billion reasons not to, because the US Patent Office pretty much made Cupertino’s day.

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Mass Effect 3 Getting Heavy Melee Class

In what can be viewed in some ways as a departure from the series (not a whole lot of melee fighting going on in Mass Effect generally) or others as more closely holding to the spirit of the series (melee is awesome, Mass Effect is awesome, you do the math), Mass Effect 3 is apparently getting a completely melee-focused class. Among other things.

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Super Mario 3DS Could Be Out In 2011

“I promise to do all I can to deliver the new Mario game this year,” Shigeru Miyamoto pledged in a recent interview. Unfortunately he was a bit short on the specifics and although we have seen the game in action at GDC, Nintendo usually like to take their time with these things, especially if Shigeru Miyamoto sees a zombie movie or whatever and wants to completely revamp the design the next day. Although to be fair, if there’s anyone who can get zombies out of that rut video games have thrown them in, it’s probably him.

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Call Of Duty Not Ending Up Like Guitar Hero, Activision Pledges

It’s actually just a memo originating from Activision publishing CEO Eric Hirschberg that made the rounds about the time of Guitar Hero’s greatly exaggerated demise. It’s understandable that the execs wanted to give employees some reassurance and it’s actually pretty humanizing for Activision as a company that they had this initiative. Still, this is probably a parallel they don’t want draw, and definitely not in the press. With all the Activision-hating going around, this just sounds too much like one of them self-fulfilling prophecies.

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PS4 & New Xbox Not Due Until 2014

This was certainly the way tide seemed to be going, what with Kinects, Moves and whatnot flying around, but it’s nice to hear it confirmed. Or rather, heavily rumoured, which these days is about the same thing. “Both MS and Sony are telegraphing to each other that they’re delaying, to milk the current [generation] and fill in previous craters better,” according to insiders speaking to Kotaku.

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Concept Supple Vehicle Chair Is A Cool Bad Idea

Precisely because in a large open space full of people on foot, riding this could pose a risk despite whatever safety measure sit might have. The Supple is the creation of an Iranian designer who foresees a time when it’s just too comfy for consumers to bother with using their legs. More than one blogger has commented on its resemblance to a similar gadget-vehicle on Wall E.

Supple chair

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Google Plops Down $100 Million On Wind Farm

Call it the height of social responsibility or just plain decent, but Google are taking part in the world’s energy future unlike any other company. The wind farm locate din Oregon is touted to be the largest, or at least among the largest, on Earth. It’s also at the cutting edge and once completed in a couple years will produce enough energy to light up a small metropolis.


Wind farm

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Gyrocopters Are Going To Take Over Europe

A peculiar factoid that’s been oft ignored is a lot of the so-called “innovations” in modern helicopters were invented when the technology was still being experimented with. This includes the configuration for a gyrocopter, which was the idea of some clever Spaniard in 1923. If history ran a different course, the lightweight and rugged gyrocopter should’ve been around for several decades now. As consumer tastes and shifting trends would have it, only now is the gyrocopter getting the attention it deserves–in Germany and neighboring countries.

Cavalon Gyrocopter

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