Necono Spy Cam Is Too Weird For Comfort

What happens when a Scandinavian designer and a Japanese company join forces? Weird gadgets is what happens. The Necono is not a paperweight or a fridge magnet, though it does have magnets on its feet/base. The Necono is a small feline shaped camera that can take video and pics thanks to a hidden MicroSD card.

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Valve’s Gabe Newell Throws Down Gauntlet, Makes Steam Password Public

Having just had my very own Steam account hijacked not two weeks ago I welcomed Valve’s recent announcement of their new Steam anti-hijacker protection system with tears of joy and of hitting my shin against a chest of drawers. But mostly joy. Which makes Gabe Newell’s stunt of offering up his Steam login details as a challenge to the new system so hard to watch, because although Valve is as dear to me as the aforementioned shin, like hitting said shin on a piece of furniture, this can only end in tears.

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Graduate Student Claims Future Mass Extinction Is Inevitable

The good news is humans will survive it. The bad news is little else will. So much for good news, then.

Nicholas Matzke, a graduate student from the U of California, Berkeley has just published a paper that concludes 3/4ths of all life on Earth will be extinct within 300 years. Matzke arrived at this grim finding after he  conducted research that was the result of a 2009 seminar. He then began comparing extinction rates and modern data, which produced quite an Uh-oh moment.

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