Sony NGP To Be Called The PS Vita?

There have been a number of rumors over the last week that Sony’s Next Generation Portable (NGP) would be called the Sony Vita, and now more evidence has appeared that would point to PS Vita being the official name for the NGP.

One of the guys from the NeoGaf forums spotted a reference to ‘PS Vita’ in the source code of Sony’s PlayStation website, and the guys over at Kotaku have also discovered that Sony owns the trademark for the PS Vita name.

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YouTube Video Editor Receives Creative Commons Content

Today around noon YouTube will be making its new Creative Commons Content available from within its video editor, which can be used to enhance your own video creations.

The new feature will provide access more than 10,000 videos from C-SPAN,, Voice of America, Al Jazeera and others by simply clicking the ‘CC’ tab within the editor tool.

YouTube CC

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FaceNiff Android App Hijacks Facebook, Youtube & Twitter Accounts (video)

A new Android application has been created that enables users to easily hijack users accounts on either Facebook, Youtube or Twitters over Wi-Fi networks, similar to the Firesheep Firefox extension.

The new Android FaceNiff app lets users sniff and intercept web session profiles over Wi-Fi networks, and potentialy steal other users’ credentials. Watch how easily the process is in the demo video after the jump.


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Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet Lands In July For $429

Toshiba’s latest Android tablet, the Toshiba Thrive will go on sale in July, and the Thrive will be available to pre-order from the 13th of June and it will retail for $429 and comes with Android 3.1 Honeycomb.

The Toshiba Thrive features a 10.1 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, processing is provided by a dual core 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

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Nintendo 3DS Metal Gear Solid UI Caught On Camera

A sneaky peak at the new Nintendo 3DS Metal Gear Solid user interface has been revealed by Hideo Kojima who gave a glimpse of the playable ‘Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D’ demo for E3 via his Japanese Twitter account.

The image below reveals the layout for the user interface with gameplay in the top screen and weapon selection also accessible through the bottom screen. Also check out the quick preview captured at E3

3DS Metal Gear Solid

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hits The US June 17th, Pre-orders From 8th June

Samsung has just announced that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will go on sale in the US from the 17th of June, and you will be able to pre-order Samsung’s latest Android tablet from the 8th of June, when it will also go on sale at the Best Buy store in New York.

We know that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab will ship with Android 3.1 Honeycomb, as this was officially confirmed by Samsung last week, and prices start at $499 for the 16GB model and $599 for the 32GB model.

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Viewsonic ViewPad 10H Android Honeycomb Tablet

ViewSonic has shown off a new version of their 10 inch Android tablet at this years Computex, the Viewsonic ViewPad 10h, which is the companies first Android tablet to come with Android Honeycomb.

The Viewsonic ViewPad 10h features an 10 inch IPS capacitive touchscreen display, and it is powered by a dual core 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, there is also a five megapixel camera on the back with an LED flash and a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front.

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Garageband iOS Updated With Cut & Paste

Apple has this week also rolled out a new updated for its Garageband iOS application accompanying its iMovie update also released this week.

The new version of Garageband 1.01 brings with its a great new feature now offering the ability to ‘cut & paste’ within the application. Enabling much easier creativity and the ability to easily move snippets around from one section to another.

Garageband iOS iPad

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SlingPlayer Arrives On Google TV In Beta (video)

Slingbox has rolled out a new beta service called ‘SlingPlayer for Connected Devices’ which enables users to stream content from their Slingbox Solo or Slingbox PRO-HD to Google TV or devices using Google’s STBs such as the Logitech Revue.

SlingPlayer for Connected Devices is currently in development and doesn’t require any software upgrade or application to use, due to it being built as a Flash-based code specifically designed for the Google TV platforms. Watch a promotional video after the jump.

SlingPlayer for Connected Devices

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Blendtec Blender Fails To Blend Sonim’s Rugged XP3300 Mobile (video)

With the release of a new gadgets the Blendtec team cannot wait to see if the device will blend into dust within their Blendtec Blender, and in most cases the devices have very little or no chance of survival.

Is its a refreshing change to see the worlds toughest phone the Sonim XP3300 mobile phone live to be used another day, even with a few scratches. Watch the video after the jump as the worlds toughest phone gives the blender a run for its money.

Blendtec Blender

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T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit 4G And Samsung Gravity Smart Announced

Last month we heard that the Samsung Exhibit 4G was headed to T-Mobile, and now T-Mobile has officially confirmed the launch of the Samsung Exhibit 4G as well as the new Samsung Gravity Smart.

The Samsung Exhibit 4G will come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and it features a 1GHz processor, plus a 3 megapixel camera on the back and a VGA camera up front for video chat.

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