Nintendo 64 Console Transformed Into A Portable Handheld N64

If you are a fan of the Nintendo N64 and have one sitting gathering dust in the attic, you might like to dig it out and transform it into a portable handheld version. Just like the one pictured below and created by an unknown user on the Acid Cow website.

The unknown creator of this gaming masterpiece, painstakingly dismantled their Nintendo 64 and combined it with three battery packs and an LCD screen. Then created a case for the device by cutting up and glueing together the different parts of the N64 case and controller to create the new handheld.

Handheld N64

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Sony Walkman A Series Leaked

It looks like Sony is about to launch a new MP3 player ion the form of the Sony Walkman A series, which has appeared on UK retailer Play’s website without any official announcement from Sony.

The Sony Walkman S series will feature a 3.4 inch OLED touchscreen display, and will come with 16GB of built in storage, plus an FM radio, and the ability to stream music wirelessly and also share files.

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BookBook iPhone 4 Case And Wallet

Twelve South have launched a new iPhone 4 case a little different from the norm, which combines both a wallet and protection for your iPhone in a case that gives the appearance of a pocket vintage book.

The BookBook case is constructed from leather and includes a handy ID window, making it easy to flash your license when required and enough storage to also carry a few credit cards. Together with a vertical pocket allowing you to carry cash, receipts or business cards. To talk and make calls on your iPhone simply fold back the book cover.

BookBook iPhone 4 Case

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Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T Windows Phone 7 Mango Smartphone Announced

Earlier we heard that Microsoft had released Windows Phone 7 Mango to manufacturing, and now we have the first Windows Phone 7 mango handset to be announced, the Fujitsi Toshiba IS12T Windows Phone 7 handset which is headed for KDDI in Japan.

The Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T will hit KDDI in Japan in September, and it is the first smartphone to be announced with Windows Phone 7 Mango, it comes with a 3.7 inch touchscreen display  with an 800 x 480 resolution, and it features a Qualcomm MSM8655 processor.

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Samsung Galaxy S II QWERTY Slider For AT&T Leaked

Yesterday we showed you a photo of an unannounced Samsung QWERTY Slider smartphone that is headed to AT&T, the image came from the guys over at the BGR, and they have now managed to get their hands on some actual photos of the device and have confirmed that this new smartphone is based on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

This new Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone has the model number of SGH-I927, and the hardware is similar to the original Galaxy S II, but Samsung has added in a slide out QWERTY keyboard.

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Windows Phone 7 Mango Released To Manufacturers

It looks like Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Mango is getting closer to release as Microsoft has announced that it has now delivered Windows Phone 7 Mango to manufacturers.

This means that manufacturers will now be able to start customizing Windows Phone 7 Mango for their handsets, and  we should see Windows Phone 7 Mango smartphones being released over the next few months.

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Apple Working On Ultra Thin 15 Inch MacBook

Apple recently announced the 2011 MacBook Air, and now its seems that Apple may have another ultra thin MacBook in the works which will come with a 15 inch display.

The news comes from Mac Rumors, and apparently the new ultra thin 15 inch MacBook is in the late stages of testing, although it isn’t clear whether it will be called the MacBook Air or if it is designed to be a replacement for the MacBook Pro.

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New Xbox 360 Media Remote And Bluetooth Headset Announced

Microsoft has announced two new accessories for its Xbox 360 games console, which include a new Bluetooth wireless headset for the Xbox 360 and a new Xbox 360 media remote.

Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 Media Remote comes with a range of new features which include media playback controls, and also controls for your TV, and it also features A, B, X, Y buttons as well as D-pad navigation, it will go on sale in November for $19.99.

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Samsung Sells 5 Million Galaxy S II Smartphones In Under 3 Months

The Samsung Galaxy S II has been a huge success for Samsung, their latest flagship smartphone has yet to go on sale in the US, and it is expected to become available with a  number of US carriers next month.

Recently we heard that Samsung had sold over 3 million Galaxy S II smartphones, this took the company just 55 days and now they have announced that they have sold over 5 million Galaxy S II handsets in just 85 days.

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Crysis 2 Sells Three Million

In the good old days, that number would havebeen enough to make a blockbuster three times over, but in the time of sixty-million development budgets we’re not so sure. EA seem pleased with the title’s performance, as well they should be, that song from the ad was all kinds of catchy. It apparently did well financially too.

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Battlefield 3 Ten Times As Pre-Ordered As Bad Company 2

This could very well be the first inkling of a major reversal in the world of military FPS games. We would have had a bit more faith if EA had thrown out some figures in relation to Modern Warfare 2 pre-orders as well, instead of measuring itself against its previous outing, but maybe they’re really into self-help books these days, who knows?

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