LG Announces New True HD IPS Smartphone Display

Last week LG announced the LG Optimus LTE, which is LG’s first smartphone to come with a HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, and now LG has released some more information about their new HD smartphone display which they call the True HD IPS display.

LG’s True HD IPS display measures 4.5 inches and it feature a 329 ppi ‘real RGB’ resolution, and according LG, IPS displays perform better than AMOLED displays for color, brightness and battery efficiency.

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Lenovo Backlit N5902 Multimedia Keyboard Unveiled (video)

Lenovo have this week unveiled their newly upgraded HTPC Remote Keyboard in the form of the Lenovo Backlit N5902 Multimedia Keyboard. The updated model now has some great new features such as a backlit keyboard together with a thumb tracking sensor that allows toy to move your mouse around the screen.

Underneath the mouse tracking sensor is located a scroll bar that allows you to scroll up and down web pages and media listings with ease. Watch the video after the jump to see a full run through of the devices new features and back light in action.

Lenovo N5902 Multimedia keyboard

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Cooler Master Launches Silent Pro Hybrid Fanless Series Power Supplies

Does your PC make a little too much noise while churning through your applications and games? Well if it does you might be interested to know that Cooler Master has this week unveiled a new line of hybrid fanless power supplies which have been launched as the Cooler Master’s Silent Pro Hybrid Fanless series.

The new Cooler master series of hybrid fanless power supplies offer over 90% efficiency with 80Plus Gold Certification and noise-free operation and are equipped with fully modular cable system, and centralised control of power supply and system fans within your PC.

Cooler Master's Silent Pro Hybrid Fanless series

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Google Launches Chrome Remote Desktop Extension, Control Mac , PC And Linux Systems Via Your Browser

Google have launched a new Chrome extension that will allow you to remote control other computer system that are running the Chrome browser. The new extension is compatible with PC, Mac, or Linux, together with Chromebooks running Google’s Chrome operating system.

Once installed the extension allows you to quickly connect to a remote machine and provides a robust remote desktop experience, and the best of all its now available to download for free.

Chrome Remote Desktop

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O2 Releases iPhone 4S UK Price And Plans

UK mobile carrier O2 is the last company to release details of its pricing and plans for the new Apple iPhone 4S, and the iPhone 4S will be available on 24 month and 18 month plans for new customers and 24 month, 18 month and 12 month plans for new customers.

Prices start at £299.99 for the 16GB iPhone 4S on O2’s cheapest monthly contract which will cost you £15.50 a month, although this doesn’t include any data, and this will cost you an extra £3 a month for 100MB, £6 for 500MB or £10 for 1Gb of data.

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iPhone Floating Orchestra Brings Music To Life (video)

A new iPhone music application and very unique device has been developed by the Poietic Studio, a London-based company that specialises in ‘interactive and spatial design, art and engineering”.

The iPhone Floating Orchestra allows you to control a bed of  19 floating balls with each one corresponding to a specific instrument. Every time a specific ball rises, there is also an increase in volume of the instrument. Watch the video after the jump to see the iPhone Floating Orchestra in action.

iPhone Floating Orchestra

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Skyrim’s Leaked Map Unveils Huge Gaming Area With Nine Major Cities

If you are looking forward to playing Bethesda new Skyrim game, a leaked copy of Skyrim’s game map provides a great view of what you can expect from the new game once it is released next month.

The map hasn’t been officially unveiled by Skyrims’ developers Bethesda as you would expect but has been apparently scanned from a copy of a Russian collector’s edition of the game and uploaded to a Russian Skyrim forum for viewing. View a larger copy of the map after the jump.


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Hex Icon Watch Band For iPod Nano

Last week along with the launch of the iPhone 4S Apple also announced its latest iPod Nano, which basically features the same design as the previous model, but comes with some new features and specifications.

One of those new features was the addition of a range of different animated clocks, and now we one of the first watch band accessories for the new iPod Nano, called the Hex Icon Watch.

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Nokia’s Symbian Belle Update Coming 26th October

Nokia will be releasing an OTA (Over The Air) update for its Symbian smartphones later this month, and devices which are on the Symbian Ann version will be getting updated to Symbian Belle.

The update will be released as an OTA update to the Nokia N8, C7, E7, E6, X7 and the Nokia C6-01 on the 26th of October, which is the same day that Nokia World 2011 starts in London.

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Sprint Shipping iPhone 4S Pre-orders To Customers?

Apple’s fifth generation iPhone, the iPhone 4S went up for pre-order last Friday and it will go on sale in the US, UK and Europe this Friday, the 14th of October, but now it would appear that one US carrier has already started shipping the iPhone 4S out to customers.

It isn’t clear as yet whether anyone who has pre-ordered an iPhone 4S will receive it early, before the official launch this Friday, and some users are expecting to get their iPhone 4S a little early.

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Google+ Update Gives You Control Over The User Notifications You Receive

If you have been receiving far to many unwanted notifications in your Google+ stream you will be pleased to know that Google has now rolled out a new update that now allows you to control the notifications you receive.

The new setting options allow you to choose who you’ll get notifications from and if they : Share with you individually, Select ‘Notify about this post’ (when sharing to a circle you’re in), +Mention your name, Invite you to a hangout or Invite you to play or send you messages from a game.

But don’t worry you will still be notified if someone comments on one of your posts or adds you to a circle.

Google+ Notifications

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