Apple Going After GetJar For Using App Store Name

Last week we heard that Apple were denied an injunction against Amazon for Amazon using the term App Store for their mobile application download service for Android, of course this isn’t the end of the matter and a court case will take place to determine whether Apple should be allowed exclusive use of the App Store term in October.

Apple holds a number of trademarks for the term App Store, and now it looks like it is going after another mobile application store, GetJar, who also provide mobile downloads for Google’s Android platform and other mobile platforms.

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Pictures Of Darth Vader On Holiday

In the real world, Darth Vader would be a widower who spends most of his time breathing heavy and speaking in a scary baritone. Estranged from his two kids and preoccupied with crushing the Rebel Alliance, the stress of being a Sith Lord sure takes its toll on the guy. So for once, he decided to go on vacation. Just a few days really, cos he’s on call from Emperor Palpatine 24/7.

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Air Pick Lets You Air Guitar For Real

More than a keychain and almost as musical as a real guitar pick, the Air Pick is any air guitarists dream. How so? It’s got a sound file embedded in it so that when you do play air guitar the real notes will play. Of course, to enjoy the Air Pick you must first be an unabashed air guitar enthusiast. And be rather daft of course.

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Beautiful Caterpillar Excavator 1/16 Model Selling For A Pile

Of money. You might be thinking otherwise. We doubt exchanging a pile of wolf pelts would convince the maker of this wonderful model  that a transaction if forthcoming. Seen below is an incredible 1/16th scale model of a Caterpillar excavator made of cherry and walnut wood. The painstaking part comes to the fore when you realize this wasn’t carved out of a few logs; Rob Fisher whittled down each part and assembled them.

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Mosquito Buster Android App Repels Mosquitoes

The bad news is it’s only available in Japan at the moment. Don’t fret though, as the Android app will soon have its iOS counterpart. In the meantime, allow us to guide you through Mosquito Buster. Contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t cause your smartphone to emit mosquito-killing smoke. That would be positively dangerous.

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Supercollar Really Is A Super Dog Collar

Made of polypropylene. Steel wires. A retractable rubber handle. You’ll think feral animals are the kind of beasts on whom this Supercollar will be imposed on. Not quite, as it’s meant for the average mutt you consider a best friend aside from the person you share innermost secrets to. Strange comparisons aside, this Supercollar is something you should know about.

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Adobe Illustrator Illustrated Camera Collection Is Fun

This guy named Bill Brown just rendered a hundred cute camera illustrations using Adobe Illustrator. Viewing the gallery on the website he set up should be a blast for cam enthusiasts (hey, that rhymed!). Bill Brown doesn’t mind random people actually toying with his work so long as he’s given credit. While his motivations are unclear, Bill set out to visually chronicle several species of camera together with their attachments. It’s a fun display worth a few moment’s perusal.


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Crescent Demos Immersive Digital Entertainment VR, No Commercial Release On The Horizon (Video)

Long story short, this new immersive display from Crescent seeks to eradicate the invisible wall separating gamers from their diversion. That’s pretty basic, as the technology for this dates back at least (by our estimates) 20 years. Of course, its latest incarnation as the Immersive Digital Entertainment headgear is quite an attraction. The event pictured below is the 3D & Virtual Reality Exhibition.

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Sony To Stop Shipping MiniDisc Walkman

Hardly a year after the cassette playing Walkman was finally consigned to oblivion, news has broken out the same fate will be shared by the MiniDisc. In case the MiniDisc never made a difference in your life, don’t fret. Since it’s debut in the early 90s the MiniDisc has only managed to sell 22 million of its kind. That’s a meager sum by Sony’s standards.

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MIT Geniuses Create Cataract Detecting iPhone Device (Video)

It’s called the CATRA  System and instead of being tested in a lab, it’s already been embraced by medical professionals to detect cataracts. Cataracts are ugly and have reduced countless human beings’ quality of life. The great thing about the CATRA System is it’s available for all iPhone generations. Oh iPhone, where would modern medicine be without you? The next step here would be to make it universal to more smartphones, as the CATRA System could do a world of good to people across the globe.

CATRA System

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NASA Shuttle Atlantis Embarks On Final Historic Mission

Cape Canaveral, 11:29 am. A sizable congregation of onlookers were transfixed by the poetic ascension of the last manned shuttle flight. Half an hour short of most employee’s lunch breaks yesterday, the space shuttle Atlantis began its mission to deliver supplies to the ISS. After this, the end of the beginning is final.

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