Sleek HASSEL Concept Train Is For The New Australian (Rail)Way

Mega design firm HASSEL has unveiled their super smart and super electric double decker train for the Australia of the near future. The whole point of the A-HSV is to open a new frontier in mass transportation that’s easy on the emissions but big on service. Hence there’s ample space on this baby plus a department store tucked  somewhere inside. As if it weren’t too much of a shopping mall on rails, the plush interior of the cabs seem to have been inspired by a nightclub lounge.

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DIY Space Rocket Blasts Off To Success

They did it! They really did it!

A team of Danish aerospace nuts have successfully tested a suborbital rocket in the Baltic sea. Though it failed to reach its target altitude of 15 kilometers, it did blast off, attain considerable height, and crashed into the ocean. There was supposed to be a parachute assisted landing but a malfunction ruined the finishing leg of the flight.

Copenhagen Rocket

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Ninja Attacks Apple Store, Then Disappears

Disturbing anti-social behavior and Apple stores seem to be a volatile combination. Aside form that Chinese teenager who sold one of his kidneys to buy an iPad 2, there’s now news of an attack on an unsuspecting Apple store in Greensboro, North Carolina. But the weird part needs to be read in detail—apparently, a Ninja was involved.

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Gas From Uranus Makes For Great Starship Fuel

Actually the title should’ve been “gas from your anus” but that would be too inappropriate. (Though funny, real funny.) Long story abbreviated: enormous planet-wide helium-3 deposits in Uranus can be harvested for interstellar travel. Helium-3 is an ideal fuel because it’s abundant and reacts well with deuterium. Deuterium is also known as ‘heavy hydrogen’ and isn’t abundant, even if it did figure in the first hydrogen bomb some time ago.

Vastness of Space

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Blackberry Playbook Coming To Sprint In June

RIM’s surprisingly robust tablet (and still boasting the best Flash implementation on a mobile device from what we hear) is about to make the trek over to Sprint, where it will be going for about $500. And by about we mean exactly that amount. Not only that, but apparently there’s a 4G Playbook coming, as a result of RIM’s collaboration with Sprint.

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Panasonic’s WiGig Heading To Mobiles

We’ll confess we hadn’t heard of Qualcom’s WiGig protocol until now. Colour us embarrassed, but colour us honest at the same time. However, a consumer electronics comunications protocol operating in the 60GHz band that promises speeds twenty times the speed of regular old WiFi connections? Add impressed to the colour palette.

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Symbian Getting DLNA Update

Despite consigning it to an early grave, Nokia is still standing strong behind Symbian for the moment. In fact, it’s already announced it will be supporting the OS all the way through 2014. But apparently apart from support they’re even adding the odd new feature, like DLNA support.

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Project Cafe Details Leaked By Nikkei

Some of the more fanciful details of Nintendo’s Project Cafe or Wii 2 as most people inevitably still think of it have apparently been confirmed by Japanese website Nikkei. The six inch touchscreen controller which also doubles as a portable console puts in an appearance and this time we even get a ball park release date.

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German Researchers Testing Invisible iPhone

A certain computer science professor named Baudisch and his team are currently hard at work creating an invisible smartphone system. Foreseeing upcoming trends in touch sensitive devices, Baudisch believes there will come a time when small gestures on the palm of one’s hand replaces our already miniaturized smartphone app-centric computing. To accomplish this next step, however, takes a lot of work, thus explaining the experimental photo’s below involving a pocket-bound iPhone and human hands.

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