LG DM50D 3D HTDV Monitor Announced

LG has added a new monitor to its range with the launch of the LG DM50D, although it seems it comes with a few more features than your standard computer monitor and according to LG the DM50D has all the features of LG’s Cinema 3D TVs.

The LG DM50D apparently has Full HDTV picture quality and it comes with a built in DTV tuner that offers support for MPEG4, DVBC, DVBT, and it also comes with HDMI so you can hook it up to your 3D Blu-Ray player or games console.

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Windows 8 RTM Coming April 2012?

We are expecting Microsoft to launch Windows 8 in the second part of 2012, probably around September October time, but now according to a recent report by ZDNet, Microsoft may deliver Windows 8 RTM (Release To manufacturing) in April of 2012.

The report also says that Microsoft will release the first beta of Windows 8 in September of this year, at the Build Conference 2011, which takes place from the 13th to the 16th of September.

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Intel Working On Cloverview Platform For Windows 8

We are expecting Microsoft to launch Windows 8 in the autumn of 2012, their new OS is designed to be touch screen and tablet friendly and now it looks like Intel is working on a new Atom platform called Cloverview which is designed for Windows 8 tablets and touch screen devices.

According to a recent report by Liliputing, Intel is hoping to have its Cloverview platform ready for the launch of Windows 8, and the platform is designed to replace Intel’s current Oak Trail platform.

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Activision Registers GoldenEye 007 Reloaded Domains

It has been discovered by Twitter user @supererogatory that Activision has been busy registering domain names containing the words “GoldenEye 007 Reloaded” which hint at a re-release of the popular 2010 Wii exclusive game GoldenEye 007.

The new domain registrations could indicate a sequel might be under development and gamers have longed for a remake of the GoldenEye 007 game launched on the N64. However due to the developers of that game, Rare now being owned by Microsoft that route to remake the game might be a little trickier.

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded

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HP TouchPad Launching With HP Created Facebook App

It was originally thought earlier today that the HP TouchPad had been chosen by Facebook and beaten Apple’s iPad to become the first tablet with an official Facebook application installed when it launches this Friday.

But the Facebook application installed on the HP tablet has been developed in house by HP and is the not the official highly anticipated  Facebook application everyone is waiting to see. After clarification was sent to Tech Crunch by Facebook to clear up the confusion.

Facebook HP TouchPad

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T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide Gets Official

Some of our readers will remember the photos of the new T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide that we featured on the site last week, T-Mobile has now made the MyTouch 4G slide official.

The T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide features a 3.7 inch SLCD multi-touch display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, processing is in the form of a dual core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and it will come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

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Mitsubishi 22 Inch TV Includes Blu-ray And 500GB HDD

Mitsubishi have launched a new Real LCD-22BLR500 TV in Japan this week which includes both a Blu-ray player with AVREC support and 500GB of hard disk drive storage onboard.

The 22 inch TV has a LED-backlit 1,366×768 resolution screen together with a variety of ports on its rear including: 2 x HDMI slots, i.LINK, Ethernet (VOD support), 1 x USB port and an SD card slot for media transfer and viewing. The compact footprint and added features make the Real LCD-22BLR500 TV a perfect portable system.

Real LCD-22BLR500

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Google Rolls Our New What Do You Love? Search Page

This morning Google without any great hype or fanfare has rolled out a new search service called, What Do You Love?.

The new What Do You Love? search service has been setup to help users search multiple channels using broader more vague search terms and returns a multitude of different resources from videos to translation, using Google range of products.

What Do You Love - Google

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PayPal Reaches 100 Million “Active Users”

Paypal has now reached the 100 million their “active user” milestone, reports PayPal who have confirmed the news with technology news website Tech Crunch. Since the end of the last year PayPal has around 94.4 million active users and every month since then has been added users at a staggering rate with an estimates one million new active accounts every month.

One thing that hasn’t been confirmed by PayPal as yet is what they deem to be an “active user”, as this still remains a little unclear at the moment.


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Crysis 2 DirectX 11 Support Arrives Via Free Downloads

If you have been left a little underwhelmed by Crysis 2’s graphics on your PC and a little disappointed that on release Crysis 2 didn’t support DirectX 11. You will be pleased to know that Crytek has today officially released two new free updates to correct the omissions and restore order to the world of Crysis 2.

The two new updates bring with them features like tessellation, displacement mapping and realistic shadows designed to now push your PC graphics card to its limit, download links after the jump.

Crysis 2

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Hauppauge Digital Broadway Box Streams Live TV To Your Mobile Devices

Hauppauge have this week launched their new Digital Broadway Box which has been designed to provide an easy way to watch live TV on your mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets whilst on your home network or while travelling. All you need is access to a Wifi connection.

The new system is compatible with Android phones and tablets plus the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC and Mac sending live TV to non-Apple mobile devices using Flash. The Broadway Box determines which device you are trying to stream video to and will adjust the video format to suit using its a built-in high quality H.264 HD video encoder.

Hauppauge Digital Broadway Box

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