Fujistsu Announces Glasses Free 3D PC

3D TV’s and PCs are becoming more popular, but one of the things that is currently holding them back is having to wear 3D glasses to watch them, and manufacturers are working to developed a range of 3D TVs and PCs which work without the need for 3D glasses.

Fujitsu has just announced a new 3D PC that will display 3D content without the need for 3D glasses, the Fujitsu Esprimo FH99/CM desktop 3D PC, and it comes with a liquid crystal display covered by a conversion panel with lets you see 3D images on the screen.

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MobileMe ‘Find My Friends’ Feature Found In iOS 4.3

As well as the new range of features Apple has in iOS 4.3 it looks like there is a new feature called ‘Find My Friends’ for MobileMe users, and it may end up being some sort of location based service to locate your friends similar to Google’s Latitude service.

The guys over at MacRumors spotted the new Find My Friends features in iOS 4.3 for MobileMe, and we already know that Apple intends to improve the MobileMe service this year.

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Apple Returns iPads Orientation Lock Switch In iOS 4.3

When iOS version 4.2 was released by Apple for the iPad there was one change that didn’t go down to well with users. The switch of the Orientation Lock hardware button (the one next to the iPads volume control) to a mute switch rather than an orientation lock.

But after a number of petitions and users complaining to Apple about the change, Apple surprisingly has taken note and now added a new setting option allowing users to choose the function of the switch.

ipad switch

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Windows Phone 7 Update Will Block ChevronWP7 Unlocking Tool

Some of our readers will remember the ChevronWP7 Windows Phone 7 unlocking tool, the developers of the tool pulled it back in December of last year, although this wasn’t done because of a threat of legal action from  Microsoft.

In fact the reason the developers pulled the tool was because they entered into discussion with Microsoft about running hombrew applications on Windows Phone 7 so they decided to pull the tool.

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Minecraft Beta Passes 1 Million Sales

Minecraft the first-person free-roaming game that allows players to create practically anything they desire in game, created by Independent developer Markus Persson. Has now logged over 1 million purchases on its website, and its not even out of its Beta testing phase.

A truly remarkable achievement because Persson’s reached these amazing sales figures without any kind of support from publishers relying on viral communities to spread word about the game and Paypal to accept payments.


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Apple Files 45 iPad UI Patents In Europe

Apple has filed a total of 45 patents with the European Patent and Trademark Office, the 45 patents relate to the UI on the Apple iPad, and although these patents were listed in the database in January 2011, they seem to be backdated to July the 27th 2010.

The 45 patents cover pretty much everything to do with the user interface on the Apple iPad, such as the virtual on screen keyboard, to the calendar, mail app and the iPads home screen.

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Enhance Your Windows 7 PC In ‘Gaming Mode’ With Game Fire

If your an avid PC gamer you will probably already know how frustrating it is when a software program sends a pop-up reminder mid game or an app running in the background starts to suck up all your processing power, just when you need it the most at a critical moment in the game.

Well the free Game Fire app has been designed to make sure these frustrations never happen again to disturb your PC gaming experience. It does this by disabling services and programs that are considered unnecessary for gaming, putting your PC or laptop into a special “gaming mode”.

Game Fire

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iPad 2 And iPhone 5 Will Not Feature A Home Button

We are expecting Apple to officially announce the iPad 2 some time this month or early next month, and have been hearing rumors about what new hardware and features the iPad 2 will come with.

We have already heard a rumor that the iPad 2 will feature dual video cameras, just like the iPhone 4 to make use of Apple’s Facetime feature, and are also expecting a higher resolution display in the iPad 2.

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Bioware Reveals Dragon Age 2 Pre-order Bonus Items

If you are thinking for pre-ordering the new Bioware Dragon Age 2 game you will be pleased to know that you will be gifted with bouns items of a sword and shield when you pre-order the new game from certain retailers.

The sword called the Fadeshear, and in addition to doing bonus damage against demons and undead, it will actually continuing becoming more powerful as you level up and the shield called Lion of Orlais will increase your health while also providing a bonus to XP gain.

Dragon Age 2 Special Weapons

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iOS 4.3 New Features Detailed

Apple has released iOS 4.3 to developers and we can now get an idea of some of the new features coming to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in iOS 4.3.

One feature that we heard about the other day is the Mobile Hotspot feature which will allow you to connect up to five different devices to your iPhone via WiFi, of course this feature will be carrier dependant and carriers will probably charge you an fee to use it.

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Rocketfish iCapsule iPad Keyboard Case

The iCapsule is an innovative keyboard and combined case that allows you to get the best of both for your iPad from one item. The iCapsule has been created by Best Buy’s in-house subsidiary RocketFish and is a fairly large hard plastic clamshell case with integrated Bluetooth keyboard that’s connects to your iPad.

Rocketfish iCapsule iPad

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