Energizer’s Upcoming Qi Charger Brings Us Closer To A Wireless Future

The people who brought us the bunny who keeps going are going right ahead with the new Qi standard for inductive chargers.

In case you’ve fallen behind news of this minor revolution in battery charging, inductive technology spares your smartphone intrusive cables and wires by juicing it up using a specific frequency.

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NASA Reveals Next Generation Of Electric Spacecraft

Since we’re still a century or two away from building awesome star-trekking vehicles like the Enterprise, a cash-strapped NASA has gone the sustainable route and opted for electric and cryogenic propellants for its future vehicles.

Slated for rigorous field-testing come 2014 is a Solar Electric Propulsion mission that combines solar panels and electric propellants on a spacecraft to find out if the combination proves a winner. In order to test its viability NASA will pilot it around a defunct satellite to see how well it maneuvers and then let it perform tests on a nearby asteroid.

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Automated Nerf Machinegun Wins Inventor Cash And Acclaim

Rick Prescott must be feeling like a million bucks right now, even if the official cash prize for topping the MAKE/Design News Gadget Freak Design Contest is only $1,000.

The reason is pretty clear cut given the success of his diabolical creation. While Mr. Prescott is far from Thomas Edison incarnate, his target-acquiring and heat-seeking spin on a humble Nerf gun has literally blown away the competition. It will likely blow you away too if you cross the guy.

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Speck Fitted Artsprojekt iPhone 4 Cases

Speck has launched a new range of limited edition case for the iPhone 4, The Speck Fitted Artsprojekt iPhone 4 cases, which have been produced in collaboration with with Artsprojekt Global Creative Network.

This look like some of the coolest iPhone 4 cases we have seen so far, and each one feature original artwork created by artists from around the world.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab To Retail For €699 In Europe?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab, is Samsung’s first Android Tablet, and from the looks of the specifications and what we have seen so far it looks like it will be one of the best Android tablets when it hits the market.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab could end up being a real competitor for Apple’s iPad, if it is priced competitively, but now it seems that the Galaxy Tab may end up retailing for €699 (about $897) for the 16GB model and €799 (about $1,025) for the 32GB model, this would make it more expensive that the iPad.

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