77 Percent Of Android Smartphone Running Android 2.1 And Above

Google has released some new data on what versions of Android smartphones on its platform are using, and it seems that at least 77 percent of all Android smartphones are running Android 2.1 and above.

According to the figures released, just 7.9 percent are using Android 1.5, 15 percent are using Android 1.6, whilst 40.8 percent are using Android 2.1, and 36.2 percent are using the latest version of Android, Android 2.2 froyo.

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Deltenna Start Shipping WiBE 3G Wireless Hotspot

UK startup Deltenna is hoping to provide rural areas with the ability to surf the Internet via is new WiBE (Wireless Broadband Enabler) 3G Wireless hotspots.

Deltenna’s new 3G Hotspot has just won ‘Best of British Mobile Technology’ showing that the desktop WiBE is 3x to 5x faster than a USB dongle. Deltenna also says their device is 30x faster in areas of ultra low signal.

WiBi 3G enabled wireless hotspot

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Apple iPad Grabs 95 Percent Of The Tablet Market

According to research firm Strategy Analytics, Apple has around 95 percent of the global tablet market for Q3 of 2010, which is hardly surprising as the iPad is the first mainstream tablet to be adopted by consumers.

Many manufacturers have tried in the past to release tablets, but it wasn’t until the iPad was launched, that tablets became popular, and since then we have seen a wide range of tablets released by a number of different manufacturers.

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Ski Goggles Equipped With Heads Up Display And GPS

If you are looking for the ultimate pair of skiing goggles then these Zeal Transcend GPS Goggles might be just them.

They feature a micro LCD display inside on the goggle front allowing the wearer to view information about speed, altitude, distance traveled, temperature and even rel-time GPS coordinates.

 Zeal Transcend GPS Goggles

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DIY PS3 Slim Laptop Mod For Sale On Ebay (video)

Similar in construction to Ben Hecks PS3 laptop mod this PS3 slim laptop mod features a 250Gb hard drive and a 19 inch monitor with a resolution of 1440 x 900.

It also has a HDMI : DVI digital connection and is fitted with 2W stereo speakers and amp and boxed up in a aluminium and polystyrene case. Check out the video after the jump to see the mod in action.

PS3 Slim Laptop Mod

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Target To Sell iPhone 4 And iPhone 3GS

Target has announced that it will start selling the Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS from the 7th of November 2010, and it will be selling it from its 846 stores around the US.

This is bound to further increase Apple’s iPhone sales, and they seem determined to sell the iPhone through as many different retailers as possible. Target also started selling the Apple iPad earlier this month.

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Creative ZiiO Android Tablets Announced

Creative has just announced a new range of tablets based on Google’s Android OS, the Creative ZiiO. There are two different tablets in the Creative ZiiO range, a 7 inch version and a 10 inch version.

Both models come with Android 2.1, and use a ZiiLabs ZMS-08 processor, the 7 inch version features a 280 x 800 pixels display, whilst the 10 inch version features a 1024 x 768 display.

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Robo-cam Mimics Speedy Eye Movements (video)

Researches at the Technical University of Munich, have created a robotic eye that is capable of  mimicking the motion of real eyes and can move at superhuman speeds.

Systems to monitor a humans gaze are have been around for sometime and provide valuable information on the subjects focus and even provides clues about their state of mind and intentions. However the current systems encounter problems tracking a humans superfast eyes movements. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


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