BlueStacks Allows You To Run Android Apps On Your PC

A new software is currently under development called BlueStacks which has been designed to allow users to run Android applications on a Windows PC desktop, laptop or tablet.

BlueStack uses virtualisation to allow you to run Android apps alongside Windows apps and with the market now beginning to fill with Windows tablets this software may become a more useful for tablet owners than desktop users. As BlueStacks is has also been designed to use your Windows drivers allowing you to print from within the running Android apps without a problem.



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New HP webOS Smartphone Without A Keyboard Leaked

We have already seen some new webOS smartphones and tablets from HP this year and now it looks like HP has a new webOS smartphone without a keyboard in the works.

The photos below shows a new webOS smartphone without a keyboard, and it was obtained by the guys over at Pre-Central, from a trusted source who has been right about webOS leaks before.

webOS Smartphone

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Apple’s New 30 Pin USB 3.0 Hybrid Connector

Apple has been granted a patent for a new 30 pin connector, which could be used in iOS devices in the future to connect them to your computer, and this new connector would be a lot faster than the existing connectors.

The guys over at Patently Apple, have discovered a new patent which is a Hybrid DisplayPort/USB 3.0 high speed connector, and it would work with all iOS device, and could also incorporate Intel’s Thunderbolt technology which would offer data transfer speeds up to 10Gbps.

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Commodore Taking Pre-Orders On The Commodore 64

A couple of weeks ago we showed you some prototype photos of the new Commodore 64 PC, and now it looks like Commodore has stated taking pre-orders and the Commodore 64 will be available with a range of different options.

There is a bare bones Commodore 64, which retails for $250, this includes the case chassis and the keyboard, there is also a basic version which will get you the processor, motherboard, RAM and graphics for $595 and this also include the hard drive.

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iPhone 5 Coming In June?

We have been hearing reports that the iPhone 5 will launch in the fall of 2011, rather than at Apple’s WWDC, although there is now a rumor that we will see the iPhone 5 in June after all.

According to a Korean site, ETNews, the iPhone 5 will be announced in June, at an event hosted by Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, and they are apparently citing unnamed industry officials.

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Richard Branson Plans Deep Sea Exploration With Virgin Oceanic

Sire Richard Branson has announced his latest venture, called Virgin Oceanic, which is a new submarine that will be used to explore the oceans depths, and Branson intends to go deeper than anyone has done before.

According to Richard Branson, the deepest anyone has gone is about 18,000 feet, and some parts of the ocean are actually up to 36,000 which he intends to explore with his new underwater craft, Virgin Oceanic.

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Dragon Age 2 Owners Getting Free Mass Effect 2

For those of you long-time Bioware fans that have managed to swallow Dragon Age 2 down and newcomers who probably can’t believe how neato RPGs have gotten without all that pesky depth and tactics, Bioware has prepared a little something. Regardless of your opinion on the game, if you shelled out for it, you helped make it a million-seller in two weeks and that’s what everyone is celebrating. And by everyone we mean Bioware.

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NGP Perfect For Free To Play MMOs According To Sony Online

Phantasy Star Online and the occasional odd Final Fantasy out aside, MMOs on a console have been a tricky proposition up until now. Well, no, they still are, but a Sony exec says they’ll probably try to shoehorn them on Sony’s upcoming NGP handheld anyway. Attention-grabbing claims whose likely goal is to get MMOs and the NGP linked in the minds of the public? Definitely. Intriguing glimpse of the future? That as well.

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Lensbaby Composer Pro Announced

Lensbaby has launched a new version of its Composer accessory for DSLR camera, the Lensbaby Composer Pro, and it is available in a couple of different versions.

The Lensbaby Composer Pro is available with a double glass version and also a sweet 35 Optic version, and they retail for between $300 to $400.

Lensbaby Composer Pro

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