WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery Makes Home Brew Simple

My uncle once had a home brew beer kit that had instructions with as many steps as making a cake from scratch. You had to mix up ingredients in one jug and then put it in another to ferment and then carbonate in another. It was a complex process. WilliamsWarn has made the process of brewing beer at home a snap with the Personal Brewery.

WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery

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Microsoft Previews Internet Explorer 10

Just a month after Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9, the company has released a preview of Internet Explorer 10, and they have released an IE10 Platform Preview which can be downloaded.

According to the Microsoft Blog, the company is about three weeks into the development of IE10, and it looks like it could be released around September of this year, which is interesting, as we heard earlier today that Microsoft may show of Windows 8 in September.

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VUDU Launches In-Browser Movie Streaming

VUDU has today announced it will be starting a new movie streaming service from their website allowing users to watch content directly from their browsers without the need for a VUDU set-top box, DVD player or VUDU enabled device.

To start using the new VUDU streaming service simply visit vudu.com, browse the selection available and purchase to start watching immediately. The new service now brings VUDU in line with its closest competitors Netflix and Amazon, who both already have web browser streaming service.


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IIXX iWah iPad 2 Stands For Guitarists and Musicians

We have featured quite a few different stands for the iPad and iPad 2 here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest ones are from a company called II:XX and they are designed to be used by guitarists and musicians.

The stands are made from aircraft grade aluminum, and they can be used in both landscape and portrait modes, have a look at the photos below and also the explanation from the designers on how they work.

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Toshiba Launches Self Wiping Hard Drive

Toshiba has added a new hard drive to their range with the launch of the Toshiba MKxx61GSYG series, and this new HDD has an interesting feature, it can erase itself when it is connected to hardware that it doesn’t recognise.

This new hard drive is a self encrypting drive that features AES 256 hardware encryption, and if the hard drive is disconnected, powered down or connected to another system then it will automatically wipe all the data stored on it.

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Apple To Release Smart HDTV This Year?

We already have an Apple device for our living room in the form of the Apple TV, the new smaller and cheaper version which was released last year has been selling well and has become more popular than the original Apple TV.

We have heard rumors in the past that Apple were working on their own HDTV, and now the rumors have surfaced again, and according to Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities, Apple may be set to release their very own Smart HDTV this year.

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Gigabyte Launching Dual Boot Tablet Later This Year

Gigabyte have unveiled details clarifying they are hoping to launch another tablet before the end of the year. One which will be designed to dual boot both Android and Windows 7 Home Premium.

The new dual booting tablet is expected to arrive sometime around October and allowing users to choose which OS they would like it to run on start-up. Gigabyte says it hasn’t finalised the design as yet and is still considering which version of Android to include with the device when its launched.

Gigabyte S1080

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Hyperkin SupaBoy SNES Handheld Gaming Console

We have featured quite a few different gaming mods here at Geeky Gadgets, and have seen some SNES consoles turned into portable gaming consoles, but now it looks like one company will be releasing a handheld SNES console, called the SupaBoy.

The SupaBoy is being made my game accessory company Hyperkin, and the console is scheduled to go on sale in the US this summer, and it will be compatible with SNES cartridges.

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Showyou iOS Social Video Viewer App Launches Today

A new social video app has been released today for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch called Showyou. Which allows you to watch the videos your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Vodpod, all in one place, a little similar to currently available Flipboard app.

The new Showyou app is different to Flipboard due to the inclusion of its own social network and different abilities to compliment this. Features of the new Showyou app include the ability for users to share videos with their followers by emailing a video link to their Showyou account. Together with the ability to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on other videos on other Showyou accounts.


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OWLE Bubo Wide Angle Camera Mount For iPhone 4

If you enjoy capturing movies on your iPhone 4 but would like to take your creations to the next level, the OWLE Bubo might be worth a look. Its been around for some time but is now available for the iPhone 4 and designed to help improve the quality of the iPhone movies in a number of different ways.

The first is a much more ergonomic grips to hold and point while recording on your iPhone, providing much larger areas to grip your iPhone with either one or two hands.

The OWLE Bubo has been constructed from aluminium and comes complete with a 0.45x wide-angle/macro lens and an extra sensitive microphone which slots into the headphone jack of your iPhone. Watch the video of both a 3GS and OWLE Bubo 3GS compared after the jump.

OWLE Bubo Camera Mount For iPhone

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HP webOS Beta 1 Emulator Leaked (video)

We have already seen some screenshots of some of the features in the latest version of HP’s mobile operating system, webOS 3.0, and now the guys over at Pre-Central have obtained the webOS Beta 1 Emulator and have put together a video.

Have a look at the video below, it goes on for about 19 minutes but it gives us a good look at all the features in webOS 3.0.

HP webOS Beta 1 Emulator

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