Apple Releases iTunes 10.2

Apple has today rolled out its latest update, iTunes 10.2 which is now available to download. The new iTunes update brings with it support for the new iPad 2 unveiled yesterday and is set to be officially available in the US on March 11th and Worldwide on March 25th.

iTunes 10.2

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iPad 2: Full Specifications

Yesterday Apple announced the iPad 2, which is the second generation of the worlds most popular selling tablet, and this years model has a range of new features and specifications that we have been hearing about for some time.

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Sony NGP’s Innards Not PS3-Grade After All

Sony were quite comfortable with letting the idea that its upcoming portable will pack somewhere close to PS3 levels of punch float around at first, but things are getting out of hand. And Sony couldn’t stand idly by letting these rumors run rampant for more than a few months. Because then they’d get into the public consciousness and people would start thinking they were true even after Sony debunked them and then where would you be?

Sony NGP

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Apple iPad 2 Gets Official

Apple has officially announced the second generation iPad at their special event in San Francisco the iPad 2. The iPad 2 features a new dual processor as we previously reported which is called the A5, and according to Apple it is up to two times faster than the original iPad but uses the same low power.

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