Google Launches Its First Google Takeout Service (video)

Google Takeout is a new service that has been created by a team of engineers at Google called the Data Liberation Front (DLF) and has been designed to assist you to move your data away from Google to another provider if you so wish.

Google doesn’t want you to move your data but Google thinks its important that you can if you would like, hence Google Takeout. The Takeout service enables you to be able to extract your data from Google’s web services into open, easily-transferable file formats. Watch a video after the jump for a run through of the new service.

Google Takeout

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Galaxy Tab 10.1 Running Ubuntu On Android, Becomes ‘Tabuntu’ (video)

A great demonstration of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 running Ubuntu on Android has been putt together to show whats possible on Android. Ubuntu has been loaded on to the Tab without replacing the Android OS and runs in the background, “chrooted” or like a virtual machine.

One of the problems with Android even though it is based on Linux you cant actually run any native Linux programs on Android. The new ‘Tabuntu’ device as it has now been dubbed gets around this and will now allow you to run native Linux programs on your Android tablet without the need to first remove the Android OS. Watch a video of the new ‘Tabuntu’ device in action after the jump.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Running Ubuntu

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2011 MacBook Air Coming Mid July?

We have been hearing rumors that Apple would be launching the new 2011 MacBook Air some time in July, and now according to the guys over at 9 to 5 Mac it looks like the date will be around the middle of July.

We are expecting Apple’s new 2011 MacBook Air range to feature the latest Intel Sandy Bridge processors and also Intel’s Thunderbolt technology, and they will probably ship with Mac OS X Lion pre installed.

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iPhone 5 Concept Design

We have been hearing rumors over the past few months of what features will be included in the new iPhone 5, now designer Michal Bonikowski has put together some of the rumors into a concept design of what he thinks the iPhone 5 may look like.

As you can see from the photos below, this concept design features a larger wider touchscreen display, something that has been rumored for a while, and also instead of the glass back on the iPhone 4, this has been replaced with an aluminum back cover similar to the iPad 2.

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Xtreamer Prodigy Updated With New 3D Streaming Feature

This week Xtreamer has rolled out new updates to its Prodigy media streamer in the form of a revamp which now enables the device to stream 3D over HDMI 1.4, which Xtreamer claims makes it the first full HD Media Player with 3D support below €300.

The Prodigy’s internal hardware has also received upgrades and is now equipped with a 750MHz processor capable of running Android 2.2 together with support for USB 3.0 connectivity. A new dual boot feature to take advantage of the new CPU and allow Android 2.2 to run is currently under development and is hope to be released later this year.

Xtreamer Prodigy

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Wakemate iPhone App Updated With Bluetooth Sleep Monitoring Wristband (video)

Wakemate has this week launched a new update to its sleep monitoring application which now uses a Bluetooth Wristband to help monitor your sleep patterns even more accurately.

Initially Wakemate did have a few problems with earlier versions of its applications but new updates released by the company since April this year now seem to have corrected the initial issues.

The new wristband now supplied by Wakemate enables you to monitor your sleep more effectively and transmits your data to the iPhone application via Bluetooth. Watch the video after the jump to see the benefits of tracking your sleep and how Wakemate can help.

Wakemate iPhone App

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Olympus PEN E-PM1, Another Leaked Photo

Olympus is set to launch some new cameras in its PEN range, one of those is the new Olympus PEN E-PM1 that we saw a photo  of recently, and now another one has appeared online which gives us a good look at the front of the camera.

The photo below shows the new Olympus E-PM1, and according to the guys over at 43 Rumors, it will feature the same new 12 megapixel sensor as the EP-3, which has apparently been developed in house by Olympus.

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Triggertrap Releases Your Camera’s Shutter Any Way You Like

Triggertrap is a new innovative shutter release mechanism design looking to make the jump from concept to production on the Kickstarter website.

Triggertrap has been designed by Ziah Fogel & Haje Jan Kamps and can be trigger either by sound, by breaking a laser beam, time or any other method you can think of via a Aux port. The Triggertrap device is based on a Arduino and is an open-source hardware project for photographers and geeks alike. Once its made available the Triggertrap will be sold as either a kit or assembled depending on your skills.

Watch the video after the break for a run through of the Triggertrap concept.


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Angry Birds Cufflinks

It has been quite a while since we featured some geeky cufflinks here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest ones will appeal to fans of one of the most popular mobile games, Angry Birds.

Whilst we suspect these Angry Birds cufflinks aren’t officially licensed by Rovio Mobile, they do look pretty cool and come in a range of different styles which include all the Angry Birds from the game as well as the green pigs.

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AT&T’s HTC Status (ChaCha) Poses For The Camera

Last week we heard that the HTC ChaCha Facebook phone would be headed to AT&T as the HTC Status, and now the guys over at the BGR have got their hands on a photo of the new HTC Status.

The first photo below shows the original HTC ChaCha, and the second one shows the AT&T branded version which is now called the HTC Status, as you can see from the photos there really isn’t much difference between the two devices except from the AT&T logo.

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Cellcrypt Mobile App Enables Government Grade Call Encryption

If you are looking for a little more security while making phone calls from your smartphone. A new mobile application called Cellcrypt Mobile is now available that can provide you with Government grade call encryption on your smartphone.

Cellcrypt has been awarded the CESG Claims Tested Mark and encrypts voice calls on either Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia smartphones. Providing government-grade security in an easy-to-use application that makes secure calling as simple as making a normal call and can be used in over 200 countries.


Cellcrypt Mobile

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