TouchDevice Software Turns Any Phone Touch-Sensitive

When we mention “any phone” in the title, we do mean any phone imaginable. Including your clunky cell and those working leftover models from the “dumb” age before the deluge of iPhones.

Pioneered by the UK company Input Dynamics, TouchDevice software utilizes the built-in mic of any handheld phone to receive specific acoustic signatures on its surface like a finger tapping a button.

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Solar-Breeze Cleans Your Pool When You Don’t Want To

Tired of cleaning your pool? If you’ve got some cash to spare drop by Solar-Breeze’s siteand take an eyeful of their new robot. As its name suggests, the Solar-Breeze is a lightweight bot whose only reason to exist is for pool cleaning. It not only removes debris floating on the surface but saves you additional expenses from using a pool-pump.

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Google Responds To Apple’s New iOS Rules

Yesterday Apple announced that it would now allow third party applications to develop Apps for their iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, as well as making some other changes to their terms and conditions.

Previously Apple had basically blocked other ad platforms like Google’s AdMob from delivering adverts withing applications, and had come under quite a bit of scrutiny for this, the changes now mean that developers will be able to use various advertising platforms within iPhone Apps.

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Nokia Appoints Ex Microsoft Executive Stephen Elop As New CEO

Nokia has removed their CEO Olli Pekka Kallasvuo and appointed a new one, the new CEO of Nokia is former Microsoft Business Division President, Stephen Elop.

The change over will take place on the 21st of September, and Olli Pekka Kallavuo will step down from the Nokia Board, although he will remain as a non executive on the Nokia Siemens Network board, and will also receive a severance package worth 4.6 millions Euros.

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Level Up Gaming Towers Keep It Neat

Are you the type of gamer whose sacred space is cluttered with gaming gear? You know, where half-finished pizza and your XBox controller can be found in the same pile? If the answer is yes on both counts, we suggest you plop down $69.99 at a retailer near your for one of these Gaming Towers from Level Up.

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Sanyo Xacti GH4 HD Camcorder

Sanyo has added another camcorder to its Xacti range with the launch of the Sanyo Xacti VPC-GH4. The Xacti GH4 is capable of recording Full HD video in 1080p, and it also has a built in social networking feature that will let you automatically upload videos to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The Xacti GH4 can also capture 10 megapixel still images, and it comes with a 10x dual range optical zoom for videos and a 5x optical zoom for pictures.

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The iPod Nano Watch

The other day we featured the iWatch, which was a watch made using Apple’s new iPod Nano, and as I suspected we would be seeing more watches made using Apple’s new tiny iPod.

The lates creation is simply called the iPod Nano Watch, and this one is the best looking one we have seen so far. The iPod Nano Watch is pretty simple to make if you want one yourself, all you need is one of these watch straps.

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Xtreme Mac iPhone 4 Cases

Xtreme Mac has just started selling a new range of cases for the iPhone 4, among the cases available are the TuffWrap, Tuffwrap Accent, The Microshield and a new Xtreme Mac Hybrid Case.

Thes new range of Xtreme Mac iPhone 4 case are avaible in a variety of different colors, and prices range for $19.99 to $39.99.

Xtreme Mac iPhone 4 Cases
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Acer Liquid Metal Android Smartphone

Detail have appeared on the Internet of a new Android smartphone from Acer, the Acer Liquid Metal. It looks like the whole body on the Acer Liquid Metal is made from Metal, possibly aluminum.

The Acer Liquid Metal will come with the latest version of Google’s Android OS, Android 2.2 Froyo, plus a Qualcomm MSM7230-1 800 MHz processor and Acer’s custom users interface, Acer Shell 4.0.

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eLocity A7 Android Tablet Hits Pre-Order on Amazon

Last month we learned that the eLocity A7 Android tablet would be coming to market soon. The first time we heard about the device the specs were unknown. Today the A7 has landed for pre-order at Amazon and all the specs of the device are available as well.

The eLocity A7 will run Android 2.2 for the operating system. The device has a 7-inch touchscreen that should be good for streaming video content and more. The tablet has 512MB of DDR2 RAM and runs an NVIDIA Tegra 2 T-20 processor at 1GHz.

eLocity A7 Tablet

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Nokia Mobile TV Headset, DVB-H Adds TV Tuner to Nokia Devices

Anyone who stream lots of multimedia content via their smartphone knows that if you stream movies or video while roaming the charges can be massive. We all also know that if you are on a metered data plan and stream more video than your plan allows you can be looking at a huge bill. Nokia has announced a new headset is coming to Europe that will let you stream all the video you want with no data charges.

The headset is called the Nokia Mobile TV Headset, DVB-H. Inside the headset hides a DVB-H TV tuner. That means that if you are in an area where there are DVB-H broadcasts you can watch without needing a data connection of any kind. That could save you some serious money.

Nokia Mobile TV Headset, DVB-H

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