Samsung Galaxy Nexus UK Price To Be £515

Samsung and Google announced their first Android Ice Cream Sandwich device, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus yesterday, we heard earlier that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would alnd in the UK in November.

Now we have some pricing details for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus here in the UK, according to the guy over at Clove, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will retail for £515 for the 16GB version SIM free, this price include taxes.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus UK Price To Be £515

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Twist Minimalist Pencil Sharpener

I am a great fan of any designs that reduce an objects functionality right down to the bare minimum without reducing its usability, and even though this pencil sharpener design has no electronic wizardry like a majority of the gadget and gizmos we feature here on Geeky Gadgets its simple form is definitely a winner in my book.

The Twist is simple stainless steel sheet of metal which has been bent to mimic a pencil shaving, and is equipped with one sharp edge which is carefully hidden under the other non-sharp edge, to stop any unwanted accidents while sharpen your pencil.

Twist Pencil Sharpener

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XtremeMac InCharge Home USB Wall Charger

XtremeMac has announced their latest accessory for the iPhone, iPod and iPad, the XtremeMac InCharge Home USB wall charger, which is designed to provide fast charging of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The InCharge features 10 watts of power and it can also charge other USB devices as well as the iPhone, iPad and iPod, and it comes with a 4ft detachable USB cable which features a 30 pin cable.

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250,000 Flickr Images Licensed By Getty Images

This morning Getty Images announced that its partnership with Flickr which was created just over 2 years ago has now generate more than 250,000 images being licensed from Flickr and used within Getty’s catalogue.

Unfortunately Getty images will not divulge how many copies it has sold from the Flickr catalogue but says there from 115 countries worldwide and currently the most popular image to date is the one pictured below by Michael Bodge, which is their best seller at the moment.

Flickr Images Licensed By Getty

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Gameloft Modern Combat 3 iOS Game Launching Next Week, Complete With Multiplayer (video)

Gameloft has today announced that their new Modern Combat 3 iOS game will be arriving in the Apple iTunes App Store on October 27th. Fallen Nation promises 12 strong multiplayer, a fully fledged single player campaign and some fantastic graphics for an iOS game.

The announcement was made via Gameloft’s Twitter and Facebook pages which also stated that an Android version of the new Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation will be launching very soon. Watch a trailer showing the new in-game multiplayer experience, after the jump to see exactly what style of gameplay it will be bringing to the iOS platform.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

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StarCraft Universe MMO Open Developer Preview Now Available (video)

If you have already heard about the StarCraft MMO you will already know it is built on the foundations of StarCraft and has been under development for sometime. The great think about the game is that its been developed by fans of StarCraft and its team of developers have this week unveiled what they have completed so far and the results look very promising.

The team of StarCraft fans have taken the real-time strategy game and transformed it into a multiplayer role-playing game called StarCraft Universe. The preview enables you to entering the arena or.. “Encephalon Grid” and play as any class, starting at level 30 with a full set of level 30 gear. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

StarCraft MMO

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Nokia To Announce Multiple Windows Phone Devices Next Week

Nokia world takes place in London next week, we already know that we will see at least one Windows Phone device from Nokia, and have heard rumors that there may be more than one unveiled.

Now Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, has revealed that Nokia will announce a “bunch of new devices running Windows Phone” next week, so we guess we can expect to see at least two Nokia Windows Phone smartphones announced.

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Vertical Bed Concept Is Perfect For A Quick Nap

An innovative vertical bed concept has been created, that provides a new slant on traditional comfy sleeping arrangements and allows you to sleep while standing in the street. The design created Brooklyn based inventor Jamie O’Shea simply attaches to a subway ventilation grate using, two vertical legs. Which then provide it with the strength required to support your weight as you take a quick nap.

Vertical Bed

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Android Ice Cream Sandwich Update For Existing Devices Coming In December?

We heard earlier that Android Ice Cream Sandwich would be released to existing Android devices some time in the future, and now we have some more information and it looks like the update could start rolling out in December.

Google’s Andy Rubin has confirmed that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be released to existing Android devices “a couple of weeks after” the Samsung Galaxy Nexus goes on sale, which is scheduled to be available in November, so that would mean the start of December for the release.

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Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Exciting Launch Trailer (video)

The plot of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception created by Naughty Dog for the PS3 and the sequel to the critically acclaimed games of 2009, draws from the archaeology days of T. E. Lawrence, and is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. In which you control the character of Nathan Drake, watch exciting launch trailer after the jump to see what you can expect.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

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Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Attacks Google’s Android

Speaking at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco, Microsoft’s CEO has attacked Google’s Android OS, Ballmer was asked to compare the appeal of Microsoft’s Windows Phone to Google’s Android devices.

According to Ballmer, you have to be a computer scientist to use and Android device, where as you don’t have to be one to use a Windows Phone.

Google Android

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