PSN May Be Down For Up To 48 Hours

Well, Sony, at least you can console yourself that it wasn’t an attack by Anonymous that put your PSN out of business. Or at least, not that anyone knows of yet. Because the truth is Sony don’t really have any clue what is causing the outage at the moment. Which also means they sort of pulled that 48 hour estimate out of thin air.

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Nintendo Wii 2 Specs, Pricing Leaked

In line with what we’ve been hearing so far, some more specific information about the Wii 2′s innards have come to light. It will apparently run on a PS3-shaming AMD’s R700 GPU which IGN’s tipster says should sail right past Sony’s NVIDIA 7800GTX-based setup. It should also do 1080p and maybe even stereoscopic 3D standing up and there’s also a repeat of the IBM PowerPC three-core processor business.

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LG Optimus 3D Smartphone gets Launch Date

I really like the idea of having 3D capability in my phone and in my house. I don’t like how much the tech costs on the market today. I think most of the 3D gear is priced too high for the average consumer to adopt. If you want a smartphone that can record and play 3D content LG has one for you.

LG Optimus 3D

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iPhone 5 Will Support Both CDMA And GSM Networks Leaks Verizon

In what looks like a slip of the tongue Verizon has inadvertently confirmed that Apple’s new iPhone 5 will indeed be a dual-mode device supporting both CDMS and GSm networks, making it a truly “Global Device”.

The new iPhone 5 details were leaked by Verizon during a conference call while discussing iPhone 4 sales. Currently iPhone 4 devices which are on the Verizon network are CDMA-only.

verizon iphone

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Code-38 Corkscrew Will Cost You $410!

I’m not a drinker personally, but my wife enjoys the occasional bottle of wine when we have friends over. For this occasion, we have a dirt-cheap corkscrew we have had since we got married. It’s more likely to crush the cork than pop it out of the bottle, but it gets the job done.

Code-38 corkscrew

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2D Glasses, Removing 3D Effects For Viewers

After all the expense and trouble Hollywood goes through to create their 3D movies, they are going to be delighted to know, a simple pair of glasses can remove their expensive 3D effects instantly. Allowing users who might not be that thrilled with the 3D effects to watch the movie in all its 2D glory without a headache.

2D Glasses

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XIO Ultimate FPS Virtual Reality Gaming Exoskeleton Prototype (video)

If you are a first person shooter (FPS) fan and are looking for the ultimate in virtual reality immersion. Then this new self contained Novint’s XIO Gaming VR Simulator Prototype is definitely something to keep your eye out for.

The rig is a self contained virtual reality suit that allows you to play FPS games with a heightened degree of immersion thanks to the head mounted display, 3D vision, vest, advanced gun grips, walking and crouching tracking using Novint’s F-Gen drivers.

For a detailed explanation and a walk through of the prototype system watch the video after the jump.

Novint XIO

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iPad 2 Now Shipping Drops Back To 1-2 Weeks Worldwide

Now the initial rush for iPad 2 devices is slowing slightly, Apple has been able to drop its worldwide shipping dates back to 1-2 weeks for orders via their website.

On March 11th 2011, launch day for the iPad 2, the order time jumped from three to five days to 3-4 weeks and has been that until now over 40 days later. iPad 2′s are still difficult to purchase in stores by the reduction in waiting times for online order does indicate that some normality is resuming to the ordering process.

ipad 2

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Samsung Launches Rugged Waterproof W200 Pocket Camcorder

Samsung has added a new pocket rugged camcorder to their range in the form of the Samsung W200. A pocket sized camcorder that is capable of recording full HD 1080p video at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels @ 30fps.

The rugged design of the pocket camcorder allows it to be used in up to 3m of water and its shock proof from a drop of 2m of 6.5 ft. Its equipped with a 2.3 inch LCD viewing screen and has a 5 megapixel sensor. Together with a F2.2 bright lens, built-in USB connector and a micro-SD card slot to store the captured media content.

Samsung w200

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Panasonic Launches Wireless Chargepad For Mobile Chargers

Panasonic has unveiled a new wireless Chargepad today, which it has added to its range of products, and allows you to wirelessly charge your mobile charges, by simply placing the mobile charger on top of the Chargepad. Allowing you to easily grab them when you leave the house or office and keep them handy just incase your main mobile phone battery should dry up.

Together with the Qi-certified Chargepad, Panasonic also unveiled two new compatible chargers the 5,400mAh model QE-PL201-W will be priced at $67, while the QE-PL101-W with 2,700mAh will cost $49.

Panasonic Launches Chargepad

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New Alienware M14x And M18x Unveiled By Dell

Today Dell has unveiled its new Alienware M14x And M18x notebooks, together with an updated M11x notebook, all designed to provide desktop power on the move.

The new M18x is equipped with a monstrous 18 inch display and will ship with dual GPUs and a Core i7 Extreme processor, overclocked from the factory to a whopping 4GHz, supported by up to a massive 32GB of 1333MHz memory. Providing all the gaming power you could require in a portable system.

Both the the M18x and M14x will also offer optional wireless HD audio/video for TV streaming, and there’s HDMI 1.4 for 3D support, together with USB 3.0 ports.


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Trimensional 3D Scanner App For iPhone (video)

A new 3D scanner app has been developed for the iPhone called Trimensional which takes 4 photos of your face using different lighting effects and combines them to create a 3D model. Once captured the images can then be used to created a 3D printed version of your scan.

For best results an extremely dark room is required and iPhone screen brightness must be set to maximum. Currently the 3D scanning app works with the iPhone 4 or 4th Generation iPod Touch. The Trimensional 3D Scanner is now available from the Apple iTunes Store for 0.99 cents a bargain when you consider the cost of alternative 3D scanners.

Watch a video of the new Trimensional 3D Scanner App For iPhone after the jump.


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