Halifax Public Libraries Refuse To Purchase HarperCollins eBooks

So the ebook wars have begun. ‘Twas inevitable, since contrary to the impression that the publishing world is a boring place stuffed with books (not so far from the truth actually), there has always been constant tension between publishers and their various distribution channels. In this case, the clutch of public libraries in Halifax, Canada don’t want to purchase extra titles from HarperCollins. Why?

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Google TV Remote App For iPhone Released

Google has released a new app for the Apple iPhone, the Google TV remote, which will let you control your Google TV or Google TV set top box from your Apple iPhone.

The app has been available on Google’s Android platform since last December, and iPhone users can now download it for free from iTunes, it will also work on the iPod Touch and the iPad, basically any iOS device that is running iOS 3 or higher.

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Quillit 3 In 1 Pen Is Perfect For Enthusiastic Scribblers

What happens when a bunch of monkeys are locked inside a room with these Quillits? Given time and a few tablets they might just come up with the complete works of Shakespeare and some artistic masterpieces besides. Thanks to the regular pen, brush stylus, and nib stylus packed into this little cylinder, nothing is impossible.

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Apple Gets Heat For Anti-Gay App

It sucks to be caught between ultra-conservatives and the gay community. Apple must be feeling the pinch thanks to an online petition by a non-profit LGBT group called Truth Wins Out (or TWO for short) wanting a particular anti-gay app removed.

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Holy Lex Luthor! Kriptonyte Kandy!

Yes, yes, that should’ve been candy with a “c.” But we like getting your attention so it was intentional. Moving on, pictured below are the glittery rocks from Krypton, the one single weakness of Superman. Of course it’s not real but if you wanna impress your geeky friends, learning how to prepare these edible rocks is a good idea.

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Horn iPod Dock Is Ridiculously Huge

We’re not sure if this falls under the category of furniture or installation art, but it’s quite the headscratcher. Trust us, if you found this Horn dock in a corner without an iPod attached you’d probably think it was some fancy shmancy speaker, which it is, without guessing its true purpose.

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Apple Launching New Free MobileMe In April

We have been hearing for some time that Apple has been working on a new version of MobileMe, the last thing we heard was that Apple would be holding a special event in April to launch this new version of MobileMe.

Now iLounge are reporting that Apple will launch a free version of MobileMe next month, and it looks like it will be significantly different to the existing version of MobileMe.

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Opinion: Why Dragon Age 2 Should Be RPG Enough For Any Old Guard Bioware Fan

Having grown up suckling at the teat of Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment, booting up Dragon Age 2 for the first time doesn’t feel like coming full circle as much as missing the end of the circle and going off into a spiral. And while you sometimes miss the deceptive simplicity of a circle, spirals are pretty awesome because they have the potential to go on forever.

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