Mystery Android Honeycomb Tablet Appears In Verizon Video

It seems that Verizon Wireless has inadvertently leaked a new mystery Android Honeycomb tablet in one of their video adverts on YouTube, the video has now been made private on YouTube, but not before Droid Life managed to get a screenshot of the tablet.

According to the guys at Droid Life, the tablet is running Android Honeycomb, and it could possibly be a Motorola tablet as it appears to feature a similar speaker to that of the Motorola Xoom.

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Alpinist Camera Case, Provides Extreme Protection For Your Camera

If you like to venture off the beaten path with your camera in tow, a new case is now available that will offer extreme protection to your devices.

The Alpinist Case M5 looks more like a ammunition box Halo’s Master Chief would carry, but dont let the look deceive you. This state of the art case is machined from aircraft grade aluminium and available in three sizes to accommodate both compact and DSLR cameras such as the Leica D-Lux.

Alpinist Case M5

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Bandi Scarab PC By Paul Bangdiwala Looks Awesome

We have featured quite a few cool custom PCs here ate Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is the creation of Paul Bangdiwala, and it is called the Bandi Scarab, and Paul wanted to give the PC a spider like personality, from the looks of the photos he has certainly achieved that.

The Bandi Scarab features an Asus AM3 motherboard, plus a dual core AMD Phenom II 3GHz processor which has been overclocked to 3.4GHz, there is also 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a 60GB SSD as its primary drive and a 250GB HDD as its secondary, on top of that their is also an 550W OCZ Fatality PSU.

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Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare DLC Will Be A Timed Exclusive And Free To All

Further to the announcement that enraged Battlefield 3 gamers, EA has now announced that the new retailer-exclusive pre-order Physical Warfare DLC announced for the UK will become available to everyone some time after release, for free.

The Physical Warfare DLC will also not be restricted to the UK but will be available globally to all gamers as a pre-order bonus, which has been confirmed by DICE’s Karl Magnus Troedsson.

Physical Warfare DLC

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New HHKB Type-S Hacking Keyboard Announced

If you are a touch typist and no longer need to look at the keys to know where they are located this new upgraded Hacking Keyboard S-Type will provide you not only with a keyboard without any markings but also allow you to type faster and more silently.

The upgraded Happy Hacking Keyboard S-Type is now reportedly 30 percent quieter than older models and the range is the most reliable and best keyboard that money can buy in Japan, according to reports.

Happy Hacking Keyboard S-Type

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Fantastic Lego Bioshock Rapture, Complete With Plane Crash

If you are a Bioshock or Lego fan your going to enjoy this Bioshock Rapture sculpture complete with plane crash, built entirely from Lego bricks, which has been created for Brickworld 2011 which is on at the moment.

For those you who haven’t played Bioshock, Rapture is a massive underwater city from the game and sits at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean, as a gleaming metropolis of massive Art Deco-styled. This fantastic Lego recreation has miniaturised posters from the game on the walls and blue-tinted lighting evoking the oceanic environment.

Lego Bioshock Rapture

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Apple May Hold New Mac Hardware Releases Until OS X Lion Launch?

Apple’s Mac OS X Lion will be available as a digital download from the Mac App Store some time next month, and we have been hearing rumors that a new MacBook Air is about to launch, although it seems Apple may hold this back and other new hardware until OS X Lion is released.

According to Apple Insider, Apple want to ship all their new hardware out with Mac OS X Lion, rather than release it now with users having to upgrade after just a few weeks or a month.

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Spotify US Launching Next Month?

It looks like music streaming service Spotify is getting closed to their US launch, and it is possible that Spotify could launch in the US next month, we recently heard that Spotify has signed deals with the major record labels in the US.

Now Spotify’s general manager Jonathan Forster recently announced at an advertising conference in London that Spotify is wrapping up the final licensing deals for its US launch.

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Google Chrome 13 Enters Beta (video)

Google Chrome 13 browser has just entered the beta stage of its development live and brings with it some new features users have waited for since its initial launch back in September 2008.

Theses features include Instant Pages and a Print Preview feature which was first asked for after the launch back in 2008. Well its now arrived and provides the ability to preview your page before you print saving your toner and paper. After the jump is a video demoing the new Instant Pages feature now within Chrome 13 beta.

Chrome 13 Beta

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