Buy FarmVille Credit And Exclusive Items With American Express

Zynga and American Express have partnered to offer its customers the ability to use its American Express reward scheme points to purchase FarmVille credit and exclusive items.

Currently the exchange rate is 100 American Express membership points will provide you with $1 worth of in-game credit. With exclusive items starting fairly low at 200 points rising into the thousands.

FarmVille American Express

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Nook Color Gets Rooted, Angry Birds Installed

The Nook Color is designed to be used as an eBook reader, but since its runs Google’s Android OS, the guys over at the XDA decided to root the nook color to see what this $250 Android tablet was capable of.

So what app did they decided to install on the Nook Color, to show it working as a fully fledged Android tablet? Angry Birds of course.

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Payvment Ecommerce Facebook App Secures $6 Million Funding

Payvment a Facebook application that allows Facebook users to easily setup a store and start selling products on Facebook has secured Series B funding to the tune of $6 Million.

The Payvment application was launched in November 2009 and has since attracted more than 40,000 business and Facebook members to sign up. Allowing Payvment to sell to over 500,000 Facebook users in the last 12 months.

Watch the video explaining how the Payvment system works after the jump.


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Extend Your Apple Keyboard With LMP

Do you miss the number pad from your Apple keyboard? If you do then LMP have created a neat keyboard extension that allows you to add the number pad to your Apple keyboard with ease.

The LMP Keypad has the same cylindrical base and brushed aluminum finish as your Apple Keyboard and can be used as a stand alone device or connected be simply sliding it on to your existing Apple keyboard as below.

LMP Keyboard

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iPad 2 Camera Supplier Selected?

We are expecting Apple to announce the iPad 2 early in 2011, and have already heard a bunch of rumors about what will be inside the second generation Apple iPad, including the possibility of dual cameras just like the iPhone 4.

Now according to Digitimes, the company who currently makes the cameras for the iPhone 4 has also been awarded the contract to make the cameras for the iPad 2.

Apple iPad

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Windows Phone 7 Handyscan Document Scanner

Handyscan is a new application for Windows Phone 7 that allows you to transform your Windows mobile into a handy portable scanner in your pocket. Simply use your mobiles camera to capture the document you require.

Handyscan then allows you to convert this into either a PDF or .jpeg image which you can then send via email and supports multiple pages or images per document.

Handyscan Windows Phone 7

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Google Facing EU Antitrust Enquiry

We told you back in February that the European Comission was looking into Google after a number of complaints from a range of companies who claimed that Google wasn’t ranking its competitors fairly in its search results.

The original complaint came from a number of companies which included Foundem, a vertical search engine, a French legal search engine called, and finally Microsoft’s Ciao from Bing.

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Teacup Stirling Engine Kit

If you have never come across a Stirling engine these fantastic pieces of engineering were first built in the early 19th century. The Stirling engine is a operated by cyclic compression and expansion of air or other gas and can run on the heat from your hand or the steam from your coffee, as pictured below.

Stirling Engine Kit

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