Judge Says Apple Did Not Infringe On Nokia Patents

Nokia and Apple have been suing each other since last year, the lawsuits relate to a number of patents for Nokia mobile devices and also patents for Apple’s iPhone.

The International Trade Commission has been looking into both companies claims, and one judge has made a ruling on Nokia’s claim that Apple has infringed on five of Nokia’s patents.

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Romulan Ale Could Give You Diarrhea

It’s an alien beverage, that’s why. You wouldn’t drink tap water in a foreign country, so why drink stuff from another planet?


Kidding aside, this Romulan ale is right up there with the Star Trek urn and Enterprise pizza cutter, utterly ridiculous and super fun. We’re not sure about the taste though. This particular brand of Romulan Ale is a flavored energy drink, suspiciously blue and 100% non-alcoholic. Can it do Red Bull one better? Nope, but Red Bull doesn’t have a fictitious socio-cultural background to fall back on, either.

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Mobiado And Aston Martin Have A Glass Phone In The Works

When it comes to branding, luxury car makers have it real good. Yesterday we featured a bicycle that had MacLren’s stamp on it. Now say hello to a rare collaboration between posh automobile purveyors Aston Martin and high end cellular designers Mobiado. The CPT002 won’t be revealed to the public until later this year during BaselWorld 2011. That doesn’t mean the available photo evidence isn’t droolsome and eye-exploding.

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Wireless Hyper Touch Guitar Is The Future Of Rock

Seeing the Hyper Touch really makes us proud. Since electric guitars haven’t changed much design-wise for the better part of half a century, this concept from Max Battaglia couldn’t have come sooner. The guitar world needs to be shaken and the Hyper Touch will do this—if it ever enters production.

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McLaren And Specialized Team Up To Create A Superbicycle

It’s called the Venge. The S-Works+McLaren Venge to be specific. The beautiful offspring of a rare partnership between U.S. bike makers Specialized and the super-speed maestros at F1 racing car meisters McLaren. The combination of design smarts and engineering brilliance has produced a carbon fiber bicycle that has so far wowed the cycling world.

Mclaren Venge

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Festo SmartBird Is A Graceful Shocker

You might never have heard of Festo before, but take it from us, they’re top dogs when it comes to cutting edge robotics. Their reputation for industry excellence is possible thanks to the Robotics Learning Network, a partnership program that lets them harness the best minds in research and academe for some truly jaw dropping projects. Say hello to the SmartBird.

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If You Have Tons Of Cash To Spare, Buy This Medieval Text

Ever heard of the Italian genius called Fibonacci (real name is Leonardo Pisano Bigollo)? Thanks to a criminal lack of coverage in schools and universities, Fibonacci is often ignored except among math circles. After studying in Algiers during the 13th century, Fibonacci decamped to Europe and brought with him Hindu-Arabic numerals, which changed, of course.

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Brain Implant Proves Its Longevity

This is actually a piece of fresh old news. The figures revealed by newly published research are quite alarming despite. Back in 2008 an unnamed tetraplegic–paralyzed in all limbs–woman known as S3 performed a series of point and click tests on a computer. Thanks to a brain implant in 2005, she was able to perform remarkably without having to lift a finger.

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Feature: Why Indie Games Don’t Have A Monopoly On Industry Creativity

There’s no doubt that the industry is moving at a dizzying pace and sometimes in about a billion directions at once, it seems. Which is why I found Brandon Boyer’s GDC talk on the role indie games can play in that future so compelling.

It’s hard not to get a bit choked up after watching that. It hits all the right notes and it turns you inside out a bit. Every word in there is not only true, but true in a way that knots your stomach with pangs of loss. Yes, games made all of us feel like that once upon a time and it is a tragedy that they no longer do.

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