Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood PC Getting 3D, Multiple Monitor Support

It’s sometimes easy to forget that the PC is still a strong platform with plenty of strengths and a lot to offer gamers who are willing to put up with delays, driver issues and hardware incompatibilities.

Surprisingly, this is true for some of the biggest console franchises as well and since it’s the power users who drive PC game sales, Ubisoft has a special treat for them. The ones with a bevy of PC monitors and a suitably super-powered graphics card lying around at least.

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Cartoonish Dr. Who Graphic Explains It All

Ages from now, the common citizenry will cherish Dr. Who the same way Shakespeare is cherished today. That’s not saying Dr. Who isn’t cherished by legions of adoring fans right now. Nothing else beats the iconic series in terms of longevity and bad special effects, even utter campyness. Let’s not forget to mention the sheer volume of its reruns.

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INQ Cloud Touch And Cloud Q Facebook Phones Revealed

We have been hearing for a while that INQ has been working on some Facebook Phones, and the company has just unveiled two models the INQ Cloud Touch and the Cloud Q.

Both of these new mobile phones from INQ feature Facebook integration, though the homescreen, and both models run on Google’s Android OS and come with Android 2.2 Froyo.

INQ Cloud Touch

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IDAPT i1 Eco Mobile Charger Supports 4,000+ Devices

We have featured a number of device and gadget chargers here on Geeky Gadgets. But the IDAPT i1 Eco mobile charger is a little different and has been designed to accommodate both the gadgets of today and tomorrow as much as possible, with the goal of reducing the daily impact on the environment and let you charge all your gadgets from one charger.

Its innovative interchangeable tip system allows you to use only one charger for all your devices, ensuring a future proof compatibility. It can be used in the home, the car or while travelling ad its even fitted with an auto off feature thats stops the drain of power whilst normal devices would be in a standby mode.

IDAPT i1 Eco Mobile Charger

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RunCore USB 3.0 Express SSD

If you have an ExpressCard slot on your laptop thats unused Runcore have just unveiled  new device that may be able to bring a little live back to it. RunCore’s latest hybrid ExpressCard/34 adds two USB 3.0 ports and provides 64GB SSD in a single package transforming your unused card slot into a useful device once again.

RubCore USB 3.0 Express SSD

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BlackBerry PlayBook WiFi To Retail For $499?

It looks like there may finally be some pricing on the BlackBerry PlayBook, as the guys over at CrackBerry have found out that the PlayBook will go on sale at Office depot for $499.

This price related to the 16GB WiFi model, and it has a launch date of the 17th week, which means its should launch at the end of March or beginning of April.

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Joystick-It iPad Joystick Now Available To Order

The neat little Joystick-It game controller designed and manufactured by ThinkGeek for the iPad has today started shipping, and is now available to order from the ThinkGeek web site for $24.99.

Any game on the iPad that uses an on-screen control pad of some kind is perfect for the Joystick-It and you can simply stick the device directly over the screen controller to start playing. Its constructed from lightweight solid milled-aluminium and no wires or batteries needed to play. Watch the video after the break to see it in action


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Windows Phone 7 Update Delayed Until 8th of March?

The last thing we heard about the first Windows Phone 7 update was that it should launch some time in February, but now it looks like the update has delayed and it wont hit Windows Phone 7 devices until the 8th of March 2011.

Neowin are reporting that the update has been delayed due to some last minute changes to the software by Microsoft, it then takes the mobile carriers around two to three weeks to test the software before Microsoft rolls it out.

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